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 Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)

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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:46 am

- Saving Ashley -

Run to the front, take the TMP ammo beside the door, then enter it. Check the
white light in front of the panel for Hand Grenade. Now operate the crane to
grab the enemies down there to the drain. You have only three move allowed,
so first you must grab the two enemies in once, because if you grab the other,
that two enemies will go separate, adn you can't grab two of them together
anymore. Afterwards, finish off the rest if you can't remove all of them with
the crane.

Descend the ladder on left. At the bottom, take the Green Herb and an Emerald.
Open the following door to the next passage, take the TMP ammo by the box,
follow the stairs until the next room. Take the Yellow Herb near the PC, then
open the locker on right corner and take the Flash Grenade, be sure you save
it for the later stage. Use the door opposite of the locker.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Forward the passage here, open the red box on the right wall for some Handgun
ammo. In the next corner, turn right will see two hammer soldiers, sometimes
they will run to you when they detected your possition. If this happen, faster
equip Striker to knock him down, finish off them with your Red9 or Blacktail
if you want to save ammo.

Now you can't open the room where Ashley by, you need the Storage Room Card Key
for it, just take the other door that's near to search for the card key.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Run down the passage and open the door here, faster turn to right and shoot
down the enemies. Take the Rifle ammo beisde. Beware of the crossbow soldier
around the stairs. Take the Flash Grenade, be sure you save it also for the
later stage. Defeat some more enemies come from downstair. You have advantage
when you're shooting them on the stairs before they come out, try stun them on
face and kick them down to bottom, and repeat. The enemies here had more
chances to grow the plagas, be sure you don't get hit by them. If possible,
kill the remaining soldiers with suplex, so you can block the plaga shows.

After beat all enemies, take the Shotgun shells below the stairs, this may be
the Magnum ammo for GC version.

Now go to the right door from the stairs, run down the next passage and you
can find the Green Herb and Typewriter in the last room. Once you've done,
use the door that's near the Typewriter room.

#-Enemy: Iron Maiden
Now equip your rifle type weapon and make sure it's combined with the
Infrared Scope. Before you can reach to the Rifle ammo in the front, a short
scene showing the new enemy, Iron Maiden. Whenenver you face this enemy. don't
even let it close to you, it can impale you with the spikes on its body, and
the spikes hit everyway that's near it. Now faster face to right and aim to
the narrow path on the left. Like how you defeat the Regenerator, shoot down
all parasite inside its body.

Afterwards, that the Storage Room Card Key from the Iron Maiden. Now jump into
the lab, destroy the cylinder in the middle for Emerald. Besides, you can also
find the some Rifle ammo, Shotgun Shells, Red and Green Herb inside the lab.

The door at the back leads to an optional area, there is the bridge to
Radio Tower. You can find the Yellow Herb, Incendiary Grenade and the Merchant
on the bridge, then Green Herb and Shotgun shells on the tower. You can also
shoot the crows for some items, you could even get Flash Grenade from the
crows. If you have not interests of these stuffs, just head back to where you
see Ashley just now.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
One the way going back to find Ashley, you would encounter some more enemies
in the room with a stairs If you have more than two Flash Grenades, you can
just throw up one to upstair and run pass them. If not, better you take them
down one by one. First shoot down the three soldiers with crossbow which you
can spot initially. The rest you can just wait them to come down, kill them
with a combination of Striker, TMP and Red9 or Blacktail. Afterwards, back to
previous area, open the door where Ashley was, get to inner area for a scene.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:47 am

< Chapter 5-2 >


- Escape -

At the start, be sure take the 10 Shotgun shells on the table. While leaving
the room, a paper airplane flies in, take it for some info if you want. Now
your goal is back to the dumping area where you grab the enemies with the
crane just now.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Outside the room has some enemies, since the spaces here are not that much, and
two of them mostly would explode the spider type plaga, so is better throw a
Hand Grenade to kill them, just beware of the hammer soldier, he might run and
hit you with when he spots you, prepare yourself with the Striker for this.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Next area, turn right before run, you could spot some enemies here. Go front
abit the soldier would off the swtich and caused this room locked. Recommend
kill the crossbow soldier before the other soldiers close to you, don't bother
with shooting his head, just shoot everyway that you can aim on him, the
crossbow soldier is weaker than other, so you can kill him with just a few
shots. The remaining soldiers might grow the plage, knock them away when the
plaga was closed, do remember you have to protect Ashley.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Go to the switch, switch it on to open the door. Some more enemies will run
inside, faster face to the central of the room, shoot whoever you see. If you
miss the crossbow soldier, he will probably stay on the left side and shoot
you, the other soldiers will come from the right, that's mean they will attack
from both side. So is better use your TMP to strafe on their legs while they're
running in. When all of them fall, run to the right door if you don't want to
fight. Continue to the dumping area to trigger out a scene.

