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 Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)

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PostSubject: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 3:48 am


This guide is written and compiled by sephirosuy / Seph.

You may not copy or reproduce it under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright. Let me know before you want to use it, I would
like to know where would you going to use it.

= Table Of Content =

* Press 'Ctrl' + 'F' key together and fill in the codes for the topic that you
want to search, then click 'Find' to search it.


1. Intro ................................. [sep01]

2. Basic ................................. [sep02]

3. Weapon List ........................... [sep03]

4. Merchant .............................. [sep04]

5. Walkthrough
- Chapter 1-1 ......................... [sep05]
- Chapter 1-2 ......................... [sep06]
- Chapter 1-3 ......................... [sep07]

- Chapter 2-1 ......................... [sep08]
- Chapter 2-2 ......................... [sep09]
- Chapter 2-3 ......................... [sep10]

- Chapter 3-1 ......................... [sep11]
- Chapter 3-2 ......................... [sep12]
- Chapter 3-3 ......................... [sep13]
- Chapter 3-4 ......................... [sep14]

- Chapter 4-1 ......................... [sep15]
- Chapter 4-2 ......................... [sep16]
- Chapter 4-3 ......................... [sep17]
- Chapter 4-4 ......................... [sep18]

- Chapter 5-1 ......................... [sep19]
- Chapter 5-2 ......................... [sep20]
- Chapter 5-3 ......................... [sep21]
- Chapter 5-4 ......................... [sep22]

- Final Chapter ....................... [sep23]

6. Unlockable secrets .................... [sep24]

7. Separate Ways
- Chapter 1 ........................... [sep25]
- Chapter 2 ........................... [sep26]
- Chapter 3 ........................... [sep27]
- Chapter 4 ........................... [sep28]
- Chapter 5 ........................... [sep29]

8. Assignment Ada ........................ [sep30]

9. Mercenaries ........................... [sep31]

10. P.R.L. 412 Mini Guide ................. [sep32]

11. Treasures ............................. [sep33]


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 3:55 am

1. Intro


This is a FAQs/Walkthrough for the game Resident Evil 4 based on PS2 version,
it's also known as Biohazard 4 for Japanese version. The guide can be use for
GameCube version too. I will not explain much about the events during the game,
but still contain SPOILERs of the game.

The walkthroughs are using the most safer, defensive stratergy, and it's based
on the Professional difficulty, so that it can be used for Normal and Easy
mode too. For those who was familiar with the game may few boring on the guide,
this is special for the beginner players.

The lastest version of the guide will always come to GameFAQs before other

Current version:
- SEP - 28/Jul/2006
- SEP - 15/Aug/2006
- Minor upgrade for the Separate Ways walkthrough
- SEP - 28/Oct/2006
- Minor upgrade Walkthrough section

Resident Evil 4 (Biohazard 4) - as U.S agent Leon Scott Kennedy looks into the
abduction of President's daughter, his investigation leads to a mysterious
location in Europe. Player play as Leon to find out what is behind the
mystery of an unimaginable horrors during the playthrough.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 3:59 am

2. Basic


< Game Start >

START - Start a new game.
- Easy (not available for NTSC/UC)
- Normal
- Professional (finish the main game once to unlock)
LOAD - Continue your previous save.
OPTION - Change the game setting.

< Game Save >

Game process can be saved with the Typewriter anytime, it doesn't require
any other items to save. Gclose to the Typewrite will see a 'Save' command
appear, press X (default) to the save menu and choose the slot that you want
to save. Game process also can be saved after completing each part of chapter.

< Attack >

(default setting)

- Weapon
Equip any weapon in the inventory, hold R1 to aim, then press X to fire.
* P.R.L. 412, hold R1 to aim, then hold X to charge, release X to shoot.
This weapon exist only if you have beaten Professional difficulty level.

- Grenade
Same way as Weapon, you can face higher or lower to determine the distance.

- Knife
Hold L1 to take out the knife, then press X to cut.

- Action
- Kick
- Once you have stunned the enemy by shooting he/her face, get close to the
enemy will see an action command, 'Kick' appears at bottom of the screen,
press it to perform a Kick.
- When you shoot enemy to kneel (leg), get close to the enemy will see an
action command, 'Kick' appears at bottom of the screen, press it to
perform a Kick. This can only happen for the villagers enemy.
- Suplex
- When you shoot enemy to kneel (leg), get close to the enemy will see an
action command, 'Suplex' appears at bottom of the screen, press it to
perform a Suplex. This can only happen other than villagers enemy.
- Other
- For a few bosses in the game, when you deal enough damage to it, the boss
will fall into injure states, get close to it will see 'Jump' 'Climb' or
more command appear, depends on which boss were you facing, press it to
perform the action.

< Flee/Dodge >

Sometimes you may surprise when you get killed during the scene, certain scenes
of the game would like you to flee or dodge from something by pressing the
appointed buttons, be sure to press it wheneven they shows.
The buttons that you need to press are:
- L1 + R1
- L1
- R1
- Square + X
- Square
- X

< Enemies >

Ganado, the most common enemy in the game. This type of enemy has few a
different appearance, in villager form, zealot form and soldier form.
They will use many different weapons such as axe, knife, dynamite and etc to
attack. Start from chapter 2, this enemy could have a chance to grow a plagas
after getting enough of damage.

Las Plagas, grow from the Ganados after exploding their head. There are 3
different type,
- The first type you will face is like a tail with a blade, its blade cut deals
lot of damage.
- Second type can only be found in chapter 3 and 4, and Castle stage in
Mercenanies mini game. It's large and long, with a big mouth which can eat
your character head.
- Another type is like a spider. It will jump out from the body after getting
enough of damege.

Mini boss, much more stronger than Ganado. You must defeat most of them in the
game for Key Item or certain event require to passing the game, such as:
- Dr.Salvador, Bella Sister, Ganado with chainsaw.
- Garador, a blind enemy with two claw.
- J.J., a soldier with machine gun.

Regenarator, only appear in chapter 5. As the name, it can regenarate any part
of its body and even its health. You have to defeat it faster before it has
restore it health. The weaknessof this enemy is the parasite inside its body,
normally not more than 5, once you have shot down all of them, this enemies
will die.

Iron Maiden, same as regenerator but with more health and spike attack when
it was closed.

Other, such as dog (Colmillos), bug (Novistador), less in the game. Less health
but agile.

Boss, must defeat for passing the game except a few optional boss in the game.

< Healing Item >

The healing items for this game are:

- Egg, you can get from the chicken or kill the snake.
- Chicken Egg, heal little of the health
- Brown Chicken Egg, heal small degree of the health
- Gold Chicken Egg, fully restore the health

- Black Bass, you can get this after killing the fish.
- Black Bass, heal small degree of the health
- Black Bass (L), fully restore the health

- First Aid Spray (FAS), you can from certain part of the game or appointed
enemy drops, also sell from the Merchant when you have less than two bottle
of healing item.

- Herb, you can get this through the box, barrel or chest in the game, also
you might get this drops from enemy when you have less Herb of FAS.
Herbs can be mix with each other for different effect and amount of heals.
- Green - heal small degree of the health
- Green x2 - health half of the health according to the full life bar.
- Green x3 - fully restore the health
- Green + Red - fully restore the health
- Green + Yellow - heal small degree of the health and slightly increase your
current maximun health.
- Green + Red + Yellow - fully restore the health and slightly increase your
current maximun health.
- Red - cannot use before combine with Green Herb
- Yellow - cannot use before combine with Green Herb
- Red + Yellow - cannot use before combine with Green Herb

< Partner >

- Health
When your partner, Ashley with your, an extra life appear above at your
character, Leon's life bar. It's the life bar for Ashley.

- Mission
You should protect her all the time, if enemies carry her away or she get
killed by anything, means you have failed your mission, Game Over.

- Wait
Press R2 to call Ashley wait at she current area. She won't move before you
press R2 again to her follow you.

- Hide
For certain area, you can find some safety places to let Ashley hide, when
close to the place, you can see 'R2 Hide' button appear, press it Ashley
will hide in that place. Press R2 to call her out.

- Action
For certain part of the game, you may need Ashley to do something for
passing the game, such as unlock the door from other side, operate the panel
and etc. Once you reach to the area, you can see the action command appear,
press it to begin what she has to do.

When you holding R1 to aim or L1 to knife, Ashley will evade from the area
that you are directing. If you done your shot or cut too fast and too close
to Ashley, you might kill her just in one hit.

< Trick >

- 180 degree turning
Very useful in the game, press 'Down' + Square/Circle (default) to perform
this move, your character will turn to face behind within a second.

- Invisible moment
There is nothing can hurt you when you:
- Performing the action to enemies like Kick and Suplex
- Performing the other action like Knock Down and Raise Up ladder
- Going to other side through like Jump Down and Climb

- Kick door
When you see the 'Open' command appear in front of the door, press X twice
(default) to Kick the door. You can damage or stun the enemies behind if the
door hit them.

- View map
Press Triangle button (default) to view the map, you can always find your
current destination which will show as a red point.

- Free Ammo
If the weapon was not in full ammo, tune up a level of Capacity from
Merchant, you will notice the weapon has fully reloaded after tuning.

* more other tricks have been covered in the walkthrough.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:01 am

- Rocket Launcher
- Deals large damage with the only shot, with extremely powerful explosion
after hitting anything.

- Special Rocket Launcher
- Same as Rocket Launcher, can only get from final boss battle. Use it to
kill the final boss for a special scene, but you also can keep it.

- Infinite Rocket Launcher
- Unlock after beating the game once, same as Rocket Launcher but with
unlimited shot.

- Bowgun
- Only exist in Seperate Way extra game, which is only in PS2 version.
- FP: 16.6 RS: 2.00
FS: 2.43 CA: 1

- P.R.L. 412
- Unlock after beating the game in Professional difficulty.
- Not available for GC version.
- Hold R1 and press X (default) to charge, release X to shot.

- Grenade
- Flash Grenade, blinds enemies with the light.
- Explode once it touches the ground.
- Does not work for certain enemies.
- Hand Grenade, damages everthing in the area.
- Explode after awhile touches the ground.
- Incendiary Grenade, flames everything in the area.
- Explode once it touches the ground.

< Stock >

- Stock (Red9)
- A stock for the 9mm Red9 handgun. Absorbs and spreads out 80% of the recoil
forces for increased shooting stability and comfort.

- Stock (TMP)
- A stock for the 9mm fully-auto TMP. Absorbs and spreads out 80% of the
recoil forces for increased shooting stability and comfort.

- Scope (Rifle) -
- A custom scope for the bolt action 223 caliber rifle. Mount it to see your
enemies closer. A must for long-range shooting.

- Scope (Semi-Auto Rifle)
- A custom scope for the semi-auto .223 caliber rifle. Mount it to see your
enemies closer. A must for long-range shooting.

- Scope (Mine Thrower) -
- A custom scope for the Mine Thrower. Mount it to see your enemies close.

- Infrared scope -
- Mounts on to any .223 caliber rifle. Enables you to see the hidden parasite
in the enemy's body.
- Not available from Merchant.

- Silencer (Handgun) -
- A silencer compatible with the 9mm handgun.
- Only for Wesker in Mercenanies mini game.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:04 am

4. Merchant


Start from chapter 1-2, you can find the Merchant in many location, he is
selling the weapons, accessories of the weapons, and more. He also helps to
tune up your weapon to be more powerful, of cause you have to pay for his
service. You can also trade with your inventory items for some gold (Ptas).

In this game, you will get lot of treasure from the chest, box, barrel and many
other place, even from the crow. Other, you also can see some shiny object
at certain places, most of them are treasure. Some treasure can merge or
combine with other treasure, the reason to combine is sell it to the Merchant
with higher prices.

Enemies won't attack the Merchant anytime, but you can. Once you have killed
him, he will never appear on that place anymore. He can be kiiled very easy,
even with knife.

- You can't buy any weapon that's in your inventory.
- You can't buy First Aid Spray (FAS) if you have more than 1.5 bottle of
healing item, Egg and Black Bass (fish) were excepted.
- FAS exactly consider 1 bottle, you can't buy anymore if you have 2 of it.
- Herb, G=Green, R=Red, Y=Yellow
- G = 0.5
- G+G = 1.0
- Gx3 = 1.0
- G+R = 1.0
- G+Y = 1.0
- G+R+Y = 1.0
- R+Y = 0.5


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:07 am

5. Walkthrough

< Chapter 1-1 >


- Starting -

If you start with Easy mode, you will have a Shotgun and some bullets in your
inventory. Once you gain control of the character, go forward to the cabin.
Before that, you can shoot the crows for some gold or treasure, it can also be
your training. Left from the cabin can find a box, destroy it with your knife,
but mostly with nothing.

#-Enemy: Ganado
Within the cabin, go inner area for some events, then fight with you first
enemy. Very easy, just one shoot and one kick can finish off him. In
Professional mode, you might need to add a few more shots.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Now three more enemies at outside, they won't come inside here. Just head to
upstair for some Handgun ammo, jump out from the window to fight with the
enemies outside. You can also use your knife of cut off the window and shoot
down one or two of them before jump out. There is only two for Easy mode.

After finishing off them, move on to the path right from the cabin. There is
a shack with a first Typewriter inside, save your game if you want. Besides,
take also the Green Herb, some Handgun ammo and gold. Continue the path will
see some crows again, shoot them if you wish them to drop something. Next will
meet dog trapped by a bear trap, go help it out and don't shoot it, if you do
so, it will come and help you in a boss fight later.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Go forward again will see two laser at two pairs of tree, they are the bomb
trap, don't touch will never explode. In the middle is a bear trap. For safety,
cut or shoot the bear trap before you run over it. Another enemy is waiting you
in front, shoot down him, or you can let him chases you back to the laser trap
just now, sometime those enemies will stupidly cross the laser. If he didn't
do that, you can shoot the laser to explode the bomb, he will probably killed
by the explosion.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Within the second shack can find some ammo and Green Herb again. Before the
suspension bridge got two more enemies there, have more warm up battle here
and the following shack before reach to next area.

- Village -

#-Enemy: Ganados
You will receive some playing tutorial when you arrive to next area. Now go
forward can have a look on the village, but it was unnecessary. Once you have
prepared to the battle with all the vilagers here, storm to the central. Around
fire at the central, enter the house on your right hand side. Now you want the
door to close, if anyone made it open, shoot one of them on the face to stun,
and kick him/her out. Once the door was closed, shoot a hole on that door, make
sure just only a hole, then stick to the door, use you knife to slash to
enemies outside through the hole. You can end this battle very safety with this
way, because the enemies couldn't hurt you from the hole, even if they throw
the axe also has very low chance to hurt you.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Dr.Salvador
If you insist of fighthing them, enter to the double storey house opposite,
which is also left from the fire area, once you enter will trigger some events.
With the house, go upstair to get a Shotgun, Hand grenade and Shotgun ammo,
knock down the ladder at the window and jump out to fight with the villagers.
If you do so, a Chainsaw enemy, Dr.Salvador will come with other villagers,
beware of his move, he can kill you instantly. For safety, just use your
Shotgun for this battle. Or you also can get into the house opposite of the
double storey house, but you can't use the hole kniving strategy. Shoot of cut
down the door lock inside and go to the inner door, you can find some more
Shotgun ammo in this room. Now finish off the chainsaw enemy with your Shotgun,
then follow up the other enemies. The reason of choosing this room to fight is
because of the room has only one way to come inside, so you just have to focus
on the door. If you kill the chainsaw enemy, you can get 10000 gold.

