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 Site Rules And Guidelines

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PostSubject: Site Rules And Guidelines   Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:14 am

Firstly, at most sites I go to there is generally a rule with sizing of signatures and avatars. This place probably has some kind of prefixed size guidelines, or something along those lines. But if not, then we will think up our own sizes

#1: The rules are not to be broken. Anyone caught breaking these rules set in place, will be dealt with accordingly. The Staff are respectful of all members of the site. As a Community, we need to run smoothly and problems will be dealt with in whatever manner Staff should choose; no questions asked.

#2: All members must be aware to not post up rude or offensive material, because there are members of all ages here; and it will not be tolerated by the Staff. Anyone caught not respecting this rule, will either be warned or furthermore; banned.

#3: Do not spam or flame other members. It is not funny or smart to do so, and you will be warned if you do. Continuing to disobey this rule, will result in a ban. You should be aware that spamming and flaming is not appreciated, as it is highly problematic. We can't have a proper running site, if members are running wild.

#4: Anyone caught insulting other members, either via PM or other forms of communication that should be in place now or in the near future; will be warned. If problems should keep going, then Staff will have no choice but to ensure a ban.

#5: Any forms of advertisement that is not approved by the Staff members, will be removed accordingly.

#6: Discussion of any illegal activity will not be taken to kindly. Please keep all discussions clean from anything like this.

#7: Attempting to create more than one account here is not acceptable.

#8: It is not for members to judge the actions of the Staff members. It is only for other Staff members, but mainly the head-Admin to judge how the Staff are doing.

#9: Do not try to approach issues or deal with situations in a manner as to how Staff would. If you find anything to be a problem, or suspicious; inform the Staff as soon as possible.

Enjoy your stay. Any contributions are extremely welcome.

~Thank You


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Site Rules And Guidelines
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