After the scene, as you can see an Iron Maiden on the rubbish, it will starting
moving when you push the first lever.

#-Enemy: Iron Maidens (fight)
If you have enough of Rifle ammo, recommend kill both Iron Maiden in this area,
you can fight them one by one, both of them can drops you 20000 gold. After
pass the first gate, face to right and push the lever to close the gate, reason
is to block the first Iron Maiden. Now use your rifle with Infrared Scope to
defeat the first Iron Maiden, of cause better let Ashley hide in the dumpter
for first. For the parasite on its back, you can try shoot its legs to make
it falls and snipe the last parasite. After that, obtain Rifle ammo near the
dumpster. Now move on to the right bridge after second gate. Push down the red
crate with Ashley helps. Now tell Ashley to hide in the next dumpster, proceed
to left area to lure the second Iron Maiden detection. Shoot it down like how
you defeat the first Iron Maiden. After all, obtain some more the Rifle ammo
and Green Herb, then call out Ashley and push the second red crate which
blocking to the next door.

#-Enemy: Iron Maidens (run away)
If you decided to flee from these battle, then you don't need to spend even
a bullet here. Just push the first lever to trigger the Iron Maiden awake,
pass the gate and face to right, push the lever to close the gate, same for
the next gate, so the first Iron Maiden needs some times to get over these two
gate. Now don't wait, run to the right bridge and push down the red crate. Run
to left side to lure the second Iron Maiden, then head back to left side where
you crossed the bridge just now. Face to the second Iron Maiden from left side,
the middle was the dumpster, Iron Maiden probably would come from the left
side, when it reaches to the dumpster, faster run pass it through the spaces
on right. Keep running to the left where the second Iron Maiden was, push the
red crate with Ashley helps, then run to right and open the door, don't look
back, the Iron Maiden is behind you!


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:49 am

- Iron Ball Hall -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Once you reached here, a hammer soldier will point to your. Before luring the
soldiers behind him, defeat him as soon as possible. The remaining soldiers
are further away, you can shoot them as many as you can before they can close
to you. Be sure destroy all barrels here for Shotgun shells and a Green Herb,
there's 10 of Shotgun shells, good enough for passing this area.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Open the gate on right, jump down to the lower area, don't wait Ashley, run to
the control room in the front. When Ashley reach to the ground, some enemies
appear, head into the control room and examine the panel inside, let Ahsley
handle this job. As I've mentioned to save the Flash Grenade before, now is the
time to use them. While Ashley controling the panel for the iron wrecking ball,
turn back to where you come in the control room, throw the Flash Grenade to
outside to stun the enemies. Now if the hammer soldier near the control room,
equip Broken Butterfly, shoot on his head to kill him. Look around see whether
got any soldiers are near the hole in the central, while they still stunning
by your Flash Grenade, you can use the kick command. Try kick down the soldiers
who're near the hole. When the flash effect was over, stay near the control
room, throw another Flash Grenade to stun all enemies again. After awhile, the
wall should be completely destroyed, open it to next area.

- Passage -

Turn to right and enter the room on the right, search the shelf by the side
for Incendiary Grenade, the freezer in the corner for some Rifle ammo, be sure
you save the Incendiary Grenade for the next boss later.

#-Enemy: Regenerator
When you back to the passage, the Regenerator might already open the shutter,
equip rifle with Infrared Scope to defeat it. If not, call Ashley stay in a
safe place, then push the lever to raise the shutter and defeat the Regenerator
behind. Gain 5000 gold from the Regenerator. Continue the passage will see
another Regenerator, finish it off with the same tactic.

Afterwards, turn left from the next junction, press the red switch inside the
room, take the Green Herb before leave. Follow the passage until the next
shutter, send Ashley to other side to raise up the shutter. Go in front and
take the Yellow Herb, enter the right room.