#-Enemy: Ganados
After defeating the first group of enemies, you will see the second group of
enemies were coming, but now they will come five in once unlikely the first
group will come all together, and the chainsaw enemy was not count in the
group. If the enemies stop coming and you still haven't get the scene, just go
explore around the village, there must have a few more villagers hiding in
certain places. After all, you can explore around for some items, don't miss to
take the Yellow Herb behind the Cow Barn. After all, follow the path between
two towers, open the door in the end of the path.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Next area, the second Typewriter was inside the shack at left side. The blue
papar at the tree is explain about the Medallions side quest. Shoot down all
15 Medallions for a free Punisher pistol from the Merchant, currently you can
find 7 here. First, defeat all enemies in this area, if they come closer, use
your Shotgun to knock them down. The chicken around here can give you Chicken
Egg, but it's random chance. Inside the double storey cabin, you can find a
Beerstein treasure which can combine with jewels to sell it with higher price.
All you need to do is out from the window above, jump down to the blocking area
in the right corner will see it. Besides, you can also find a Pearl Pendant
above the well, shoot the stick to close the well before you shoot down this
treasure, if you do so you can sell it with more higher price. You can actually
skip everything here if you don't want to do the side quest and some items,
just head to the door at right area.

- Dynamite Thrower -

#-Enemy: Ganados
This area you have to run from a falling rock. Keep pressing X button to run
when the button command shows, then prepare to press either L1 + R1 or
Square + X to dodge the rock. After, shoot down the shinny object at the top
of the tunnel for some Spinel treasure. Outside will face some enemies with
dynamite. For this enemies, you can shoot their dynamite when they just throw
it, with Shotgun, it's pretty easy to explode the dynamite. If you kill him
before he throw the dynamite, and the dynamite was light up, you better don't
stay close to him before the dynamite explode. For now, you can just run to
the left area house, shoot or cut to unlock the door and go inside. A
Typewriter can be found here, next passage with two laser trap, you have to
shoot them before crossing over, then push the bookcase and reach to the inner
room, examine the cabinet inside to end this chapter.

#-Enemy: Ganados
But if you insist of fighting with the dynamite enemies, prepare your Shotgun.
Start from where you come, you can see one villager in front of the right
house, once you get close, he will run behind and go into the house, and the
villager in the house will start throwing dynamite. Just follow the villager
to behind, beware of the bear traps around the tree, stick to the house while
going to behind can evade those traps easily. Reach to the back of the house,
post you Shotgun, when anyone of them throw the dynamite, shoot in the air can
explode the dynamite to kill them in once. Jump in the house, take the Hand
Grenade in next room, if anyone still alive, just finish off him. Through the
broken door, you can see the dynamite enemy outside, kill him with your Handgun
without worry getting hit. Now back to outside, search the broken shack at the
left corner, inside the boxes there can get Spinel and some gold, beware of the
laser and bear trap there. At the tree around the middle back, shoot down the
nest there for Red Catseye which can merge with the Beerstein you got before.

After all, head in to the left area house, explore inside can find some Handgun
ammo and gold. Shoot the laser trap and go to the inner area, check the cabinet
to end this part.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:11 am

< Chapter 1-2 >


- Valley -

First off all, prepare to dodge the attack from enemy during the scene when the
buttons appear, is either L1 + R1 or Square + X. Within the house can find some
Handgun and Rifle ammo. Save you game on the Typewriter if you want. Go out and
turn to behind of the house will meet with the Merchant, don't sell the
Beerstein now, you can combine two more jewel for higher price. Recommend buy
the Attache Case with 30000 ptas, tune the Shotgun capacity if you want, just
left other things behind for now. Search the corner behind the Merchant,
destroy the barrels there for Red Herb. Return to the front, a barrel beside
the house hiding a Green Herb.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Now prepare to storm in the valley, you need to get two pieces of Emblem to
unlock the following area, and here you will face lot of enemies, don't
recommend to kill all of them. Open the main gate to enter the valley, a
villager around, just run pass him and down to the bridge. Now the villager
might blocking your way at the bridge, your goal is to the rooftop of the
first left shack, just shoot him once and run pass him, do the same thing if
someone blocking the way to left. If there is more then one enemy block you,
use your Shotgun to knock them down and run pass them. At the rooftop of the
left side shack, open the chest for first Emblem. Now wait at the rooftop for
awhile, when the enemies are coming from the ladder, jump down from the right
of the rooftop. Follow where you come and go up to the hill. Eventually will
see a villager with dynamite, simply shoot the red barrel beside him to kill
him. Open the chest there for second Emblem.

With two pieces of Emblem, jump down from the hill and rush to the following
door. Inside the shack near the door can find a Yellow Herb, it's inside the
cabinet. After all, combine the Emblem and use it to the door with Hexagon

- Tunnel -

#-Enemy: Ganados
Next area, explore around for some items before enter to the door. Kill all
enemies inside, save some Shotgun ammo if possible. Follow the passage here to
the end, jump out the window to face more enemies. Some of them will throw
dynamite, you can use Shotgun to shoot their dynamite to kill them faster. Same
place also can find some Spinel and Handgun ammo, beware of the bear traps
also, cut them with your knife before cross over. Open the door to next room,
here you can see a window with some planks, destroy it and jump inside there
can find Elegant Mask treasure. Next door leads to tunnel, also with some
enemies here, defeat them one by one. Before the ladder, you can jump down to
the drain for some items, also you can kill the fishes here for Black Bass
healing item, if you were not in full health, just use them to heal.

Out from the tunnel, is the way to the Chief's House. Turn to left side, shoot
the stick on the well, then shoot down the shinny object which is a treasure.
In front got some bear traps and a laser, also some crows. Just shoot the laser
to kill the crows, then cut the bear traps before move on. Reach to the house
in front and examine the door upstair, simply select Up and Left to solve this
puzzle. Go inside, take Insignia Key and some ammo around, take also the note
if you want to know more. Now leave for next door to watch a scene.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:12 am

< Chapter 1-3 >


- Village -

If you go back the previous room you can watch another scene. Now just check
the cabinet behind you for a Green Herb, go to bottom can find a Incendiary
Grenade in the glass cabinet, destroy the glass and take it. Another cabinet
can find some gold. Inside the toilet where behind the stair is a enemy, he
will never come out before you open the door, just ignore him. Before leave
this house, open the over at the left side for a Chicken Egg, save your game if
you want.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Dr.Salvador
Outside the house you will encounter a chainsaw enemy with other villagers.
Shoot the chainsaw enemy with your Handgun from far, use Shotgun when he is
geting close. After beating them, pick up the Ruby from the chainsaw guy.
Follow the path will encounter more enemies, use the Hand Grenade or Incendiary
Grenade to blast them, or you can also use your Handgun and Shotgun to defeat
them. Before left, shoot down the nest on the tree for some items or treasure.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Next area is the village that you came before. You can ignore those enemies,
just stun of knock down whoever blocking your way. Your goal is enter to the
tower with a logo, before you can do this, use the Insignia Key that you get in
the Chief's house to unlock it. Inside can find a Typewriter, on the table,
Handgun ammo on the shelf. Inner room, shoot the red lamp above for a Spinel,
be sure don't stand under the red lamp before you shoot it, the fire can hurt
you when it drops on the ground. Destroy the barrel beside can find some TMP
ammo. Now open the cover in the inner room and jump down to the underground,
follow the path until you see another red lamp. After shooting the red lamp can
see some shiny objects on the ceiling, shoot down all of them for two Spinel
and Elegant Headdress treasure. Continue the path will meet with the Merchant
in the middle, end up with the ladder, climb it to next area.

- Church -

#-Enemy: Ganados
Before reach to the graveyard, shoot the nests on the trees for possible random
item. Around the graveyard will face few enemies, one of them will come from
the shack at right corner, you can also get some Handgun ammo in the shack.
This area you can find the rest of the Medallions side quest, there is three
around here, two near the church and three at the bridge where you will pass
there later. Now follow the path to the Church, beware of the villager with
dynamite, kill him as soon as possible, the dynamite explosion might helps you
the clean up other enemies.

Search the left side of the church, aim up and shoot down the Medallion, then
head behind the church shoot another Medallion above, if you didn't found the
actual location, you can always read from the map, the remaining Medallions
will show as blue dot. Behind the church can find a stand with a 3-4 lock,
one of the ways to unlock it is switch 3,3,3,4,4,4,3, you can get the Green
Catseye from the stand which is another jewel to merge with your Beerstein.

#-Enemy: Ganados
After that, take the rightern path from the church, the first enemy at the
bridge will point you when she has noticed you, shoot her with your Handgun
before she puts down her hand, you could have very higher chance to knock her
down from the bridge. Follow with few more enemies at the bridge, you can also
shoot them to fall from the bridge when anyone of them just jump over from the
other bridge. Remember there are three more Medallions at this bridge, don't
forget the shoot down all of them. Inside the shack at your left side got a
file, destroy the boxes for possible random item. One of the box hiding a
snake, kill it for Chicken Egg before it jumps to you. After all, continue the
bridge to next area.

Here you can see some crows on the ground, the middle one will drops Flash
Grenade, the rest might drop some gold. Now is the time to start collecting
Flash Grenade, reason is to easier the next battles of chapter or even more
later chapters. Same are, search the small wagon in the left corner for a
Spinel treasure, search inside the shacks for some ammo. Right from the
following door leads you to the Merchant, you can take the free Punisher with
level 2 fire power if you want it now, you also can get it later. If you have
shot more then 10 Medallions, you will get the Punisher with only level 1 fire
power. Within the Merchant area can also find some Handgun ammo. After all,
back to previous area and enter to the next door.

- Swamp Area -

Take some Handgun ammo in the shack at right side, continue the path for
another run from rock. Just same as how you did before, press X to run until
appointed period and change to either L1 + R1 or Square + X to dodge. After
that, look up the mountain, you can see a shiny object at the middie, shoot it
if you want Spinel.

#-Enemy: Ganados
This area will also face lot of enemies, they will keep coming in few, don't
recommend to kill all of them but kill whoever close to you. Continue until
the water area, shoot the laser behind the first enemy there, the explosion may
kill him instantly, if you couldn't make it, finish off him with your own
weapon. Go into the shack at left side, shoot down the enemy if he's block your
way, destroy the boxes and barrel for some Shotgun and TMP ammo, one of the
boxes hiding a snake inside, kill it if you want a Chicken Egg. After that,
continue the bridge, before the laser trap at the bridge, turn to end of the
right side can find an Incendiary Grenade, go down to the water can see a nest
on the tree, shoot it down if you want the Antique Pipe treasure. Just keep
going if you don't want the treasure, shoot down the laser trap and cross over
it. Around the following shack will face few enemies, inside the shack can find
soem Handgun ammo, also beware of the hidden snake.

After all, continue the path to next area which leads to a branch. Left path
leads to a Red Herb, and you can watch a scene there. Right path leads to
Yellow, Green Herb, Typewriter and boss fight. Just go left path for the Red
Herb before go right path. On the way to right, you can find a nest on the
tree, it's hiding a Gold Bangle treasure. Save your game with the Typewriter
with the shack near the river, move on to boat and head to the middle of the
river for a boss fight. Now is not the time for killing fish, if you shoot
some bullet into the water, a big fish will come out and kill you instantly,
it's the boss which you goinf to fight now.

- Boss Del Lago -

You can only use harpoon for the entire battle, the harpoons are infinite.
Althrough you're on the boat, and the boat was pulling by the boss, but you
still can control your boat to moves left, right and speed up. At the
beginning, the boss will pull your boat to hit a block, just speed up your boat
and turn to a side by using you D-pad or Left Analog. After dodging the first
block, throw it a harpoon. Whenever you see the boss drags you to the block or
debris, stop attack and focus to dodge them. If you were knocked into the
water, keep pressing X to swim back to your boat, heal when lower health. If
the boss successed knock you into water and your health was down to empty, no
matter how fast you press X, you will still get killed by it. If you can't even
hit it once after getting few hits, just retry the battle.

Sometime the boss will disappear for awhile, you have to pay attention when a
red arrow appears, it's indicate where the boss will come. Once you found it,
you must hit it at least once to stop its attack, when it's further away,
move your target to above of it and throw, when it get closer, just aim to the
mouth and throw. It takes around 10 harpoons to kill this boss, for
Professional mode you might need to add few more to kill it.

After beating this boss, don't relax first, ready to press X button repeatedly
to cut off the rope.


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< Chapter 2-1 >


- Lake Side -

Awake at other shore. First, take the Flash Grenade and some Handgun ammo in
the house, take also the letter on the bed, save your game if you want. Go
outside and you can now hunt the fishes with worry anything. Look at the
further right side of the river, you will see there is some blue fire, inside
that place is a Merchant shop, other than Merchent, you can go there for some
ammo and treasure.

If you head back to the previous shore where you come from, you can also find
some ammo, but you would have to battle against some dogs enemy. But there is
unnecessary to goes. From the place where you begin this chapter, take the only
door there.

- Waterfall -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
This area you will face the first Las Plagas, kill the ganado with Las Plagas
before the other one at behind. If he comes, blast him with Shotgun. Start from
now, all ganados enemy would have a chance to grow the plagas which can be
killed instantly with Flash Grenade. Pick up the gold drops from the enemies,
then forward and jump over the water through the board, right corner can find
a Hand Grenade in the barrel, lastly descend to bottom from the precipice.

Look at the middle of the mountain, there is a shinny object which is Spinel.
The enemy at the tower can throw axe to you, finish off him faster. Climb up
the tower there for some Handgun ammo, then shoot down all two hanging crates
at the opposite side. Back to bottom and go to the ended side, shoot down the
hanging crate and jump over it. In the central road, you can now shoot down the
Spinel above, destroy the barrel for possible random ammo. All you need to do
for now is move to the last road through the two crates that you shot just now,
climb up the tower and operate the panel to block water falling.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
After that, back to the central road will face some enemies, if you want to
fight, use you Shotgun and Handgun combination to finish off them, beware of
two of them will come from behind. If you don't want to fight, just stun of
knock them down and run in the cave. Take the Round Insignia on the wall and
it will open up, just head to inner area. Before move on to the boat, cut the
fire torch for a Spinel. Take the boat to next area.

Here is a Merchant store where you might visit before. Tune some of your weapon
before the upcoming boss fight, you can buy the TMP to easier the next battles,
make sure tune up the capacity to 50. If you haven't get your free Punisher
yet, take it now, and sell your Handgun for some inventory space. Save you game
before go outside.

- Boss El-gigante -

Reach to the central will trigger a scene of the boss appearance. Shoot him
few before he comes, his weak point is at the back, but you do have to deal
enough damage to him before his weakness show up. Just shoot his face with your
TMP, or Punisher from a distance, his face has 50% lesser defend than his body.
This arena has some trees at the corner, you can stay behind one of the trees
and shoot him to lure him comes, he will probably start unrooting the tree
before attacks, now blast with your Shotgun or TMP. Once his weakness point
appears at his back, he won't move, now you can climb by press X and cut his
plagas at his back by either tap Square or X button depends on the button
appear on the screen. There also got three shacks at the side, you can also
stay behind the shack and wait for him, run away when he's going the destroy
the shack, you would have a chance to shoot him more after he does this move.