Inside this room you can find a Red Herb, Merchant and Typewriter. Recommend
upgrade your TMP or Striker if you have enough ptas. Once you've done, save the
game and leave.

Head to the opposite side, call Ashley wait in front oon one of the switch
beside the door. Go to ther other side and check the switch. Now you should
press X when the light above reaches to the central only can unlock the door.

- Bulldozer -

In front of the bulldozer, destroy the boxes for Shotgun shells and Rifle ammo,
explore opposite side for some more Shogun shells. After all, get into the

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Get close to Ashley and face back. When the enemies coming, equip your TMP and
strafe on thier legs to make them fall, enemies in this section are weaker
than other, so you don't need to spend much ammo to kill them. If anyone jump
into the bulldozer, change to Striker to finish him off. Later on, a truck
will come from the back, you have to keep shooting it until the its engine get
into flame. Then some more enemies come to chase you again, just take them down
with pistol type weapon or TMP. When the truck chase you again, should it
repeatedly to stop it.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Eventually you would reach to the bulldozer room. Now you have to go up to the
top and push the switch there. Jump down the bulldozer and climb the ladder on
either side. You will face a few soldiers on the platform, you don't need to
spend time to kill them, just shoot on their legs to fall them, following with
the crossbow soldier. Reach to the middle, press the switch and then rush back
to bottom, knock down the enemies if anyone was blocking. once you down to the
ground, all enemies will be gone.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
For the second route, recommend to guard at the side which is the opposite side
of you stay just now. Stand on the left and face to Ashley. After the first
obstacle down, aim up to pipes, you can spot two enemies there, send them a
shot to make them fall, if you can't shoot them well, just use TMP the strafe
on them. Later on, defeat some more enemies whoever jump into the bulldozer,
some of them will jump from the top. Blast them with Striker when the enemies
come on group. After the next obstacle, aim to the front and shoot down the
truck like before.

After all, Leon and Ashley fall out from the bulldozer. Now head to the door
in front, open it the the Merchant's room. Open the left cabinet and take the
5000 gold, open the right cabinet for Incendiary Grenade, GC version may be
the Hand Grenade. Anyway, just keep this grenade for the boss later. Then open
the white case for the Green Stone Of Judgement, combine it with Golden Lynx,
so now you just left one more stone to complete the treasure. Also take the
Shotgun shells by the clair. Save the game on the Typewriter if you want, then
leave for next area.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:50 am

< Chapter 5-3 >


- Meet With Old Friend -

After the scene, Ashley gone again, happy? Pick up the 5000 gold on left of the
stairs, take paper on the altar if you want. Check on the left door for a
scene. Forward to path here and check light in the front for some Shotgun
shells. Move to the stairs and aim up to the glass, shoot the shiny object
for the Emerald, also take the Green Herb. Down to bottom you should heard the
voice from enemies or even earlier.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Now don't open the door first, because a soldier with stun rod is waiting you
at the door, once you open it, he will hit you. Just wait until he knock the
door, then kick open the door to stun him. Or you could just wait him to open
he door then only attack him is up to you. Head into the and turn to right,
shoot down the crossbow enemy on left area, then another one in the middle in
front. Go forward will face one more enemy from right, simply kill him with
any weapon. The left stairs leads to some more enemies and some Handgun ammo,
and some of them might grow the plaga, so don't need to go there. Just head to
the door on right. Collect the Flash Grenade and gold, then use the door
opposite the stairs.

Run to the elevator and use it to upstair. Move forward to trigger a scene.
Now pay attention on the screen, you need to press either 'L1 + R1' or
'Square + X' to dodge the six times attack from Krauser during the scene.
Lastly, you need to press Square or X repeatedly, the button will change, is
either from Square change to X or X change to Square only.

Once you've done, another cutscene shows. Afterwards, jump to the bottom and
continue to next area. Reach to the laser room, run pass the lasers when it
has space. Later on, you have to press button to dodge the laser attacks,
normally the 'L1 + R1' buttons would show. After that, press the switch beside
the door, prepare to dodge the laser from back. once you've done, use the door
to inner area. Go to the chair with in front, face back to the door and aim up,
shoot the shiny object on the ceiling for en Elegant Headdress. Then take the
lift behind the chair to bottom.

- Battle In The Cavern -

Go down the stairs and collect the Green Herb and Emerald below. Follow the
path here and turn right can find the Merchant, go to his back and take the
Red Herb, the Magnum ammo maybe here for the GC version. Recommend upgrade your
magnum type weapon for now, either Broken Butterfly or Killer7. Be sure you
don't sell any grenade that you have for now. Save you game before leave.

Go to the front and take the Yellow Herb on the left. Forward until the scene.
After that, you're inside the containers with the boss, U3. Your goal is flee
from the containers. Each container has two switches, some were locked by the
gate, you should shoot down the green light lock to raise the gate. After
pressing all two switches in a container, you should run to next container
within the time limit, and you can't defeat the boss for now. Below is the
reference map for current location.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:51 am

NOTE: Prepare to press 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X' to dodge the attack from boss.

#-Enemy: U3
Now you're in the Container-1, bottom of the middle path, beside L. The boss
is coming from you front, you can try hide from right side for awhile,
sometimes he will go away before he found you. If not, shoot him with you
Broken Butterfly (if you're using Killer7, just replace the Broken Butterfly
with it), possible one shot is enough to hit him away. Take the Green Herb
that's near, then some Shotgun shells in the right front, don't forget to down
the lock. Afterwards, go find the switch to unlock this container.

#-Enemy: U3
For the second container, take the Incendiary Grenade on right for first, then
prepare an the Incendiary Grenade, throw to flame him when he comes out. Equip
Broken Butterfly to shoot him if he didn't go away. Now is better shoot down
all the lock before going on, then make your way to press the switches, rush
to next container.

#-Enemy: U3
In the last container, equip Flash Grenade before you press the switch on the
right, if you don't have, instead with other Incendiary Grenade or magnum type
weapon. Once you press the switch, the boss will pop out from the back and a
short scene shows he's growing out something. Now throw the Flash Grenade on
the ground and run into the passage in the cargo right from your current
direction. Out from other side and turn to left end where the 'X' point on the
reference map above, face to back and shoot down the lock and then back to the
previous side. Press the remaining switch and rush to the exit, then jump to
the hook to watch a short scene.

After all, the battle is not over yet. Now take the 5 Magnum ammo and Shotgun
shells, 50 TMP ammo on the ground, also take the Green Herb for heal where it's
due. Be sure reload all your weapon now. Go forward some more to fight the
boss again.

- Boss U3 -

First, you can run to the gate that's near, push the lever to open, then
immediately push the lever on other side to close the gate. Now equip Striker
and turn back to the gate, the boss is coming to you but blocked by the gate,
shoot him enough time before he break the gate. With you Striker, you could
stun him with each two or three shots depends on the distance. When the first
gate was broken, run further from him. There's a explosive barrel in the cave,
when the boss near it, shoot it for the explosion to deal large damage to him.
After that, run to the other side and open the gate, then close the gate when
you pass it. Now shoot him enough time like just now. Once he break down the
gate, you can run to the circle area, rotate the circle while running away
from the boss. When you get further enough, turn back and send him some shots,
since you don't fight in short distance anymore, so let your TMP or pistol
weapon for this job, repeat until he change to next form.

For the second form, he will move into the ground, and now you must press
'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X' to dodge his move until he back up on the ground.
Normally when he return on the ground, he would face you with he back, so if
this happen, you can run close to him and cut him with your knife, do this only
if you're extremely low in ammo. When he's on the ground, attack him like
normal, throw the Hand Grenade in the suitable situation to send him a large
damage. He has a move which is dash and attack you with the scissors, if you're
in a distance with him then you should have enough time to turn back and run.
If not, faster equip your Broken Butterfly and shoot on him until he get
stunned, then probably he will back to the ground again. Get ready to dodge
his attack from underground, attack when he shows up. Repeat the steps until
you have defeated this boss.

Remember collect 50000 gold from the boss, also take the Red Herb around the
circle area outside. Afterwards, make your way to continue from the door that's
near. Take the Green Herb near the stairs. Move to right and take the lift
there to the previous area for another Green Herb, then return by using the
lift. Now climb up the ladder, then open the drawer for a Hand Grenade.

- Camp/Underground Passage -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Head to outside, destroy the barrel for some possible random item. Aim to
the camps at bottom, faster shoot off two red barrels to kill many soldiers
there, sometimes the explosions of those two barrels could kill all of them.
If not, move to the ladder on right and cut them with your knife when anyone
is climbing up. Although they have not much chance to grow the plaga, but if
you kill them with this way, the plaga would not sprout out.