Remember the dog that you saved in the earlier of the game? It will come to
help you after awhile from the battle begins. With the dog even more easier,
shoot him without worry anything when he's chasing the dog, once he knees,
attack his weakest point, plagas. If he comes to you again, just use the
remaining tree tactic just now, you could defeat him when he take out the last
tree. If you get caught by accident, shack the Left Analog to stop your life
decreasing. Also remember you can press button to dodge his swinging tree and
dashing attack, mostly L1 + R1 would appear.

Before leave the arena, make sure take the Yellow Herb on the small wagon,
Red Herb at the wooden logs. Some TMP, Handgun, Shotgun ammo and treasure can
be found also. Take also 15000 gold drop from the boss, destroy the barrel for
possible random item or Green Herb.

- Church -

#-Enemy: Colmillos
Back track to the bridge to the church, Handgun ammo can be found in the shack
at right side. Outside the church will encounter some dogs enemy, Colmillos.
Run to left side and turn a circle over the dogs to the entrance of the church,
check on the door will use Round Insignia on the door, then enter. If you want
to kill the dogs, shoot them when you spot it from the bridge, although you've
only shot on one, but possible will lure out the rest. When they come closer,
use Shotgun to knock them down, if you want to save some Shotgun ammo, just
shoot them with your Punisher before they awake. Only three dogs for now. You
can also jump back to the bridge and shoot them, they also jump over here,
shoot them with Shotgun for possible chance to knock them fall from the bridge.

Inside the church, be sure to take the Flash Grenade in the right corner
barrel, take also the gold on the altar. Climb the ladder to upstair, at the
central, press X to jump to the chandelier, when it's swing over to opposite
side, press X to jump to the other side. Operrate the panel and solve the
puzzle, one of the ways is turn the red twice, green three times, blue once to
finish it for unlocking the gate. Destroy the barrels at the side for random
items. Enter the only room to rescue Ashley. After reading the file which
explains some details of playing, destroy the barrels for some items,
especially the Green Herb, then leave here and jump down to bottom, another
scene when you reach the hall.



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< Chapter 2-2 >


- Church -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
After the scene, destroy all the barrels here for some items, be sure pick up
the Red Herb, then unlock the door to outside. Now there is lot of villagers
at the graveyard area, but don't need to worry much, just shoot the wagon in
front, it will burn and roll down to kill most of the villagers enemy there.
Now run down the path, kill the remaining enemies if you want, if not, just run
pass them. On the way also pick up the item drops from the enemies. Shoot also
the nest on the tree at the lower area, you can get some random items, but
beware of the enemies if you didn't finish off all of them. After that, go to
the end and down to the underground.

You will meet with the Merchant again in the underground, a new weapon Red9 is
available to buy. Red9 is stronge pistol type weapon, but with slower speed,
also it's slightly bigger than other pistol type. If you're the cool and
accurately shooter, this is your good choise, if not, wait until another pistol
in chapter 3. After all, continue the path back up to the room will see the
Typewriter, save your game before leave.

- Village -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
No good items for now, just only some TMP and Handgun ammo in the double
storey house, a Spinel at the tower top and some gold, and don't forgot the
enemies now can grow out the plagas for random. To avoid this useless battle,
straightly take the right path, keep tighting to the right side to evade the
bear traps The first female villager wasn't a problem, be sure you run pass
her immediately, same tactic for following villager, remember always tight to
right, the bear traps are all in the central of the path.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
If you insist of fighting them, better you park Ashley in a safer place, the
good choise was the tower, you can climb up and call her to wait, then finish
off the enemies around. You can run around to lure all vilager together, attack
them with Shotgun, then throw a Hand Grenade to kill them in once, if they
killed by grenade, the Las Plagas will never appear. Or you also can fight them
one by one, but you will face one or more Las Plagas.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Next place back to the farm where you began the Medallions quest before. Take
the file inside the Typewriter shack and save your game, the next area can be
very difficult. Now close to the container near the shack, press R2 to call
Ashley hide inside, then take down all enemies here. Start from the nearest
villager, don't fight them around the double storey cabin, reason is to avoid
the villagers on the balcony roof throwing axe to you. After that, kill also
the enemies inside that double storey cabin, beware of the bear traps inside,
or you can lure them out from the cabin to fight. Once you have beaten them,
slash off all the bear traps within the cabin, make sure take the Green Herb
in the cabinet. Climb the ladder to top, jump out the window to face two more
enemies, defeat them and run to the end of the balcony roof. Take down the
last enemy below, if you want to save ammo for this, you jump down to lure him
chases you first, then climb up the ladder and use your knife to cut him when
he's climbing up, keep kniving until he dies. But if the plagas shows up, use
you gun to finish off him. After all, press R2 again to call up Ashley, go to
the left door, cut off the bear traps there for safety, then close to the door
and piggybear Ashley to other side for unlock the door.

- Battle In Cabin -

For now, you should upgrade you Shotgun or TMP from the Merchant. Run pass the
Merchant will come to a cabin, after some events, you were appear inside the
cabin with another Spanish named Luis. Your goal is to kill 40 enemies or
survive the enemies rush for four minutes. For Professional mode, you have to
kill 50 enemies of survive for 5 minutes. And for this battle, Ashley will hide
in the cabinet, no need to worry about her.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
First off all, take the Red Herb on the chair beside, then Yellow Herb at the
shelf, Shotgun shells on the table. Push all the bookcases to block the window,
then run to upstair for a Incendiary, Flash and Hand Grenades, also the Green
Herb, back down to bottom and wait for the enemies come inside. At the
beginning, Luis can handle all of them, he will shoot out enemies when they
climbing in, just prepare your weapon and wait, if anyone comes to your, shoot
him before he does his attack. Luis has unlimited health, no need to worry
about him, but also do not attack him. When the Las Plagas appear, use your
TMP and shoot it from a distance, the plagas can kill you in one or two hits,
for Professional mode, it will definitely kill your current health in just once
hit. When the Las Plagas getting closer and you have been bothering by other
enemies, just throw a Flash Grenade, remember Flash Grenade can kill the plagas
instantly. If you have followed the walkthrough, you should have more than two
Flash and Hand Grenades, as well as Incendiary Grenade, they are pretty useful
now. If enemies kill by Incendiary or Hand Grenades, they won't grow any
plagas, try use them for a group of enemies. Suggest to stay at the middle of
the stair, so Luis will position himself at the bottom of the stair, now he can
block most of the coming enemies. At the stair, you also can handle the enemies
more easier.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Still the cabin, the second half of the battle, Luis will run to upstair, it's
indicate some enemies were coming from upstair, now better defend yourself at
first floor. Right after Luis go for upstair, a group of enemies should coming
from the stair, throw an Incendairy or Hand Grenade there. Now knock down the
ladder at the window, reason is to delay the times. Remember you are invincible
while knocking down the ladder. Once you have knocked down all the ladder, face
to the stair, you should see more enemies were coming, throw another grenade to
them before anythings get nasty. If they are very close to you, knock them down
with your Shotgun, throw a Flash Grenade when Las Plagas show up. Knock down
the ladder again when they have raised it, repeat until the cut scene.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Just in case if you're low in ammo, use Punisher or Red9 (depends on which
pistol type weapon you have) stun the nearest enemy on face amd kick him down,
since there are lot of enemies here, the kick move could probably knock down
the enemies around. Once you have chance, return to downstair, if someone
blocking you at the stair, shoot his face and kick him down. Let Luis handle
things on his own for awhile. At the bottom, use the table as your advantage,
always position the enemies at your opposite of the table so that you can evade
them easily. After awhile, some enemies will follow you to downstair, and some
more will climb in from the window, now back to upstair and knock down the
ladder for some invincible time. Repeat this until the cut scene.


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< Chapter 2-2 >


- Two Routes -

Search inside the cabin before left, pick if there is any ammo or gold left
drops from the enemies in the previous battle. Search out the cabin for more
ammo. In the shack, take the note of Two Routes, talk to the Merchant if you
want, not much upgrade for now. Save your game before move on. With the Two
Routes note, you know what is hiding in each routes. Left route will face lot
of villagers, two of them are the chainsaw mini boss, Bella Sister. Right route
with only one enemy, El-gigante, which is the giant you fought before. Of
course you can go both route if you insist of fight. Once you have decided
where to go, head to the central between the entrances of two routes and
operate the panel. Both routes connect to the same place but different exit.

- Left Route
Lets talk about Left Route, lot of villagers to fight, because of Ashley back
with you, suggest to kill all villagers for this area.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
When you enter here, the enemies will notice you, Run to the container in front
and call Ashley hide inside. Shoot the explosive wagon there to take down most
of the enemies. Follow the path should encounter two more villagers, they have
higher chance to grow up the Las Plagas, finish off them carefully. Pick up
everthing drops from the enemy if you want. Reach to the first ladder, take
down another enemy at the right corner. Destroy the barrel there for some
Handgun ammo. If you climb the ladder before kill all enemies at the beginning,
they will disappear, but this glitch doesn't work 100%, anyway, you can have a
try if you don't want to fight. At the upper area, finish off all enemies
before go to other place, then take the Green Herb at the side. Before down to
central area, go to leftern end, just down there and take the Red Herb, destroy
the barrel for some Shotgun Shells. Prepare your equipment to face with two
chainsaw enemies.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas, Bella Sister
Now move to central area where you can see a door and some barrels. Opposite at
where you going to jump should be another ladder, you may climb that ladder
after you have trigger out the scene. Of course you can fight them at the
bottom, but since there are some enemies will throw the axe from top, recommend
kill them before focus on Bella Sister. Knock down the ladder before you jump,
press Select button to skip the scene immediately so that you can gain control
of your character a bit earlier. Run to opposite and climb the ladder, then
knock also this ladder to delay the Bella Sister. Use any gun to stun or knock
down the enemies, now don't spend too much time to attack them, just run back
to the first ladder where you came, reason is easier handle all enemies
together. At the ladder where you came, now you just have to focus on one
direction, simply shot the enemies with your weaker type weapons, don't bother
with head shot, you just need to reduce their health. Change to Shotgun when
they come closer, toss a Hand Grenade to damage them all together. Remember,
Bella Sister chainsaw attack was instantly kill, don't ever stay close to them.

After all, take the Camp Key and the Ruby, down to the central area and use the
Camp Key to unlock the door. Press R2 to call up Ashley. Next area, destroy
the barrel for Handgun ammo, head into the room at right then jump down the
hole you can find some Handgun ammo and Hand Grenade. After, back up to above,
you can see there is a window with some planks, destroy it with your knife or
gun, jump through the window to inner area for a Red Gem and Flash Grenade.
Red Gem can merge with the Elegant Mask to sell for higher prices, just keep it
for two more gems later. After that, prepare your weapon for more fights.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Continue the path until you see another container at the corner, call Ashley to
hide inside immediately. Lot villagers enemy at the left area, and lot more
will come after some of them are dead, fortunately they are not unlimited. Have
you TMP to do all this job from a distance, change to Shotgun when they come
closer. Replace your TMP with Red9 or Punisher if it's lower in ammo. You can
shoot their leg to fall down who are nearer, wait for the further enemies come,
throw a Hand Grenade to finish off them together, reason is to avoid the Las
Plaga pops up. Remember, the Las Plaga deals large damage, possibble kill your
current HP in once. If they are press towards, you can just run back to
previous path when you came before, those little barbed wire can helps a bit
for blocking them. Also if you go more further previous area, the will come
slower and lesser, kill them one by one.

Call out Ashley after defeating all villagers. Destroy the barrels by the tower
for possible random items, then enter to next door.
- Left Route END

- Right Route
If you have choosen left route, it's unnecessary to go for this route. But if
you insist, or you don't like to go through the left route, lets begin.

#-Enemy: El-gigante (run away)
Once the giant has appear, shoot the wooden platform above where Ashley points
out to fall the rock, it will stop the giant coming for awhile. Then run away
from him, pass the shack which has some gold, Spinel, Handgun ammo and
Incendiary Grenade, come to the first, shoot to destroy all chains on the door
and kick it down. Now make sure take the Old Key in the following shack, beside
it can find some more Handgun ammo, Spinel and gold. But if you take everthing
inside, the giant will probably catch up you, for safety, just take the Old Key
and flee. Reach to the second door, destroy all chains and kick it down. Unlock
the last door with Old Key to leave here.

#-Enemy: El-gigante (fight)
If you insist of fighting him, be sure to protect Ashley all the time. Better
have some grenades for this battle, also prepare some healing items for Ashley.
Initially shoot down the rock at the wooden platform. Before the giant has
destroyed the rock, shoot him as much as you can. Once the rock has been
smashed to piece, throw a Flash or Hand Grenade to stun him, run to a distance
and continue to shoot him. Make sure always shoot on his face where is has 50%
lesser defend than his body. Shoot his hand if Ashley get caught by him until
he leave Ashley, heal Ashley for safety. Break the chains on the door before
the giant get close, or use TMP to shoot down the chains more faster. Run pass
the wooden gate through that door, shoot him some more when he is going to
destroy the wooden gate. Attack the plaga when he drops to kneel, you can
defeat him after his two times kneel. For easy win, buy a Rocket Launcher from
the Merchant and use it onto this giant.

After all, you can search after for the items. At the middle area, look up to
the bucket will see a shinny object, shoot it for the Purple Gem which can
merge with the Elegant Mask treasure. Pick up the Old Key and go unlock the
door at the end of the route.
- Right Route END

- Gondola -

Passed two routes come to the village exit, but you can't open it for now. Head
to right area which is also the exit of the Right Route, enter to house to save
your game process. Search the locker for some ammo. Opposite the house can find
Merchant, and possible random items in the barrel. Continue the way, pass the
village exit to gondola station. Take Handgun ammo around the entrance. Then
board the gondola.

#-Enemy: Ganados
When you're moving to bottom side, some villagers will attack you from the
other gondola which will come from your right side, and some from the platform
which are waiting you at left side. For the gondola group, they will attack you
by throwing their weapons. For those at the platform, they will jump on your
gondola and knock down your gondola, make sure finish off him faster if he's
get to your gondola. All enemies here will fall off after getting a hit. First,
you will face the enemy at the gondola, shoot him before he throw his weapon.
Now shoot one at the left side platform, then three at the gondola, following
with two more, and one in different gondolas. After that, face to left again to
shoot down the one at the platform. Look back to right, shoot down the
remaining enemies which are three and one at the different gondolas. While
doing this, if you heard the flying weapon sound was coming, just aim to little
above on air and shoot, you can easily hit down their weapon. Use TMP or
Shotgun can shoot down them very easy.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Next station, remember take the Flash Grenade as well as Handgun ammo. In the
middle of the staircase, let Ashley wait outside the cave. Head into the cave
will encounter two enemies, one of them will throw dynamite. Shoot his dynamite
when he toss it, if you success, the explosion will kill them together. Or you
can shoot them down one by one. Climb up the ladder to inner area, kill the
only enemy there. In the end can find a chest, check it for Yellow Catseye. If
you follow the walkthrough, now this is the last jewel for the remaining slot
of your Beerstein.

Now leave the cave, go down the stair and continue the path with Ashley. You
will see the Merchant again on the middle of the path. Take the Shotgun and TMP
ammo beside him, save your game here. Follow the path and enter the door in the
end. Next area, to the house in front to watch a scene. Prepare to press dodge
button during the scene, then boss fight.