After that, jump to bottom, explore the camps can find some random items,
TMP ammo as well as Yellow Herb. When you're done, jump down the hole inside
the central camp.

Underground, aim up and shoot down the shiny object for an Emerald. Head into
the right path in front, take the Blue Stone Of Treason, combine it with your
Golden Lynx, now you can sell it for the highest price later when you meet
Merchant. Head into the left path for 5000 gold. Continue the passage and you
will find the Merchant. Destroy the barrel that's near for Handgun ammo. There
is a Typewriter here as well, save your game if you want. The left door is the
Shooting Range mini game, complete it for some golds if you haven't done yet.

Now climb the ladder up, turn back can see a barrel, destroy it for random
item, possible it's the Magnum ammo. After that, go to the end and open the
door to next area.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:53 am

- Battle In The Fortress -

Down to lower area, follow the path until the scene. Now you need to collect
the Piece Of Panther, Eagle and Serpent from diferent area, and Krauser will
come to attack you in certain area.

#-Enemy: Krauser
After the scene, turn to left and run into the building, and check the next
gate on right, the gate will lock up. Now stay under the ladder and face to the
door, make sure the 'Climb' command existing on the screen. When Krauser breaks
the door, climb to upstair and wait him, don't turn to any direction, just
ready your knife. Later awhile, Krauser will jump up here and drop in front of
you, now cut him with your knife to stun him. Keep holding your knife before
Krauser goes away, cut him again when he's near.

After the first encounter, take the TMP ammo and Flash Grenade, back to bottom
and collect the Magnum ammo in the box and Green Herb on the ground. The gate
should be unlocked, leave here through the gate.

#-Enemy: Krauser
Now equip the Flash Grenade, Krauser is hiding in one of the walls in front,
mostly in the first left wall, he will pop up and attack when you close to
there. So just run to front abit and faster throw the Flash Grenade, he would
be stunned when he shows. Now take out your knife and cut him like just now
until he throw the Flash Grenade and go away. Just to remind you may need to
press 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X' to dodge and counterattack to Krauser.

Forward the path and you can find the some Shotgun shells on the left. Turn
right to the bridge.

#-Enemy: Krauser
Now Krauser is waiting you on the building rooftop after the bridge, just cross
the bridge faster, stay behind the pillar on the bridge when Krauser start
shooting with his machine gun. Jump over the window and stay under the ladder,
like just now, face to the window or door, make sure the 'Climb' command
existing on the screen. Climb the ladder when Krauser close to you or performs
any attack. Now wait him on upstair, take out your knife and wait. When Krauser
jumps up from the ladder hole, cut him with your knife. Continue cutting him
when he's close until he gets away by throwing the Flash Grenade.

#-Enemy: Robots
Afterwards, take the Hand Grenade on the rooftop and be sure you keep it for
next chapter if you don't have one. However if you have follow the walkthrough,
you should have a few of it. Now down to bottom and destroy the barrels for
Shotgun shells and First Aid Spray. Leave here to left and run down the stairs
on right, you will face some robots on the way, they would attack you with
the machine gun, so destroy they before they did it. Soemtimes you can hear the
robots' sound but you could spot them, possible they're aiming you from the
back, so run further from your current location, face back to find them when
you get into a small distance. After that, collect the Green Herb on the stones
and run up the stairs for the next battle. Obtain Piece Of Panther.

#-Enemy: Krauser,
When the battle start, Krauser will jump to the rooftop, so faster aim up and
shoot him before he does any attack. If he uses the machine gun, you can still
have some more chances to attack him, but if he toss grenade to you, you may
press button to dodge it. Once he's down to fight you, just use the knife to
finish off him. You can try shoot him when he's far, but normally he can dodge
your spot instantly. Just to remind you need to press 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X'
to dodge and counterattack when the buttons shown.

Afterwards, take the Red Herb and Handgun ammo. Push the stoned statue to the
white plate to unlock the lever, then push the lever to open the door. Run down
to the building where you came from, head to right path.

#-Enemy: Krauser
The second corner you can see a shadow near the following gate, Krasuer is
hiding there, he might throw grenade to you, dodge according to the buttons
shown. Close combat with you knife to defeat him for now.

#-Enemy: Robots
Push the lever to open the gate, go through it and obtain TMP ammo and another
Green Herb. Face to right and destroy the robots on the ground before they
found you. Now make you way to the right area, destroy some more robots with
just a few shots for each. When you near the tower, you will see Krauser in the
short scene, then some robots show in front of you, faster finish off the
flying robot then follow with the one on the ground.

Enter the tower and take the Yellow Herb near the entrance. Run up the stairs
and climb the following ladder. Up side, turn to left and take the Green Herb
and Magnum ammo in the end. Now back to the planks side and check on the light
for the Piece Of Eagle, a scene been triggered.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:54 am

- Boss Krauser -

Prepare o press either 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X' to dodge his first move. Now
you have to defeat him within three minutes. You can still use the knife
technique to defeat him like before, just to remember press 'L1 + R1' or
'Square + X' to dodge when the buttons shown on the screen, because you can't
cut him when the buttons existing.

Flash and Hand Grenade don't work well for him, but you can use Incendiary
Grenade to stun him, just rhrow to flame him if you have some. Also equip
Broken Butterfly during the battle, even if you would use knife for the entire
battle, reason is when you stun him the first time, he will kneel down, now
you can sned him a few shots before he's recovered. Also, if you keep cutting
him with your knife when he's kneel, he will be knocked away from you cutting
range, so you can shoot with Broken Butterfly when your knife couldn't touch
him. Of cause you could instead with other weapons.

After defeating Krauser, take the Piece Of Serpent on his body. Jump down to
where you cimb before. Don't run down the stairs, just take the opened gate
beside the ladder, jump down and turn right, there's the place you have to go.
Check on the wall and put all pieces that you get just now to descent the wall.
Open the door to end this chapter.


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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)   Wed May 20, 2009 4:55 am

< Chapter 5-4 >


- Military Base 1 -

There is a Typewriter in front and a Green Herb beside it, be sure you take
the Green Herb and save the game. Follow the path until the scene.

If you're playing the Easy or Normal difficulty level, the helicopter will
help you to destroy many towers here, means helps you to kill many enemies.
When you hear the man from helicopter tells you to 'take cover', that's mean
he's goind to blow down the tower. As for Professional level, you should kill
most of them by yourself.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Just run until a soldier start shooting with the gatling gun, and continue
running to him. Beware of the crossbow soldiers below the galting gun soldier.
Try run in a curve line to evade the crossbow. Reach to left side, a short
scene shows the enemies coming from the top. Skip the scene immediately right
after it starts. A rocket launcher should jump down and shoot you, just ignore
him and climb the ladder on left. Now you're with the soldiers in the tight
platform, the crossbow soldier should on you right. Don't worry about them,
just run to the and jump down to the other side, you could evade all of them,
as long as you don't stop.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Now you should see another soldier with the gatling gun on top of tower in
front. Ignore him, just cross the bridge, then shoot the red barrel on the
right, the explosion could destroy the lock on the gate in front, and it might
kill the soldiers in the building as well. Kick down the gate, run into the
building and take the Handgun ammo and Green Herb in the middle front. Turn to
right exit through the door, take the Flash Grenade on the right end, keep it
for next section. Now move to the opposite door, press the switch beside the
door to unlock it and go out.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas, J.J.
The mini boss, J.J. spawns at the further left area. Just ignore him for a
moment, run forward to the stairs and go up. There are two more soldiers
coming down from the stairs, faster shoot on the shield soldier's legs before
he turn the shield to you, when he's kneel, get close to him and kick him
down, same time your kick could knock down the other soldier. You can also
knock them down with your Striker, don't bother to kill them, because J.J. is
shooting you from other side. If you couldn't make this well, just shoot down
J.J. with your rifle type weapon after he'd shown. On the top of the stairs,
use the zipline slider down to the opposite side. If J.J. still here, Leon
would kicks him on the zipline. After landing on the ground, faster turn back
and equip Broken Butterfly or Striker, shoot down J.J. before he can does a
move. Then face right and obtain the Hand Grenade, be sure you take it if you
don't have one.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Now jump down and press the switch on the left wall to open the shutter. Down
to the bottom. Turn to right and see whether the crossbow soldier here or not,
if not, he might climbing the ladder, kill him with any ways that you like.
Jump to the lower area for a Red Herb, 5000 gold, Green Herb and TMP ammo.
If you don't need these items now, you can just head over the shutter once you
down to the bottom