- Boss Bitores Mendez -

For the first form, you can beat him without getting a hit. First of all, climb
up the ladder that's behind you, shoot him a few shots when he's still at
further distance. Once he's closed, run to either left or right but don't stay
at the corner. At either left or right side, wait him to attack you. When you
see he goes until the board that you're standing has cover off half of his
body, means he's going to attack you. Now run to the opposite site and turn
back, you should see the boss still attacking the area that you stay just now,
shoot him until he turns to you. When he's going to attack, run to opposite
side and shoot him again, repeat this steps until the cut scene. Shoot the red
barrel can deals lot of damage to him. While running at the board, you can take
the items that's around.

Second form, he will always swing in the air by his tentacles, which also his
weakness. After the cut scence, shoot him as much as you can but for he swings
to other pipe, don't use Shotgun for further distance. When he's coming, run
forward to the other end, turn back and shoot him with a distance, just don't
let him close to you. Sometimes when he descends around your, the dodge buttons
will show, press it to dodge the attack. If you didn't shoot the red barrel for
the first form battle, you can lure him close to it, then shoot it to blast
him heavily. If the explosion does hit the boss, probably he will fall on the
ground, you can damage he more before he hang back to the pole.

After beating him, take the False Eye and 30000 gold. Don't forget the take
other items before you leave, especially the Green, Red and Yellow Herbs. Take
also the Incendiary Grenade, some Shotgun shells, TMP and Handgun ammo, at the
bottom and above. If you have shot the red barrel, you can find a Spinel there.
After all, leave here from the broken wall.

- Leaving From Village -

Back to the gondola station and back to the previous area. Now you don't need
to face any enemies at the gondola. Examine the village exit will use the
False Eye to unlock.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Here you can see the road leads to a few enemies which are guarding there, but
don't need to care about them. Take the Handgun ammo at your right side. Go
forward to trigger some events, a villager will ride a lorry towards you. Shoot
the villager inside the lorry or shoot a few shot to the engine to stop this,
don't stay in the middle when the lorry is falling. Take some gold inside the
lorry. Now if you pass the lorry, a group of villager will spawn behind you. To
avoid this happen to fast, face to the door when you came, and back step until
far eoungh from the door, once you face to other side, the villagers will come.
Defeat them if you want, but it's unnecessory. One of the barrels at the top
left side hiding a Velvet Blue treasure. Reach to the junction in front, to
end this chapter.


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< Chapter 3-1 >


- The Castle -

Destroy the barrel around for some ammo and treasure, behind the Merchant room
can find a chest with 5000 gold. Opposite that chest can see some boxes, the
middle one hidding a snake, kill it before it jumps to your for Chicken Egg.
Be sure that the Green Herb in the Merchant room. Now you can buy the Attache
Case L for more inventory spaces. If you don't have Red9 or if you don't like
to use Red9, now is the time to change, Blacktail. It has faster speed and
higher capacity comparing to Red9, but Red9 has most powerful damage for the
pistol type weapon, depends on which type you like between speed or power.
Recommend choose one of them in the pistol type category, use it for the rest
of the game. Also buy the Semi-Auto Rifle for easier the game later, but for
now, don't upgrade the Capacity yet, later awhile you can have some free ammo.
Once you have done, save your game if you want.

Enemy: Ganados
Now run up the stair and continue to the door. Next area, go forward to see an
overview of the castle, then take the Rifle ammo on the crate. Now you can see
two zealot walking at the upper area that's in front, shoot them with your
Red9 or Blacktail. You can also try to shoot them with your Rifle, but make
sure spend one bullet to decapitate them. If they have gone before you can
finish off them, just move to right side, up the stair and finish off them, be
sure to have Ashley wait at the safe place. Once you up from the stair, you
will see a scene which shows some zealot tossing the fireball, and the first
fireball will hit on the block at your right hand side. If the timing is good,
the first fireball will kill both zealot that's coming just now.

Enemy: Ganodos
Now you have to face the fireball tossers were at the upper area. From the
stair where you come up, you can see the long passage in front. At this point,
use your Rifle aim up the building, shoot the red barrel to kill the first
group of fireball tosser, and don't reload your Rifle until before you reach to
next Merchant, make sure don't waste the ammo also, reason is to get some free
ammo form the following Merchant. After that, go to the end of the passage when
the fireballs were stopped coming, turn right to another stair. Because of the
fireball always spots Leon as the target, so you can let Ashley wait for
awhile, after you reached to the second stair only call her to follow. At the
second stair, if you go out from the stairwall, you will get hit by the
fireball. For safety, aim to right side through the lower part of the enclosing
stairwall, shoot the red barrel for explosion to kill the second group. Then
run to the bridge opposite of the entrance, before the middle of the bridge,
turn back and aim up, shoot the red barrel to kill the third group. Now back
down to the second stair could see two more zealot probably are coming from the
first stair, charge to other gun and shoot them down. Back up to the bridge
that you cross at abovr just now, finish off the only mask zealot by the shack
at right side, take everything inside the shack especially Yellow Herb. After
all, let Ashley wait in the shack, prepare your Rifle for the last fireball
tosser. Cross the following bridge until the circle, face to left side and aim
to the top of the building, shooot down the last fireball tosser. When you
crossing the bridge, don't snipe him at the middle of the bridge, his first
fireball would probably hit on the middle of the bridge, so just reach to the
circle area only snipe him. Also no red barrel around the last tosser, be cool
to kill him with only one shot.

After all, operate the cannon by the circle area, then check it to fire at the
entrance. There are some barrels with items at the bottom floor at this circle
area, since now you have killed all fireball tossers, you can back down to get
them if you want. Now just go to the entrance, you will see the Merchant before
the following door, talk to him and upgrade your Rifle capacity. If you didn't
reload your Rifle (either standard or semi-auto), now it should only has few
more bullet left, now tune up the capacity to fully restore the bullet without
reloading any ammo from your inventory. This trick can be use for any guns.
Next, cut the shiny object at the torch for a Spinel, then enter to next area
through the door beside.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Take the Shotgun shells on the table (GC version might be Handgun ammo), then
search the cabinet for some gold, then check the plate on the wall for key item
Platinum Sword. Now go upstair and defeat all enemies there, recommend use
Shotgun and TMP to kill them faster. The one at the back of the stairs who is
looking at the wall might never notice you, so don't shoot him before defeat
the rest. After all, another group of enemies will come from the bottom with a
red clothes zealot as their leader, just kill whoever comes up. After all, let
Ashley wait for awhile and go down to finish off the zealot in red. He will
pops up a Las Plagas after getting enough of damages, you can avoid it by using
suplex to kill him or kill him with grenade, but it's abit wasting to use a
grenade on one enemy. At upstair, take the Gold Sword on the plate and replace
it with Platinum Sword, then put the Gold Sword to the plate at downstair where
you get Platinum Sword just now, if you do so, a secret door will be unlocked.
Before go, explore upstair for some items as well as Red Herb and Spinel.

Next area doesn't exist in Easy mode, you just need to enter the main entrance
after the event.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
This area would have some events. The double doors entrance was locked, now
you have to find a key to open it. Let Ashley wait here and get into the left
side door. When the first zealot notice you, he will run into the room at right
in front, before go for him, shoot down the crossbow zealot by opposite of the
room. Finish off the rest in the room, explore inside the room for some items.
Then back to where you kill the crossbow zealot just now, follow that path will
encounter two enemies with shield, you can first break their shield with your
Shotgun. Another trick is shoot their legs with weaker weapon life TMP of
pistol type weapon. When they kneel, go forward to kick off they shield. Enter
to the inner room for some items, be sure take the Green Herb by the shelf.
Before you take the Castle Gate Key in the chest, also get ready to face some
zealots which will storm in the room. Once you take the key, aim at the red
barrel beside the door, when the door open, shoot it for an explosion. If the
timing is good, you can probably kill two or three zealots by the explosion,
then kill the remaining zealots. Now you will probably encounter the second
type plaga, which can bite your head off, beware when the Las Plaga's came out.
Don't forget you can perform suplex move to zealot enemies, if you kill those
zealot by using suplex, they will never grow the plaga.

After all, back to the main entrance, use the Castle Gate Key to unlock the

- Castle Main Hall -

Go forward until trigger out a short scene. Continue forward after the scene
will the a wall raises up to block your way, now face back to when you came and
look up, shoot down the shiny object for a Green Gem, it can be merged with
Elegant Mask. Then cut off the vases for a Velvet Blue. Save your game with the
Typewriter if you want. Take the right door to next area.

Now destroy the barrels at left side in front the prison door, make sure take
the Incendiary Grenade. After that, follow the passage, middle way aim out via
the left side window can see a shiny object, shoot it for some Shotgun shell,
you will get it later when you down there. Check the picture on the right side
wall for 5000 gold. Destroy the vase for possible random item. Don't shoot the
lamp, it can uses to kill enemies later. Continue until the corner can see two
more barrels, cut them off for a Yellow Herb, take also the note if you want.
On the left passage, there are two statues blocking your way by blowing flame,
turn right can see the Prison Key on the picture, take it. Back track the way
to the prison door, unlock it with the Prison key, then let Ashley wait at

#-Enemy: Garrador
Run down the stair and take the Shotgun shell which you shot down just now,
take also the Green Herb near the left side bell. Close to the cell will see
your opponent, Garrador. His weakness is the plaga on his back, you can kill
him with three shots of your Semi-Auto Rifle. First kick down the gate, he will
come out when you close to him. Just right after he breaks the chains, you can
spot his plaga on his back, initiate damage the plaga if possible, Shotgun can
hit it easier. Once you have stun him, you can damage him more whenever you
spot the plaga. But if you couldn't make it accurately, plan to turn 180 back
and run out the gate when he comes out from the wall. After few step running,
turn left or right by walking, reason is Garrador is blind, he can only notice
you when he closes to you or you're making voice. Walk until the bell, use your
knife and cut it, then it further abit, because Garrador will come and stab on
the bell. Before he can pull out his claw, damage him more by shooting on his
plaga, make sure stay closer if you choosen to shoot him with Shotgun. After,
walk to another bell and do the same thing. If you can defeat him after he has
destroyed both bells, just keep walking around until you can spot on his plaga,
then shoot it. Remember, anytime when you see he is running to you, don't think
you can always run to dodge his chase, he can alwasy chase you when he heards
you running voice. To avoid this, walk when you did run pass his attack, also
move in a curve line just to be sure dodge him stabing attack. After his stabs
you will have a great chance to damage him.

- Garrador stab attack trick
Since you can have a great chance after he does this move, so you should know
how to lure him to perform it beside the random chance. Walk until a distance
from him and close to the wall or any blocking things, be sure looking at him,
and he's finding you or turning around. Now run a one or two steps to forward,
then press 'Down' for one or two back step, repeat this will trigger his stab
move. When you see he's facing to your direction and raises up his claw, run to
either left or right side to dodge it, then turn back after he has passed you,
he should be sticking on the wall, attack his plaga before he pulls out his
claw. Be sure you can dodge this move, or else you will get hurt woundly,
probably die. You can have more training in this fight, because the Garrador
fight later could be tougher.

After defeating this mini boss, take the 15000 gold drops from him, operate the
switch in the cell to stop the flaming which is blocking the way. Then leave
to the previous place for more fights.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
When you reach the passage just now, some zealot will come from the front, you
can shoot down the lamp on the ceiling when the zealots are near. The fire form
the lamp might not stronge enough to them, shoot down them before they wake up.
After that, turn left from the corner in front will see more enemies, one of
them will throw dynamite, and two more at the sides will use crossbow to
attack. Equip Shotgun, shoot on the dynamite when his throws it, so you can
kill all of them in once. Or you can kill him when he lights up the dynamite,
then return to the previous passage for awhile, let the dynamite explodes to
kill those crossbow enemies. Now continue to passage, let Ashley wait before
the second door, then go inside and kill the remaining zealot at left side. Try
kill him with suplex, because he has little chance to grow Las Plaga. Before go
to next area, take the Handgun ammo between the pillars and make sure to reload
all your guns.

- Water Hall -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
If you're playing easy mode, the crossbow enemies won't appear. For other mode,
you will face two crossbow enemies at the function in front. Your goal is reach
to the front side lower area room, stay on the plates to open up the panel, of
cause you will face lot of zealots. Suggest kill the two crossbow enemies with
your rifle for first, shoot on their head to kill them instantly. The zealots
with shield will come from the sides, the second group will come from the
central and surround you. Better clear up either left or right side enemies
before you been surrounded, equip Hand Grenade to do this. Go forward after
clear up a route, stay on the stair to down, and defeat the remaining enemies,
reason is you don't need to worry them come from front and behind. Whenever
you're firing to the enemies in front, if you see Ashley look to behind, that's
indicate enemies are closing from the back, becareful. After all, go to the
lower passage will see another zealot there, finish off him for safety.

When the sector's clear, explore the vases and jars for some item as well as
grenades. Inside the central room, be sure take the Shotgun shells on the chair
and Green Herb on the table. Then call Ashley wait at one of the two yellow
plates, and move Leon to stand on the other yellow plate. If you do so, a panel
will be raised up in the central of the hall. Now you have to go out and
operate the panel.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Some more enemies spawn outside and inside the yellow plates room, you can just
defend in the yellow plates room until finish off all enemies. Within the
yellow plates room, stay in the corner with Ashley and face to outside, shoot
whoever come inside the room, shoot also the zealot jump from the hole on
ceiling. Here is a glitch to easier the fight, but it doesn't work 100%, in the
yellow plates room, go tight to the wall at the side, let it stick on your
back, when enemy come, shoot them to kneel and perform a suplex, so the enemy
will be dropped into the wall, if it success, that enemy will be gone forever.
But don't depend on this glitch when you're facing more than one enemy. After
all, move to outside, equip your rifle weapon to kill the two crossbow enemies
on the balcony above before operate the panel.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Once you've finished turning the panel, a bridge fall from the front side, some
enemies with scythe will come down. Throw a Hand Grenade to kill them in one,
Incendiary Grenade can flame them down, but not stronge enough to kill them,
just add on some shots to kill them. Remember also the zealot in red has more
health than black zealot. Later on, just head to next area through the bridge.


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#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Now Ashley will point to the panel above. Bbefore anything, go to the front and
destroy the jars for some Shotgun and Rifle ammo. From the direction where you
come, head to the right side and enter to the balcony, inside there you can
find a First Aid Spray. After all back to the fountain area and piggyback
Ashley at the side to above. Once she left, back to the middle endned area and
equip your Rifle or Semi Auto Rifle, aim up to where Ashley by, you should see
two zealots are going to catch Ashley, shoot them down immediately. Then face
to the opposite side of Ashley should see another two zealots, shoot them down
as well. Now change to other weapon to fight with the zealots who coming to
attack you, you can use any weapons that you like, but recommended use Shotgun
for the zealot with shield. Always look up to Ashley location, if any zealot
comes out to catch her again, be sure to kill them. After Ashley raising up the
platforms which are leading to next door, she will go to the paintings side,
so move to there and catch her. Enemies will still coming if you haven't clear
all of them, if you don't want to fight, just jump over the platforms and go
to next area.

- Altar Room -

This section you can relax awhile. Explore around for some items and treausre,
check the back of the up side down statue and shoot the shiny object for a
Spinel. The Merchent and typewriter were here as well, but just leave them for
awhile, go to the only passage in the middle to watch the ending scene of this


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< Chapter 3-2 >


- Sewer -

Now talk to the Merchant if you wish to upgrade your weapons. The door besides
Merchant is the 'Shooting Range' mini game, have some training with it, but
it's optional. Once you've finished, save your game on the typewriter, then
enter the door in the middle of the passage which leads to sewer.