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
This area got lot of soldier with the gatling gun. Don't worry, faster move to
the right path for a hide. The barrel in the end hides a random item. Climb the
ladder to upstair. If you're not in Professional mode, you can just defend at
this point and wait for the helicopter to destroy mostly of the gatling gun
tower. For Professional mode, up the ladder and equip rifle type weapon, go
out bit when the shooting from the soldiers stop. In your front is a metal
plate, defeat the soldiers if anyone was come. When the sector was cleared,
face abit left from the plate and aim to the opposite platform, you can spot a
gatling gun there, shoot down the soldier when he pop up his head. Now turn
back to the ladder where you climb just now, there's some more soldiers
climbing up or maybe coming to climb, attack them on the ladder would have some
advantages. Once the sector was cleared again, out to the platform, follow the
right path to opposite side. Run to the small room behind the gatling gun,
you can lure him to face to you, then move to his back through the back of the
small room, then shoot him down, beware of the gatling gun at the bottom. Equip
the Hand Grenade that you take from the previous area, throw to bottom to kill
the soldier there, be sure you throw behind his gatling gun. Faster kick down
the gate and push the switch in the end, now you should go for the other switch
on the left platform. Make your way down to bottom, climb the second ladder on
left, use the same way to kill the soldier using the gatling gun. Some more
soldiers might block your way, just strafe on their legs to make them fall
before you finish off the remaining gatling gun soldier, after that only kill
the rest. Kick down the gate and push the switch in the end to unlock the
entrance. Now back to bottom, take the TMP ammo in the middle and Green Herb
under the left tower. Go to the last gatling gun near the entrance, you can
find a First Aid Spray which dropped by the soldier.

After all, enter the entrance that you unlock just now. Next area, run up the
stairs for soem events, then takethe items drops from the enemies during the
scene. Aim up to the pillar and shoot down the Emerald. Forward and face left
can see a barrel in between the walls, destroy it for random item. In the sandy
building, jump down the ladder and face back, take the Pearl Pendant. Follow
the only way here after the scene, take the last door to next area.

Here is the dungeon corridor, you can find the Typewriter on the table.
Besides, open the drawer near the Typewriter can find some Magnum ammo, open
the box on the right wall can fin some Shotgun shells, also remember to take
the Flash Grenade on the left. Run to the small area beside the box with
Shotgun shells, a Yellow Herb is inside there.

#-Enemy: Regenerator
Enter the first right cell and the the 5 Rifle ammo inside, the last cell on
left hiding a Regenerator, these 5 Rifle ammo were enough to kill it, make sure
you'd plugged to Infrared Scope to you rifle. If you don't want to fight, you
can just run to the end before the Regenerator comes out from the cell, then
face to right and climb the broken stairs, enter the door up there.


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- Military Base 1 -

Go down the stairs and turn to right, take the Green Herb on the ground,
destroy the box for possible random item. Now go on the only way here.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas, J.J.
Reach to the next stairs, aim to right and shoot the two crossbow before they
notice you. Now prepare to face the shield soldier, be sure defend yourself
with Striker, then shoot down another soldier coming behind the shield soldier.
Later, equip rifle and aim to the building in front, shoot down the soldier
above there. Now you should see the mini boss, J.J. shows in the scene, just
him on the stairs. When J.J. is closing, shoot the red barrel for the explosion
to deal a large damage. Equip Broken Butterfly or rifle type weapon to shoot
J.J., change to Stirker if he's near, finish off J.J. for first. Now run to the
left building. Under the building, destroy all barrels for Incendiary Grenade,
Shotgun shells and Green Herb. Climb up the ladder to face some more soldiers.
Most of them will grow the plaga, throw the Flash Grenade to kill the plagas
instantly if you can't handle them well.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Same building, check to green light panel will trigger out some events, a
soldier removes the card key from other building, now your goal is to defeat
that soldier and take the card key. Before leaving here, take the Flash Grenade
on the table, it's very useful for this battle, throw it to kill the plagas
when necessary. Run out from here, and move to the right side, many soldiers
will block your way, just use Striker to knock them down, wait all soldiers
from the above level jump down, faster climb the ladder. There should be two
crossbow soldiers on the right, shoot them down if possible. Get into the door
just in front of the ladder, if you did lure the soldiers down to below, here
is totally clear. Now face to the ladder inside the room here, equip any weapon
and shoot whoever climb up from the ladder, use pistol type weapon if you want
to save ammo for other weapon, don't worry about the crossbow soldiers, just
them for the last. If you kill them on the ladder, the plagas won't appear. If
you don't like to kill them like this way, you can actually lure them down to
the bottom, as you can see many red barrel at different part, when the enemies
come in group, shoot the red barrel to kill them in once.