For easy mode, this section has lesser enemies.

#-Enemy: Novistador
Jump down the hole and forward to the first corner. From here you should see
that's something like moving in the other far end corner, it's Novistador (bug)
with invisible status. For now, you can spot this type of enemy by the water
movement, breath or their eye glowing, they will turn visible awhile after they
get hit. Now shoot the first Novistador from further with any weapon, normally
it won't notice you, but don't waste your Shotgun shell to do this job. The
broken canal at left got a box which hiding some Handgun ammo. Don't forget to
take the 'eye' treasure drop by the enemy.

#-Enemy: Novistadors
Continue the passage until the sewer pool, there are two more Novistador. Kill
them before you jump down. After that, take the Velvet Blue, TMP and Handgun
ammo in the sewer pool, then climb up the other ladder in the front. Next area,
a Novistador will jump down from the hole on the ceiling. Since it's hard to
be spot and you might lost to track it, so you can just defend beside the door
and shoot it, reason is you don't need to worry it comes from your back. After
take down the first Novistador enemey here, you can still use the same way for
the following enemies. Just trigger out the next Novistador which will come out
from the left cell, then back to the door corner and shoot it. Before going on,
be sure take the Incendiary Grenade in the cell where the Novistador appear
just now, take also the Shotgun shell and Luis Memo in the other left cell,
Handgun ammo and Yellow Herb in one of the right cell. Now following the left
passage, and you will encounter another Novistador here, kill it with the same
tactic for safety.

Follow the left passage will reach to the water control room. Turn the drainage
valve to drain the water. Before leave this room, destroy the boxes for some
Shotgun shells and Green Herb, take also the Butterfly Lamp in the chest, it's
a treasure can be merged with three different colour of the 'eye' treasure drop
from Novistador (bug).

#-Enemy: Novistadors
Open the door in the room, but don't run outside first. From the door, turn a
bit to right, aim up to the ceiling and you would see a hole, inside the hole
is another Novistador, initiate attack on it. There's another one will emerge
after defeating the first Novistador, but it won't jump down before you cross
there, same as the first, initiate attack on it, make sure to kill it before
leave, and don't forget to take the treasure. Continue back to the cells, some
more enemies will spawn, they're still the same enemies. Whather you want to
kill them is not a matter. Your goal is reach to the next area through the
drained water sewer pool, if you choose to run, be sure it's no turning back,
because they will catch you up can do some annoying attack.

Next room has some giant blades swinging, they could kill you just in one hit.
The blades are easy to be dodge, just view the lines on the ground to determine
their swinging positions. In the end, take the Velvet Blue on the right. Then
climb up the ladder after the door, cut the barrels for a Spinel, enter the
next door to leave here.

- Altar Room -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Here is the previous area that you've visited. Now you are staying at upstair,
and you can see some zealots at the bottom, all of them are carrying a Spinel,
the one in red has Illuminados Pendant. After awhile they will notice you and
run away, possible only two more left behind, means that you can only get two
Spinel. If you want all their treasure, throw a Hand Grenade to knock them down
before they flee, but it's not enough to kill all of them. If you have extra
Flash Grenade, use one to stun them, then jump down immediately and run to the
middle passage where you went to the sewer before, so the wall will raise up.
Now only defeat them without worrying they run off. One easy way to kill them
is climb up the ladder and shoot them from upstair, you can knife them on the
ladder if you want to save more ammo. If you have Rocket Launcher, shoot at the
red zealot in the middle will see a special scene where all of them die.

At upstair, jump to the chandelier to opposite side, destroy the vases on left
for a Velvet Blue. Turn to the other side, face to the Merchant and run close
to the gate, there's another chandelier, jump on it to the opposite side. Now
destroy the glass at the left end, take the Elegant Mask in the chest. From
bottom to the stairs, enter the room beside the Merchant if you've prepared.

- The Gallery -

This section, be sure take the Red Herb on the table in front, Handgun ammo on
the chair, also the memo on the round table if you want. Before to next room,
better equip your rifle type weapon.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
At the beginning, aim to the further stage in front, shoot the red barrel to
kill some of the zealots, then kill the remaining crossbow zealot before he
shot you. You can find some vases around, a Green Herb hiding in left vase, be
sure to take it. Finish off the enemies one by one at the bottom, then head
into the left room, destroy the vases for possible random item. Follow the
stairs to upper area, kill the only zealot here, you can definitely shoot him
from the bottom. Upper floor, turn left when you just out from the door, you
can find some Rifle ammo. On the way to next door at right side, try use your
rifle to kill the red zealot. This zealot will run away after awhile when you
spotting him, try zoom to the suitable view and without aiming to him, then
move the spot to the red zealot and shoot him before he runs. You need three or
four shots to kill him. If you let him run away, you still have two more
chances to kill him before he reaches to the machine gun. In the room where
down to the ground floor, you would encounter a zealot with shield during the
chass. If the red zealot did gets to the machine gun, you still have to kill
him for the Gallery Key. After the scene to he's putting up the machine gun,
just stay behind the wall until he stop firing, head out the aim at the top of
the machine gun, once he show up, shoot him, repeat until he dies. Take the
Gallery Key drops from the red zealot.

After defeating all enemies here, back to the stage where the red zealot was
bafore, head to the right corner for some Shotgun shells and golds if you
haven't take them. Use the Gallery Key to unlock the door.

Next room, shoot the shiny object at the deer's head for a Velvet Blue, destroy
the jar at the opposite for possible random item. Check on the stand here to
solve the picture puzzle, simply choose 1, 2, 3, 4 then OK to complete it, the
wall will slide and a new door has been revealed, go through it.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
After the scene, you will face some enemies. At the beginning, four zealots
are in front of you, some crossbow zealots at the upper floor. Now just throw
a Hand Grenade or Incendiary Grenade to stun them. But if you have only one
or lesser Hand and Incendiary Grenade, be sure you save it for easier the next
chapter, shoot a few of them with your guns, then run to the right door before
they surrounding you. Run up the stairs and take the Yellow Herb. Now you can
aim to the door where you came, shoot when the zealots come inside. After that,
go out to the upper floor, you can see the crossbow zealots here, chase and
kill them. Few of the crossbow zealots normally will grow the plaga, you could
shoot the lamp in the corner to flame them, do remember this plaga could kill
you instantly.

Once you've cleared the section, explore the both floors for a Green Herb,
Spinel and random item. Beware of the two rocket launcher zealots, they're
hiding behind the painting which facing to the door where you come. When you
close to the painting will trigger their first appearance, run to the side
corridor to dodge the rocket. Around the painting area, press the red button
beside the door, from here run to the right side and go into the door there.
Before you could get to there, the rocket launcher zealots will appear and
fire again. Inside that short passage there, destroy the jar in the end and
press the button to raise up the bridge to the middle treasure. While leaving
here, kick the door will see the rocket launcher zealots again, just backstep
to let the door close. Wait until they shot the rockets, then only go out to
defeat them.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Now head to the middle treasure, take the Goat Ornament will see the locking
door will be unlocked. Now ome more zealots will spawn at bottom floor. You can
just run to the door and open it to ignore this fight.

Next area can find a Typewriter. Follow the passage can see two doors, but one
was locked from other side, just go through the left door. Before to the
following door, shoot the crows for some gold, but some of them drop nothing.
Shoot the shiny object above for Spinel. After that, head to outside, follow
the corridor until the fountain, shoot the crows here for some gold, check on
the fountain to obtain two Velvet Blue and one Spinel.

Around the fountain, you could see there's a door was locked from inside, and
a hold on the wall, but you can't enter here for now. Later when Ashley back
with you, back here to unlock this room. Inside this room has a magnum type
weapon, Broken Butterfly!

Continue the corridor will see some barrels are blocking, destroy all of them
for some gold and Incendiary Grenade, be sure to take and keep it for the
beginning of next chapter, especially if you don't have even a Hand or
Incendiary Grenade. Now open the door in the end to next area.


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-Garden Hedge Maze -

For Easy mode, you don't need to visit this place, just head into the room on
your right hand side to end this chapter. For other mode, this room has been
locked, you have to find two pieces of the Moonstone to unlock it.

After Salazar calling, go down to the garden. As it's called Maze, of
cause it could be complicated.

You goal is to collect all two Moonstone pieces, if you have enough healing
item and ammo, besides Yellow Herb, there's nothing more useful item, just
straight away to find the Moonstones.

#-Enemy: Colmillos
From where you start, open the first gate can see two barrels at left, one is
hiding a Velvet Blue. Turn to left side, then right side from the first
jucntion will reach to another gate. Before open the gate, a Colmillos might
coming from you back, shoot it down if it's shown. Open the gate, prepare your
rifle to shoot down one of two Colmillos in the cage, once you shot it, the
the remaining Colmillo will break down the cage gate and come to attack you,
defeat it with you TMP or Shotgun. After the gate, turn to right side and go
pass the branch until the end, pick up the Yellow Herb there. Return to the
previous branch, follow that path to bridge 2 (at point B2). Take the
Moonstone (Right Half) then jump down. Turn right and right to the gate that
you've passed before, now turn left from the gate and run to bridge 1
(at point B1) if you don't need the Shotgun shells in the end. Go until the
end and turn right to find the Moonstone (Left Half). Now return to bridge 1
will encounter three Colmillos, if you don't want to fight, just keep running
to dodge the first two Colmillos which would jump out from both sides, up to
the bridge one will see the third Colmillos come from left in front, tight to
left side of the bridge, you could jump down from the bridge before the third
Colmillos hit you. Kick the gate and rush back to the building before. But if
you're not good at run, just prepare your Shotgun, before run up to the bridge
1, trigger out the Colmillos, then backstep abit to keep a distance, shoot them
when they're closing. When they down to one, you can also use kill it with your
pistol type weapon to save some ammo.

Do remember if you choose to run, don't stop before you reach to the door,
Colmillos will keep chasing you until you trigger out the scene. Once you've
reach to the door, check it and combine the Moonstone pieces, then put it onto
the door to unlock it. Enter the room to watch a scene.


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< Chapter 3-3 >


- Bed Room -

First, destroy the pot that's near the entrance for a Incendiary Grenade. If
you don't have any Hand Grenade, this could be useful just abit later. Explore
some more in this room for Spinel and Handgun ammo. Inner room find the
Merchant, he has new upgrade for you weapons. Later on, open the cabinet and
take the Mirror w/Pearls & Rubies treasure. Save you game before go next area.

- Dining Room -

Destroy the pot in front for some Shotgun shells, then take also the Green Herb
and Handgun ammo on the dining table. Before anything, head up to the front and
you should see the door was locked, turn to right side and enter the room at
the end of the path. Within this room, you could find Red Gem, Spinel and
Shotgun shells. Beware of the snake in the right pot, kill it before it jumps
to you, then take the Chicken Egg. This room lead back to the previous place,
it's not neccesary to go back now, just return to dining room before.

Go ring the bell near the locked door, shoot the wine bottle on the picture to
unlock the door. Okay, as I mention in the few sections of walkthrough before,
you should keep at least on Hand Grenade, now equip it. If you don't have it,
equip Incendiary Grenade that you found at the beginning of chapter 3-3.

#-Enemy: Garrador, Ganados, Las Plagas
Go into the room where you can see a stand with a treasure chest, a cage will
drop onto you. Make sure skip the scene immediately for you initiative move.
If you have Hand Grenade, just throw it to the front, the explosion will stun
the Garrador, unlock the gate, and kill some of the zealots in front. If you
have Incendiary Grenade, aim abit lower and throw it, the flame can stun the
Garrador for awhile, now head to the left gate and shoot the lock with your
Shotgun. You can unlock it with three shots, then kick down the door to free
from the cage. If you don't have any grenades, just skip the scene immediately
and shoot the the lock on the left gate with your Shotgun also, but you might
get hit if you're not enough faster. Afterwards, kick down the gate and go to
next door in front, the items and treasure here can be left for now, later you
can back here. Of cause you could fight them for now, especially you're hungry
for money, kill the Garrador for 15000 gold. Anyway, initially free from the
cage was recommended.

- Weapon Storage -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Go forward can see three zealots at the bottom, two of them in red clothes.
Shoot them with you Red9 or Blacktail to lure them, then use your knife to cut
them on the ladder beside. If you kill them by doing so, the plaga won't grow
out, do remember this kind of plaga is the third type, the one like spider.
Afterwards, you can spot another zealot further in front, just shoot him down.
Now jump down to bottom and operate the switch, kill also the shield zealot
behind the gate.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Now a bridge would be raising up, break the pot for possible random item. Then
climb up the ladder and don't ever close to the bridge yet, otherwise the some
more zealots with shield will come from the front. Now you should heard a door
open sound, two more zealots come from the back door. just jump down the bottom
again. Be cool for awhile, stay close to the ladder, once you saw both of the
zealots jump down also, climb up the ladder again, now use the same tactic like
before to kill them, reason is avoid from fighting with those spider type
plaga. After that, cross the bridge, shoot the red lamp on the ceiling to flame
down those shield zealots. Knife them before they stand up, if you're not low
in ammo, just shoot to kill them.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
In the end of the bridge, turn left to the other side. Face to the further in
front, you can spot a zealot with crossbow through the window, equip rifle to
kill him before he shoot you. Jump down to the bottom, take the gold on the
table, then destroy the aquarium, you can find Handgun ammo, Shotgun shells,
Rifle ammo, Flash Grenade, Incendiary Grenade and Rocket Launcher! If your
inventory is full, back here later after you buy the larger inventory case.
A remaining zealot might come down from the stairs now, simply finish off him.
If he didn't come, just head up to the stairs and kill him before unlock the
door to the first area of the room.

After all, open the door at the end of the bridge, follow the passage should
see a vase on your right side, cut it for a Spinel. In the end, you can find
the Typewriter and the Merchant. Buy the Attache Case XL if you've not enough
space to fill in the Rocket Launcher just now. Sell the treasure for more ptas.

Enter the door to next chapter.


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< Chapter 3-4 >


- Trapwall Hall -

Note: After this chapter, Leon and Ashley's health will be fully restore, so
you don't need to heal them if their health are not that low.

Now you can see Ashley trapped by the lock at bottom. Before anything, go take
the Handgun ammo on the cabinet, put down the picture and take 5000 gold behind
it, break all the vases here for some more items especially the Flash Grenade
and Rifle ammo. Then go down to the middle stage, aim down and shoot to break
the locks on Ashley, if you did a mistake on Ashley, you will probably get
'Mission Failed'. Recommend let rifle type weapon to do this work.

#-Enemy: Ganados
After shooting down all the locks, some enemies spawn to catch Ashley. Of cause
use rifle type weapon for easy life, shoot down all enemies that you see,
suggest to aim at Ashley, the enemies will go to catch her one by one. After
the first group, Ashley will run to the door noticed it has been locked. Now
the second group shown. At first, you will see the zealot in red, just aim at
him with you rifle type weapon and wait for awhile, two more zealots with
crossbow will come to the red zealot side. Now you could shoot them together
since they're close to each other. The faster you kill the red zealot, the
lesser enemies spawn. Now Ashley will still staying at the middle, as you spend
time to kill the red zealot and the crossbow enemies, she will be carry to the
right door. Faster turn back to Ashley, if you can't see her by the middle
part, turn to the right side and aim down to the door, you can spot the zealot
before he takes Ashley into the door, shoot him down, then the remaining
enemies. Afterwards, Ashley will take to key and open the door.

- Ashley Adventure -

Now play as Ashley. Explore the left side for Spinel and Yellow Herb, then save
you game on the Typewriter before going on.

#-Enemy: Ganados
There's zealot in the first room and second room. Your goal is to raise up the
gate to second room by turing the crank at the left corner, but the zealot will
come to attack anytime. Within the first room, you can also find three lamps
which can be threw to flame the zealot, throw all three of them to kill him.
For Easy mode, you just need two flames to kill him. Another way is keep
crawling under the table to dodge the zealot, same time, turn the crank before
he get close to Ashley. Once you've done, don't forget to take the Green Herb
on the table. Next room you will encounter another zealot, you can also throw
all three lamps here to kill him. If you didn't kill the first zealot, now try
run back to the first room, stay at where you turn the crank just now. Wait for
them to come closer, then crawl under the table and run to second room, turn to
your left side can see a switch on the wall, push it to close the gate, so the
zealots will be locked in the first room. Turn two other crank in the second
room to open up the next gate. Take the Spinel and some gold in the second

Follow the new passage, don't enter the blue door first. Take the Red Herb on
right, then enter to inner door to next section.

Go forward and take the Green Herb in front. Then crawl under the table near
the door, run to the end and press the button there, a gate was raised. Go to
the middle area and take the Stone Tablet from the fireplace, then press the
button there in the central. Head back to the beginning area, push the bookcase
away, press the button on the wall. Now go take some gold at opposite and a
Velvet blue by the corner. Enter the door in front to inner area.

Run down the passage, take the Spinel on the chairs. Eventually you will reach
to a room with some knights and a pedestral in the middle. Check on the
pedestral to start the puzzle.

Imagine here is the plates on it.

| 1 | 2 | 3 |
| 4 | 5 | 6 |
| 7 | 8 | 9 |

No.5 is an empty place, just move the selection to slide off the box like below
4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 3, 2, 1, 4, 7, 8, 9
Now the empty place goes to No.9. Check it again and put on the Stone Tablet
that you got, a new door has been unlocked, take it to the last room.

#-Enemy: Armaduras
Check the chest for Gold Bangle and the cupboard for a Spinel. Then go to the
status and take the Salazar Family Insignia, the status will turn out a chest,
and the door will close. Now take the Serpent Ornament from the chest, the door
will open again. Be cool for awhile, just face to the door, you should see the
knights (Armadura) are coming in. Wait until all of them had already inside,
they will come from your left side, just run to right side to pass them easily,
and head out to where you came, their attacks are very slow, no need to worry
much of passing them. The knights are still chasing you, so just just your
speed to the previous area. Before that, you may need to dodge some knight's
attack by few points, prepare to press 'R1 + L1' or 'Square + X' when get close
to the raising weapon knight.

Afterwards, enter the book door in the previous passage. Inside here, you can
find Handgun ammo in the drawer beside the door, Bulter's Memo on the table.
Now check the stand in the middle, put the Salazar Family Insignia onto the
round hole. After turning the stand, climb up the ladder. On top, turn to right
side obtain some gold. Now follow to the other side until the end. Unlock and
open the door in the end to next chapter.


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< Chapter 4-1 >


- Secret Weapon -

As I mention before, you could have the Broken Butterfly for free with Ashley's
help. If you are not interesnted, just skip this part.

In the weapon storage, make sure take the Rocket Launcher if you haven't get it

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Backtrack to the outer area of the castle. By the dining room, you will
encounter some enemies, be sure to protect Ashley while fighting, especially
in the cage room, there's not much space to run. Defeat all enemies there with
Shotgun. In the cage room, be sure you take the Flash Grenade inside glassed
chest, and the Magnum ammo in the short path where you ring the bell and shot
the painting, just if you haven't take them before. Inside dining hall, ignore
the zealot in front, head to left path from the cage room, simply defeat to
only enemy there, then enter the room.

Through this room, you could get back to outside of the castle, follow the
way will reach to the fountain. Now check the locked room, then piggyback
Ashley to inside for unlocking the door. Of cause, take the Broken Butterfly
in the chest, also remember to take the Red Hern and Elegant Perfume Bottle.

Afterwards, head back to where you should go, where this chapter begins. Take
the middle path which leads to the exit to next area.

- Hellfire Stage -

There is some Handgun ammo on right, Typewriter and Velvet Blue on left. Now
go on the plate at central will take the giant wheel cart to the stage further
in front, and Ashley will wait here.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Next area, run forward abit to trigger out the zealots go out to ride the iron
dragon. They will blow out the fire to flame you, faster take out your rifle
to kill the right zealot on the iron dragon. You could knock him down with just
only a hit, so your Shotgun can done this as well too. After the first dragon
down, a treasure with 5000 gold will be raised. At the entrance, you can spot
another zealot on the iron dragon by the left area, shoot him down before going
on, treasure with Illuminados Pendant will be raised up in the second turn in
the middle. Now go forward, jump to the next platform through the rotating
cage. Two more zealots blocking your way. If you don't want to spend time on
them, just knock them down with your Shotgun, then run to the end to trigger
out another iron dragon. If you didn't defeat the zealots before, now you
should hurry up. Run to either left or right side to lure the zealot on iron
dragon to face on you, then run to the other side when he goes to blow. Before
he turns to you the second time, use either Shotgun or rifle to shoot him down
to the fire river. A stairs will be raised up, faster run on it to the end,
open the chest for Lion Ornament. Now face to where you came, those zealots
should coming to you, if you don't want to fight, knock them down by kicking
them or Shotgun, then run pass them.

Back to previous area, take the giant wheel cart and go to the path beside the
Typewriter, get into the rail car. After out from the car, destroy the jars for
Shotgun shells and Spinel. Then enter to door here will return to main hall.

- Castle Main Hall -

Check the wall in the central and put Goat, Lion and Serpent Ornamets onto the
shard. The wall will gone down, follow this path to front, then turn to right
side before the entrance in front. Run up the stairs and make sure you take the
Hand Grenade in the vase. Put down the picture for some gold. After all, back
down to bottom and enter the entrance.

Now take the rail car to the following section. This area, destroy all jars
here for a Spinel and possible some random items. Afterwards, enter the door
between the giant knight's armor.

- Main Corridor -

Here turn left in the junction, obtain the Flash Grenade on the chair. Middle
is Merchant room with Typewriter. Destroy the vase inside here for possible
random item, then take the Handgun ammo on the cabinet. You could have more
weapons upgrade for now, but don't upgrade your Shotgun, later awhile you can
buy a more better Shotgun type weapon. Recommend upgrade the firepower or
capacity of your Broken Butterfly.

Now save your game, then return to the main corridor, head in the nearest room
besides where you came.

- The Queen's Grail -

You can see four plates and two statues here. Just call Ashley stand on a
plate, then push those two statues on other plates, and yourself stnd on the
remaining plate, the golden door will be open up.

Before going in, stay at the door and aim up to the spiked ceiling, you could
spot some red lights there, now shoot down all four red lights. Afterwards,
enter to that room to watch a scene. If you trigger out the scene before
shooting down the red lights on the ceiling, now you must shoot down them
within the time limit. Once you done it, take the Handgun ammo in the spiked

#-Enemy: Ganados
Go through the door in front will reach to a long passage. Equip you rifle type
weapon now. When you pass the passage, Ashley will be locking, and two zealots
are driving a wrecking machine come. Shoot all two zealots down with your
rifle to release Ashley.

Afterwards, take the Rifle, Handgun ammo, Spinel, and the Elegant Chessboard in
the room, of cause take the Queen's Grail from the chest. Now leave here for
main corridor.

- King's Grail -

This section doesn't exist on Easy mode. You just need the Queen's Grail to
unlock the door at the end of main corridor.

From the main corridor, go to the further door in front of a long table. Don't
forget to take the Yellow Herb here. Next area, take the Handgun ammo in front,
it's on the Lion statue. Let Ashley wait here for awhile, cross the passage
with some knights around. You have to press 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X' to dodge
their sneak attack. Last room, go around to search for Green Herb and some
Shotgun shells. Now prepare you weapon and take the King's Grail.

#-Enemy: Armaduras, Las Plasgas
Once you pick the King's Grail, you will be locked inside this room. Three
knights (Armadura) release from the wall. First of all, turn to left side and
shoot the knight with your Broken Butterfly, be sure aim at his head and don't
drag the spot when you shoot it. If you're accurately, the plaga will sprout
after one shot. Shoot down the other two knights' head for the plagas grow up,
now toss a Flash Grenade to kill them all together. Pick up everything drop
from the knights. Now prepare for the second group, stay in front one of the
points where the knight comes. Aim at his head with your Broken Butterfly. Once
he walked out the stand, initiate your shot to him. Then run around, shoot down
other two knights to sprout out all their plaga. For this group, the plaga was
the second type, which can kill you in once bite, be sure you keep running to
dodge them. As long as you don't stay still more than 3 seconds when close to
them, you won't get bite from them. After sprouting out all their plagas, toss
a Flash Grenade to finish them off. Just in case you don't have Flash Grenade,
you do have to kill the plagas off with you guns. Recommend kill off the plaga
one by one, don't explode all their head off together, and use TMP to strafe
the plaga is more easier. This enemy has slow attacks, you can dodge it very
easy, just worry about their side cut, normally it will cut from your left to
right, but you don't know when would it perform this cut, so is better always
run to your right side when dodge them.

After all, pick up everything drop from the knights, then back to previous area
with Ashley.

- Main Corridor -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Now run to the junction of the corridor, call Ashley to wait here or in the
Merchant room. Move on to the middle path where you get the Flash Grenade just
now. The path lead to another entrance, but lot of zealots are blocking it.
Shoot them with you Red9 or Blacktail to lure them, keep shooting on one target
to kill him faster, then follow with the next target, don't bother on shooting
thier head. When they come closer, knock them down with you Shotgun, also use
Shotgun to destroy the shield on the zealots hand. Throw a Incendiary or Hand
Grenade to stun them in once if you have some. Be sure thing to don't run pass
them and attack them from back, because they might ignore you and go to catch
Ashley away.

After that, shoot the shiny object on the statues here for some treasures. Then
run to the entrance in front, put on the Queen and King's Grails on the Queen
and King statues beside the entrance to unlock it. Enter to next place.

Destroy the pots on both side for Velvet Blue and possible random item. Beware
of the left pot at the right side, it contains a snake, kill it for a random
Chicken Egg. Follow the passage here, you can have some gold from the cabinets
on your left hand side, Shotgun shells on the right of the door. Now open the
door and go forward to watch a scene, Ashley will be carry away again.

- The Hive -

#-Enemy: Novistadors
After the scene, ignore everthing, faster turn to abit left until you see the
door where you came just now, then run back there as fast as you can. Kick open
the door, then jump over the window on left side, it's also the window beside
where you take the Shotgun shells just now. Now you turn back, you will see all
those Novistadors are coming to you, but they can't out from the window. Simply
defeat them one by one. When they're flying, you could kill them in a hit, even
with knife. If they're on the ground, you need few more shots to finish off it.
Start from now, they won't turn invisible again, unlikely those are in the
sewer before.

After that, don't forgot the take all treasures drop from Novistadors,
sometime you might get Magnum ammo as well. Before going on, make sure take the
Red Herb outside the window, then climb the ladder and take the Butterfly Lamp
in the end, it can be merged with the Eye treasure from Novistador.

Now go to the hall can see a giant nest in the central, destroy it can find lot
of Eyes treasure. Afterwards, go to the panel in front and operate it, then
shoot the looks on the wall to release the bridge. Cross the bridge to next


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- Clock Tower -

Explore around for some ammo and items. The Merchant and Typewriter are here.
Recommend upgrade the firepower of your Broken Butterfly and Red9 or Blacktail.
Again, don't spend money on your Shotgun anymore, you can buy a better Shotgun
type weapon later. Cut the fire torch on the wall for a Spinel, then go on.

When you reach to the bridge, you will see Salazar gone to the other build
during the scene. For Easy mode, you no need to enter the clock tower to shift
the bridge, just head to the right side and push the panel, that's all for
Easy mode.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
If you're not in Easy mode, cross the bridge to trigger out the zealots. Few of
them will throw the fireball from further away, just ignore them, continue
running until the clock tower, then head to left side and run up the stairs.
Now the fireballs couldn't hit you here. Defeat the zealots here. You can just
stay on the stairs area to fight, in this narrow way, you could handle them
easily although they come in group. Zealots here are very rare will grow the
plagas. After killing all zealots here, you can also kill the fireball tosser,
needless to say, let rifle to do this job. There is two barrels on the right
corridor contain rifle ammo and gold. After all, enter this tower from the door
facing to East.

Inside the tower, you need to shoot down all three wooden blocks which are
blocking the gears. You can spot two from here and one from above, try run to
different place to find them. After that, explore around the tower for some
items, make sure take the Green Herb at the top floor. Now push the switch at
the top floor to operate it.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Now down to the bottom floor, you will encounter some crossbow enemies in the
middle floor, they will run further from you before shooting, just use pistol
type weapon or TMP to kill them when close. When you reach to lower part, some
more enemies will come from the bottom entrance, where you needed to go, and
a dynamite thrower spawn at the level above your current place. Wait for the
first dynamite explode, then run down to the bottom. Some enemies blocking your
way by the stairway, use Shotgun to know them down, run pass them to the door.
If you insist of fighting them, you can climb to above and kill the dynamite
thrower for first, defeat the remaining enemies, do remember the trick on the
ladder, you can just cut them down on top of the bridge, repeat until they die.
Bottom floor of the tower, cut off the boxes for a Hand Grenade and Rifle ammo.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Out from the tower, you will see three shield zealots are coming in the front.
If you have more than one grenade, and they are not only Flash Grenade, just
throw one of them to damage the zealots. If you're using Incendiary Grenade to
do this, you should add on some more shots to kill them. If you have lesser
grenade, save it for the next group, use Shotgun to destroy thier shield, then
finish off them with your Red9 or Blacktail. After the bridge middle, lot of
zealots will spawn in front the some more from the back. Now use a Flash or
other Grenade, throw it to the front to stun them and run pass to the door.
If you kill the zealot with Rocket Launcher, you could gain a Gold Bangle from
him. Nothing special on fight this much of enemies, is better avoid this

Here is a trick if you're good enough on evading enemies attack. When the
second group zealots appear, evade the spiked ball attacks from the initial
defence line, then run for the door in front. Do not hesitate, or the Rocket
Launcher from the zealot will hurt Leon.

Next area, you can see two Garradors behind the two zealots. For Easy mode, you
just need to face one Garrador here.

#-Enemy: Garradors, Ganados
The easier way to go through this area, fire the Rocket Launcher to the doors
in the middle, the explosion of the Rocket Launcher could kill the left
Garrador and heavily damage the right Garrador. The rest are quite easy to
be handled. After damage the Garradors with Rocket Launcher, just add more few
shots to finish off the him. Once you pass the first stairs, some more enemies
will spawn behind you, you can just ignore them and continue to the end. If you
have killed the masked zealot, you could get a First Aid Spray. Skip two
sections below if you've chosen this way.

#-Enemy: Garradors, Ganados
Actually the next boss is more worther to be used of your Rocket Launcher, if
you are low in Ptas (gold), just keep it for the next boss. First, you can kill
the zealots in front with rifle, make sure decap them in one shot for each. If
you do so, the Garradors would possible run on you together. If you feel that
you can't handle them well, at first don't shoot at the zealots before luring
them further from the Garradors. To do this, be sure you walk close to the
zealots until they saw you. Then backstep to the right corner, as back as
possible. When the zealots are close, use pistol type weapon or TMP to stun
them, then perform kick and suplex. Just only two zealots here, they shouldn't
be a problem. After that, walk on the stairs slowly, once you see they like
noticed you, backstep to the corner again. The Garradors still didn't get your
actual location yet, now shoot their plaga on the back whenever you spot it.
When any of them run close to you and you can't handle them well, equip your
Broken Butterfly and shoot and part of his body, you could stun them by doing
so. Don't waste the chance when the Garrador has been stunned, damage the plaga
with you strongest weapon.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
The gate should be unlock after defeating the Garradors. Don't forget to take
the golds drop from Garradors. The corner right from the entrance where you
came can find a Green Herb. Now run forward the passage here, some zealots
will appear from your back, the masked zealot from left is holding First Aid
Spray, kill him to obtain it. Destroy pot near the bell for Incendiary Grenade,
Shotgun shells near the door, After the doors, you can find two Spinels on the
statue by both sides.

Next room watch a scene, prepare to dodge (L1 + R1 or Square + X) during the


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- Canal -

Collect all the items around, they are Magnum and TMP ammo, Yellow Herb,
Incendiary Grenade, Velvet Blue and Crown. Be sure keep the at least one
Incendiary Grenade from now.

Now talk to the Merchant, sell your Shotgun for some money and buy the Striker,
it's the best replacement of Shotgun. The following boss is optional, if you
don't want to defeat him, you have to keep dodging his moves until the time
limit. If you don't have Rocket Launcher, just buy one if you want to defeat
this boss, sell the treasures for some money to buy it.

After all, climb the ladder to the top. Follow the canal can see a Velvet Blue
in the left pipe, then Red Herb in the next right pipe. Continue the path here,
just head to the front until the end.

#-Enemy: Verdugo
Before you can reach to the last room, the boss, Verdugo will come to attack
you, press 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X' to dodge it, you can't attack him for now.
In the last room which is the power supply room, you can find some Shotgun
shells in the middle, run to left corner can find a Green Herb. Now head to the
right end, push the switch there.

- With Rocket Launcher
Just wait him in the middle of the room, tight to the red tank. When Verdugo
comes out, you will see a short scene. Once he come nearer, knock down the
red tank, the Nitrogen could freeze him. Now run close to him and kick him
down. Equip the Rocket Launcher and shoot him from a distance, that's all for
this battle.Take the Crown Jewel, it can be combined with the Crown that you
get just now. Keep this treasure for a moment, you can find another treasure
to merge with the Crown for more higher price.

- Without Rocket Launcher
Rush to the exit of the power supply room, press the switch and Verdugo will
comes down directly. I've fought this monster over 20 time for PS2 version,
never seem a move would need you to press 'Square + X' to dodge, so just ready
your finger on 'L1 + R1' when he's run to your. Anytime Verdugo run to attack
you from a distance, you're able dodge it with 'L1 + R1'. When he's closed, run
further from him. Use the red tanks to freeze him and kick him down to delay
the time. Back to the small boiler room where you pass before reach to power
supply room, wait him beside the red tank also. When you spot him, knock down
the tank to freeze him, kick him down as well. Go out from the room and wait
behind the door, keep it open until Verdugo face to you, then backstep to let
it close. Now stick to the door, when Verdugo close to you, he won't open the
door if you're faster than him. Just counter 5 or 6 seconds while the door's
closed, kick open the door, Verdugo will probably flight backward. If this
happen, backstep again to let the door close. Repeat this until the scene
shows the elevator was came, then run to the elevator room, take the Handgun
ammo and First Aid Spray before take the elevator.


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< Chapter 4-2 >


- Merchant's Cave -

Out from the elevator, make sure take the Green Herb in the front. Down to the
Merchant counter, destroy the barrels that's near can find Rifle ammo, Spinel,
and Hand Grenade, be sure keep the Hand Grenade for later fight. Beside the
Typewriter can find some Handgun ammo, take also the Luis' Memo if you want.
Don't sell the Crown Jewel (drops from Verdugo) and the Crown, there is another
treasure can be combine with the Crown for higher price to sell.

Later on, you will fight El-gigante, the giant that you fought in chapter 2.
Recommend upgrade the firepower of Broken Butterfly if you're not max it to
current availed upgrade yet. Another easy way if buy a Rocket Launcher, since
you can obtain 15000 from the El-gigante. Anyway, I still recommend buy a
Rocket Launcher for this battle, if you have got lot of Ptas. Besides, there
is a door near the Merchant leads to 'Shooting Range' mini game, now the 'C'
game is available here, try to complete it for more golds. Go to next area.

- Mining Area -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Proceed to the front, you will see two enemies, they are the villagers, One of
them probably will grow the plaga, better kill them with suplex if possible.
After that, destroy the barrels near the cart for random item. Check the cart
for a Spinel.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Continue the track to reach the ladder, you will see lot of enemies at the
bottom. Shoot down the villager with axe for first, then you could kill the
rest on the ladder without worrying anyone throw you the axe, use your knife to
save some ammo if you want. Afterwards, jump down and go near to the rock which
blocking your way. Here you can spot two more enemies behind the rock, you can
kill them for now, if not, you would still face them after you destroy the
rock. Now push the switch that's near the rock, a trolley will move to the end
of the track and stopped there. Turn back and head to the upper area in the
end, there's another switch to push. On the way you can find some Shotgun
shells and golds on right side.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas, Dr.Salvador
Some more enemies spawn after you push the switch. Now you have to back down to
the first switch that you've pushed just now. Before that, take the 5000 gold
behind the switch. You will face the dynamite thrower now, defeat them as how's
the tactics you beat them before. Down to bottom, a mini boss, Dr.Salvador will
come out(he won't appear for Easy mode). If you've decided to fight for
10000 gold, just wait for him when he's shown, make sure you clear the other
enmeies before. Shoot him with Red9 or Blacktail from further, Striker when
he's getting closer, do remember his chainsaw attack was instant kill.
Basically if you defeated Dr.Salvador before trigger out all the enemies from
second group, the rest are not the problem. If you don't want to waste too much
time on killing him, you can just skip his appearance scene immediately, then
continue running to the switch, push the switch and then turn back and use
Striker to knock him down. Run under the track and get the Dynamite from the
trolley. You should be surrounded by the villagers now, Striker to knock them
down again. Run to the rock immediately and put the Dynamite on it. Now face
back and shoot whoever's close to you especially the chainsaw. The explosion
of Dynamite could hurt you, so stand abit away from the rock after you put on
the Dynamite on it. After that, cut off the barrels before next door and take
the Magnum ammo and Hand Grenade.

NOTE: Beside the rock you can see a big hole on the ground, you could kick or
knock the enemies down there even the chainsaw villager.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:41 am

- Two Giants -

Here's the furnace hall, the middle plate can be released to trap the giant
later. Before triggering out the two El-gigantes, take the First Aid Spray,
Shotgun shells and Flash Grenade at the side of this section. After

#-Enemy: El-gigantes
Once they're shown, run to the ladder that's near, climb up and slide down the
zipline to the other side, you would drop in front of the switch. Press it
once to veiw at the giants, press again to release the plate when any one of
them stand on it. If you fail to trap him, just run back to the ladder and do
again, be sure you don't run close to them. After take down one of them to the
flame, you can still use the same tactic to beat the remaining giant. Avoid to
get closer to the middle while the first giant still struggles in the flame,
because he would grab you together to the flame. As for another El-gigante,
use Rocket Launcher to finish him off. If you didn't buy it you have to kill
him with your own weapon. Climb the ladder and turn back, if you didn't spot
him, slide down the zipline faster, he's actually under the platform, if you're
slow, he can shake the platform to make you fall. After sliding down, turn back
to shoot him, try to shoot more on his face and don't shoot on his legs,
because firing at his legs will inflict lesser damage. Shoot him with your
Broken Butterfly when you can clearly spot his face. When El-gigante close to
you, run to the ladder again, climb up and slide down to the other side, repeat
until he get stunned. Climb on his body and cut him by pressing the appointed
button (Square or X). Repeat until defeated El-gigante, obtain 15000 gold from
him. Be sure take the Incendiary Grenade and Shotgun shells in the barrel
before the next door.

- Novistador Cavern -

Run forward and check the on stand in front. Now your goal is open up two
switches in this cavern to unlock the new path, and this section has a lot of
annoying enemy, Novistador.

#-Enemy: Novistadors
Before going on, you can see some Novistadors are flying from further, now
you can shoot down some of them. Afterwards, follow the path to right, keep
your way until the small cave at the side, go inside there to press the switch.
Face back and aim at the hole where you came to this cave, the Novistadors are
coming in, take down all of them, recommended weapon is TMP and Striker.
Remember you could kill them with just a little hit while they're flying in
the mid air, when they're on the group, you do have to deal more damage to
kill them. Be sure you take the Green Herb before leave for the next cave, it's
just near the switch. Continue your way to right until the second cave, now
the Novistadors will come up form the cave. Run pass them if possible, if they
did block all the space into the cave, you should shoot down them only can run
pass them. Press the switch inside and face back, kill all the Novistadors are
coming inside. The new path should be unlocked now, head outside and back to
the hole where was blocked just now. On the way you can find some ammo as well,
be sure take the Red Herb beside the new path. On the way you will encounter
some more Novistadors, kill them with the same tactic.

Follow the new path will see some stomping stones, just tight to it when it's
already hit on the floor, then keep running while it's raising up. Later on
you will get to three stomping stones in a row, just push the switch on the
left wall to stop the middle one, then run pass the first stone stop to the
middle stone area, run pass the last stone when it's raising up.

In the end, you could see like a coffin thing, check it for the Royal Insignia,
it's the one which can combine to the Crown with Crown Jewel, sell it after
combined them for a expensive price. Check the coffin thing the second time to
next chapter.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:42 am

< Chapter 4-3 >


- Old Ruins -

In front there is a shack, take the Letter From Ade by the doorway, take the
Handgun ammo in the barrel. Talk to the Merchant if you want to upgrade your
weapon, save your game on the Typewriter. Now leave the shack, follow the path
will have an overview of the castle. Shoot down the nest for Spinel. Continue
until you see the enemies.

Enemy: Ganadors, Las Plagas
Just only two villagers at the beginning, kill them with your Red9 or Blacktail
to save some ammo for other stronger guns.

Enemy: Ganadors, Las Plagas
Explore around this area if you wish, you can find some random item and
treasures. In front can see a group of villagers surrounding the fire. If you
don't want to fight, just run to the right front and jump into the wooden
cabin, turn the crank as fast as you can to open up the hole on ground. While
doing so, some villagers could spot you, and they will come to catch you, but
if you're faster enough, you could get into the hole before they catch you. If
you'er insist to fight, lure them to the ladder and wait them on there, knife
whoever climb up until. they die. Be sure you've taken down those villagers
who can throw something. After all, jump into the hole on the ground.

- Underground Ruins -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Follow the only way here, cut off the box along the left wall for Velvet Blue.
Reach to the wider area, shoot down the nearest enemies for the higher area.
Some more will come from the bottom part, take him down as well. If not, go
down to the bottom where face back to the direction where you came, finish him
off, you could get Staff Of Royalty treasure from the coffin there. Same time
you could hear the chainsaw working sound, but don't worry for it now. Kill the
stilling villager on right front as well.

#-Enemy: Dr.Salvadors, Ganados, Las Plagas
When section clear, use knife to cut off the remaining bear traps that's you
didn't shut them off. Make you way to the middle, face to the ladder and aim up
the building there, that is the chainsaw villager. Funny thing is he won't jump
out the building until you climb the ladder, so just use any gun to kill him
from bottom. Inside this building, you can find another chainsaw villager at
the bottom floor. If you want more money, you can go open the door at the
bottom, shoot to lure him out of the building to fight, reason is when you step
into this building, some more enemies will spawn around, so is better finish
off chainsaw for first. If you don't want to spend time, just climb the
ladder after shooting down the chainsaw at upstair. Knock down the ladder
when you're in, don't down to bottom otherwise that chainsaw will notice you.
At upstair, destroy the left barrel for Yellow Herb, take the Key To The Mine
will trigger out more enemies. Most of them will spawn plaga, so avoid to fight
them. Knock down the ladder when they raise it up, repeat few times until they
group together here. Once have done, jump out when you see the ladder is
raising up. Faster turn to back when you're on the ground, now you can see lot
of enemies, throw any grenade to stun them, then run pass them. Be sure save a
Flash Grenade, if you have only one, just use other grenade. After that, run
away from them, take the Red Herb near the door, then examine the door and
unlock it with Key To The Mine. Ok, if you insist of fighting them, you can
just wait them to climb the ladder, cut whoever come up with your knife. This
way was safety but spends time. Another way is stay in the left corner where
you took Yellow Herb, face to the ladder and wait them to come inside, then
shoot them down here.

Follow the path after you've unlock the door with the key, cut off the box on
left for possible random item. Eventually reach to the spiked ceiling room,
throw a Flash Grenade to kill off the spider plagas when the ceiling start to
descent, then shoot all four red lights on the ceiling to stop it. After that,
open the coffin on right for some gold, take the Handgun ammo at the left
corner as well. Continue the path, take the random item inside the barrels,
check the falling sand in the middle for Spinels.

- Mine Track -

Next area, destroy the barrels on right for Shotgun shells and gold. Move to
left, take the Green Herb besides that mine cart. Jump to the second cart and
face to left, shoot the lever to start the carts. Now move to the cart at the
back where you reached just now, face to front and ready to shoot down the

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas, Dr.Salvador
Enemies will jump into the carts and come to attack you. Of cause use Striker
for the closer enemies, TMP or pistol type weapon for the enemies coming from
the first cart. Beware, some of them can grow out the plaga. On the way, you
may need to dodge the planks in few different parts by pressing 'L1 + R1' or
'Square + X', if not, you should shoot it before you reach to the planks. When
the enemies hit by the planks, they would get lot of damage. Until the middle
part, someone stops the carts, more enemies jump down while the carts were
stopped including the first chainsaw villager here. You can avoid more enemies
down to the carts, just equip your rifle type weapon and shoot the lever on the
left front side to start back the carts, but no matter how fast you did it,
the chainsaw villager will still get into the carts. He's coming from the
first cart, you can damage him whatever you like. Claim the golds drop by him
when the sector was cleared. Continue defeat some more enemies on the way.
You will face another chainsaw villager later, same tactic to finish him off.
Equip Broken Butterfly yo kill him faster if you like. Once the carts reach to
the circle area, you can't shoot the enemies anymore, same for them. Now get
ready to press either 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X' to jump out the carts. After
that, kee pressing X repeatedly to climb up.

Forward to the inner area, take the Stone of Sacrifice, then climb the ladder
in the end.

Now back up to the area around where you down to the previous area, just head
to the door and put Stone of Sacrifice on it. Take the elevator inside to end
this chapter.


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< Chapter 4-4 >


- Salazar Statue Hall -

A Typewriter and Handgun ammo can be found at the beginning. Run down the
passage, turn left to see some events. The passaga leads to the door has been
turned down, now your goal is push two levers in the hall to rebuild the

#-Enemy: Ganadors, Las Plagas
Back to where you came, take down the zealot. Cut off the pots near the ladder
for a Velvet Blue if you want. Climb the ladder will face some more zealots
jump from the statue's moving arm, you could lure them jump down to the bottom,
then climb up and cut them on the ladder like the tactic before. After that,
jump to the moving arm, face back, you will see some enemies when you have been
raised up to the top floor. Shoot on the crossbow zealot's leg to knock him
down for first, when you see the rest going to jump on the arm, quickly jump
jump to the floor, so you would 'exchange' the location with them. Now is more
easier, wait them at the top floor nad shoot them whenever they've been raised
up. After clearing enemies for this part, go push the lever.

#-Enemy: Ganadors, Las Plagas
Another lever at the bottom floor in the opposite building. From where you push
the lever, you can spot lot of enemies on the other statue's arm, shoot down
all of them from here, use pistol type weapon to do this if you want to save
other weapon's ammo. Now jump to the middle platform of the statue, push the
switch there to move the other statue's arm, jump over to the middle floor of
the opposite building throught the arm. You will face the red zealot here, if
he didn't come up, just jump down to finish off him, then push the lever. Some
more zealots spawn, the one who blocking your way to the passage at the middle
bottom from the statue, just shoot on his face to stun him and run pass him
you can just ignore the rest as well.

Forward on the passage, the Salazar statue will start moving. Now keep pressing
X as fast as possible to run from it. Press L1, R1 and L1 + R1 on the run to
dodge the falling pillar, depends on which side it falls. After that, you will
end up in front of the door with lock, shoot down the lock and kick open the

Continue running by pressing X after the statue breaks the wall, prepare to
press either 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X' to jump when the statue stops moving.
Press X repeatedly to climb up, then enter to castle in front.

- Salazar's Tower -

Read to press 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X' during the scene. After that, take the
handgun ammo on the crate, then head to the hidden path on left side, in the
end can find the Yellow Herb inside the chest. Now run up the stairs from right

#-Enemy: Ganadors
Until the scene, some zealots will drops you the barrel by the machine upstair,
continue run to the front, take a left as soon as possible to evade the rolling
barrels. Kill the zealot on the suspension planks, then face up to the ladder,
shoot down two more zealots there. Destroy the barrel on right corner for some
golds. Climb the ladder will see more zealots spawn from the ground floor. Now
push the lever to fall a barrel, it could kill the zealots that are coming up.
Then face to the elevator and aim up, shoot down the dynamite thrower for
safety. Later on, run up the stairs until the end can find a Green Herb.

Head to the elevator, take the Incendiary Grenade shining nearby, and the
Shotgun shells planted in the barrel besides it. Now your Striker is more
useful. Push down the crates on the elevator, press the switch by the side.

#-Enemy: Ganadors, Las Plagas
While the you're going up, some red zealots will jump onto the elevator and
attack you, you have to kill all of them only can reach to the upper floor.
On the direction to the switch, left of there can spot the zealot with
crossbow shooting at you after passing one floor, take him down with your
rifle. Now focus to attack the red zealots. The one who didn't cover off his
head with the clothes will always explode the plaga, it could kill you
instantly, always shoot down it for first. Use suplex to kill him when he's
near die, reason is avoid the plaga grows from him. Always use your Striker
when the zealots come more than one, since here's not a wide place, Striker
can does the well job.

When you reach to the top, run out to the balcony area and destroy the first
barrel you see for a TMP Ammo. Continue the passage, get more items inside the
barrels that you see. There is a Red Herb hidden at the corner of the other
side of the wall with the two barrels. Before get into the following lift, turn
to right and jump down the small area, there is a Gold Bangle in the chest.
Afterwards, take the lift up to the top floor. Follow the corridor to the end,
Merchant, Typerwriter, Magnum ammo, TMP ammo, Rifle ammo and First Aid Spray
waiting you beside the door. Upgrade the firepower of your Broken Butterfly as
higher as possible. After all, save the game and enter to the door that's near.

- Boss Salazar -

This boss was sticked on the wall and will never move around, but you do have
to shoot his moving tentacle to unshell him only you can damage him. He has
three tentacles, two by the sides will grab and fall you to the bottom area,
smack when you're at the bottom, but their grab can be dodged by pressing
'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X' when the buttons appear. The middle tentacle will
smack on the appointed area on the top. Besides, when the middle tentacle is
open out its mouth, it was an instant kill, run to the other side faster, or
you could jump down to evade it. When you're at the bottom, the spider plagas
will keep spawning, they can only find you at the bottom, when you're at the
top area, the plagas won't catch up to you.

At first, equip TMP and strafe on middle tentacle's eye, you could unshell
Salazar but he does any attack. Now change to Broken Butterfly and shoot him,
be sure don't miss too much shots. Once the middle tentacle was raised, repeat
to damage its eye, you might need to dodge some attacks from the sides
tentacle. Remember when the tentacle opens its mouth, run to the side or jump
down to dodge this instant kill. When you've unshelled Salazar, damage him with
your strongest weapon such as Broken Butterfly, repeat until defeated him.

Here's a little trick, you can run to the right where the Shotgun shells by,
stay on there could clearly spot the eye of middle tentacle, from this point
you just need to worry his side tentacle attack which can be dodged by pressing
'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X', consider more safer than you run around in the
central and fight.

After all, be sure you take everything in this arena. You can find Green Herb
and Shotgun shells on the top, Flash Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, TMP ammo,
Shotgun shells, Handgun ammo, Rifle ammo, First Aid Spray, Green Herb hidding
in the barrels at bottom. Then climb the ladder on where Salazar was, take
50000 golds before to next area.

- Tower Backyard -

Destroy the barrels on left for a Green Herb and possible random item. Run to
the end and descent to bottom by using the rope there. Now prepare to kill
a snke inside the right barrel for Chicken Egg. Then take the lift that's near
to lower part.

You will find the Merchant again along with Typewriter. Destroy the box and
barrel for a Spinel and random item. Take the Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle ammo
here, of cause don't forgot the Flash Grenade.

After all, open the next door, follow the passage here until you get to a


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< Chapter 5-1 >


- The Island -

Once you gain control of the character, run down the path and follow to left
way, destroy the boxes in the end for an Emerald treasure and possible random
item. Back to the junction and take the middle path. After a short scene, jump
over the gap to alert soldier type Ganado enemy.

#-Enemy: Ganadors, Las Plagas, J.J.
One way to beat them easily is jump back the gap and wait for them to come,
shoot them when they going to jump over the gap, they will be knock down to
the river by just a shot. Now take the Handgun ammo on the crates, equip your
Broken Butterfly or rifle type weapon. Turn the left and run pass the wall to
trigger out a mini boss, J.J. He will shoot you by his gatling gun, when you're
closer to him, he can knock you down with his gun. Now just run back abit and
use the wall as your shield while he's shooting at you. Once he stop shooting,
shoot him with your rifle type weapon or Broken Butterfly, try shoot on his

After that, be sure take the Green Herb that's near the ladder in the first
building. Now run to the door in the right front side, open up the laser on
the left circle. Your current objective is reflect the laser onto the other
circle right on the door side.

#-Enemy: Ganadors, Las Plagas
You can see lot of enemies are coming to you, and you don't need to kill all
of them, just shoot down whoever are blocking your way. Beware of the soldier
with stun rod, he can deals lot damage with his stun rod. Run to the right side
building, climb the ladder behind it. Check the mirror on the building and
rotate it until the laser shoot onto another mirror on other building. Now jump
down from the front, because the soldiers might coming from the ladder. Now
run the the other building, climb up and rotate the mirror up there to right
until the laser is shooting on the right side circle on the door to open it.
Take the Magnum ammo beside the mirror, then jump down to the front. Now
whether you want to defeat all enemies is up to you. You can kill the crossbow
soldier for first, then kill the rest on the ladder, same like some tricks
before. Or you can also jump over back to the gap just now, shoot them down to
the river when they're going to jump.

Make your way to that door which you've unlocked it with the laser, follow the
only path there. If you've clear lot of enemies just now, a rock will drop on
middle of the path, prepare to dodge the rock with 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X'
buttons, it's pretty easy to be noticed, the camera view will shoot on the rock
when you close to that area. On the to way face to the small area on right can
find two barrels there which are hiding random item and Green Herb.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
You will encounter two more soldiers around the inner ladder, one with crossbow
and another is barehand. Run pass them and climb the ladder if you don't want
to fight.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Next area, defeat the enemy on left before any other notice you. Turn to right
side will see a room, jump in through the window. You will face some more
enemies here, you can just back out the window and shoot them through the
window when they're going to climb over it. Throw a Hand Grenade to kill them
faster if you have more. Take the Rifle ammo near the door, Red Herb by the
inner area.

There is a red barrel in the right corner, shoot it can blow up a secret area
which hiding Golden Lynx treasure, it can be merged with three other treasure
that's you could get later, so just keep it.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Now head to the other side, you have to run up the valley, and will encounter
lot of enemies. The matter is defeat the dynamite throw and the one soldier
with Rocket Launcher, you can spot both of them before you really get in to the
valley. Kill them with rifle type weapon. After that, aim up to the bridge and
shoot the red barrel to kill the crossbow soldier as well. Now run through the
valley, some enemies will jump from the top, just ignore them. Reach to the
following door, press the switch on right to open. If you want the kill the
enemies here, now turn back and shoot the barrel on the wagon, it will roll
down a kill the enemies who are in the path.

Next path, you can find Typewriter and the Merchant. You can buy the treasure
map of the island from the Merchant, and he's start selling Killer7 from now,
it's another magnum type weapon with faster reload speed and higher fire power.
If you had already got the Broken Butterfly, you don't need this weapon for
now, but of cause you could have a try on Killer7 if you want.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Just after the Typewriter, equip your rifle and shoot down the soldier with
crossbow on upper area in the front. The rest will jump down an come to attack
you. Shoot on their legs to knock them down when they're running to you, so
you have more chances to damage them before they stand. If you don't want to
spend time on them, just run pass them when you've knocked down them. Enter
the door on left.

- Inside The Base -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Take some golds in the locker on left. Continue the passage and turn right
later, take the Incendiary Grenade in the bin. After the door, take down the
soldier on left. Kill him with suplex to save some ammo since he is the only
enemy here. Take the Green Herb on the shelf, Shotgun shells in the white case.
When reach to some hanging meats, the left side oven is hiding an enemy, he
will come out to catch you when you're near to it with the entire flamming
body. You can either shoot him down or run pass him, just tight to the left
side when turing over the corner, he will go down after a few second even if
you don't shoot him. Before to next area, make sure you take to Hand Grenade
in the corner before next door.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Go forward and turn left to face a hammer soldier, he's wearing armor on
his body, weak point is on his face. If you can stun him and he's close to you,
faster equip Striker to knock him down, his hammer attack is quite powerful, so
just avoid to let his perform the attack. Before to the right door, you can
explore the bottom where's an optional place. There is another hammer soldier,
however you could spot him before to the bottom. Go around the where you face
the first hammer soldier, aim down the left side and shoot him. At the bottom,
the crossbow enemy will spawn the spider plaga, if possible, him with suplex
before the plaga spawn. Some more soldiers will come from the stairs when you
reach to the middle of the bottom, Striker to kill them faster, they can spanw
the plagas also. After that, destroy the barrels in the inner left corner for
a Yellow Herb and random item. Open the white case for Red Stone of Faith
treasure which can be merged with the Golden Lynx.

Afterwards, back up and enter the door in the middle of the passage. Go near
the monitors to trigger a scene. Then head to the left side. Check the filing
cabinets on left for some Shotgun shells. Continue forward until you see the
enemies toss the dynamite behind the metal shutter.

#-Enemy: Ganadors
You can only shoot them when the metal shutter is open, and it will open only
when you're further from it. Find the wall that's near, throw the window on the
wall, aim at the metal shutter with rifle, shoot the enemies inside there. The
wall can block the dynamite explosions. After they're down, three more enemies
with crossbow, use the same tactic to beat them, but this time you might get
hit by the arrow, so better kill them faster.

After killing the enemies, the metal shutter will open automatically. Check the
filing cabinets for an Emerald. Before going on, back to the middle of the
passage, you can find the Merchant there. Besides, you can play the
'Shooting Range' in the room that's near, the 'D' type game is available now.

#-Enemy: Ganadors
Afterwards, head over the metal shutter, check the red box on the wall for some
TMP ammo. A soldier is hiding in the right on this passage, if he didn't show
up, run abit front and turn right, finish off him. Take the Red Herb besides
the shutter. Open the door on left front.

- Corridor -

Turn to left, unlock the door to kitchen area, but you don't need to go back.
Move to the small area that's near where the Typewriter by, cut off the box
for Brass Pocket Watch treasure. Afterwards, run up the stairs and turn left
from the junction, open the red box for a Incendiary Grenade. Now follow the
corridor to left, after the first corner, you can see a box on the shelf,
destroy it for some Magnum ammo, then enter the operating room in the end.

#-Enemy: Regenerator
Run over the slide door, turn right after the overview of your new opponent.
Check the panel beside the door, then press Red for 3 times, Green for twice
and lastly blue for once to unlock the door. Inside there, take the TMP ammo
on right, Luis' Memo 3 on left.After that, go to the middle end, face to the
door where you come in, turn abit left until the 'Check' command shows. Press
X to take the Freezer Card Key and the Regenerator that you saw just now comes
out. Before it come in the room you're staying, run out the door faster, the
Regenerator is coming from right side, just turn to left side and head back to
the slide door and leave this room. Don't recommend to fight it for now, so
just run away.

#-Enemy: Regenerator
Follow the corridor back to the junction, you will encounter another
Regenerator at the second corner, try lure him comes near the second corner
and run pass him. Now open the gate in front, enter the Freezer Room on right.

Take the Rifle ammo on left, then go to the right room and examine the
machine there to change yout Freezer Card key to be Waste Disposal Card Key.
Now back to the middle and destroy the glass in the end to obtain a Green Herb.
There is an Infrared Scope here in the other corner, if you take it, you would
face a Regenerator inside here. The Infrared Scope can be combined on your
rifle type weapon, it's very useful for defeating the Regenerators, so
recommend take the scope for now. Just head to the right room where you rewrite
the card key, check on the panel beside to operate it. Now head to the near
room, check the wheel in the end to unlock it, then take the Infrared Scope.

#-Enemy: Regenerator
Once you got Infrared Scope, a Regenerator in the middle will pop out. If you
don't want to fight it, just go out to the middle, play the circle rotations
with the Regenerator until the door has been unlocked, you can evade it easily.
If you insist of fight, just combine the Infrared Scope to your rifle type
weapon. Now when you aim to the Regenerator, you can see the parasites inside
its body in orange colour, all you need to do is shoot down all parasite inside
its body to beat it. Normally one of the parasites is on the back, around the
central of its body, try shoot on its central to destroy the last parasite.
Regenerator in Easy mode has lesser parasite.

#-Enemy: Regenerators
Now you can defeat the Regenerator more easier. Head to the opposite of the
freezer room, open the white case for an Emerald. Now turn back and you should
see the Regenerator coming from left, use rifle with the Infrared Scope to
take it down. Turn right should see another Regenerator which you run pass it
just now, finish if off with the same way if you want. Each Regenerator drops
5000 gold. Take some more Rifle ammo from the red box on the wall, then head
to the narrow corridor and use the Waste Disposal Card Key to unlock it.


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Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)
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