After all, search for the Emergency Lock Card Key. Head to the right room at
top floor, use the card key to reactive the panels, then open the two switches
to unlock the next door.

#-Enemy: Ganados
After the door, turn right and take some Shotgun shells in the shelf, use it
the destroy the oncoming shield soldiers, there are only two, never seen they
grow the plaga, but is better kill them with suplex. Take the door in the end.

Next area, you can find the Merchant, destroy the barrels for some golds, then
take the Green Herb on the other side. Once you've done, open the next door
and watch a scene.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Next area, call Ashley to wait, then go down the stairs and turn right to
fight with some soldiers. You will first see the two hammer soldiers, faster
decap them with your rifle. If they did run to you, just equip Striker to
knock them down. If you still have and Flash Grenade, use them for some helps.
Defeat the remaining soldiers from the right path. They have some chances to
grow the plaga, so is better kill them with suplex if possible.

Take the right path which leads back to the place before the Merchant. You can
find some Magnum ammo and Red Herb in the control room upstair. Afterwards,
return to the passage just now, go forward to the following door for a scene.


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< Final Chapter >


- Construction Area -

Run up the stairs and take the Yellow Herb, continue your way until the
Merchant area. Take the Green Herb near the side wall, destroy the boxes on the
ground can find Incendiary Grenade and TMP ammo.

You're going to face Saddler, the final boss. So talk to the Merchant for some
upgrades of your weapon. Be sure you don't sell the Hand Grenade away.

Once you've done, save you game and down to the lower area where the elevator
by. After the scene, you will reach to the arena.

- Boss Saddler -

The weakness point is the main eye at his swinging head, you can only damage
this eye when he falls. To make him fall, you can shoot on either eye on his
legs, explosions, or the operate the hanging boards to hit him.

First of all, run to the right space pass the boss, faster turn back and shoot
his eye on the leg with pistol weapon or TMP. If you did it, he will fall down
for while, now run close to him and press X to climb him when the command
exists, Leon will perform a stab on the boss' main eye. When you down from
him, you should see a red barrel in front of you, and some Shotgun shells
beside. Take it and run to the right space. Turn back around after a short
distance, aim to the red barrel that you passed just now, shoot to explode when
the boss near it, so the boss would fall again. Now run forward and climb him
again. After that, you should prepare the press either 'L1 + R1' or
'Square + X' to dodge the pillar smack by the boss. Since the pillar flies
very faster, you can probably run to the platform and climb it to dodge. On
the platform, hold the lever and wait for the boss come closer, operate it to
send him some boards. Once he's fell down, damage his main eye again.

After that, you should run to the other site through the bridge, and the bridge
would raise when the signal light changes to green. Beware, when the light
start flashing, get ready to press 'L1 + R1' to jump over it and then press X
repeatedly to climb. Thie site can found a red barrel, a Hand Grenade and
another platform to operate the hanging boards like just now, means you can
make the boss to fall three more times. While waiting the boss jump to the same
site with you, you should pay attention to his moves, he might throw the
pillars to you, it can be dodged by pressing buttons on the screen. Once he
reached here, shoot the red barrel to explode the boss, then use the boards and
Hand Grenade to make his falls, of cause damage his eye before he wake up.
Remember you can also shoot his eyes on the legs, so don't waste any chance
when the eye open on his legs. Repeat few more times and Ada will throw the
Special Rocket Launcher, go take and fire it to the boss to end this battle.
You don't need to aim it properly, as long as the boss was inside your aiming
direction, it won't miss the rocket unless you purposely shoot to the other

Here's some extra info of the battle. When the boss fell, you don't need to
climb him everytime, you can damage his main eye with your weapon. Since the
time to attack his main eye wasn't that long, so shoot him with your powerful
weapon such as Broken Butterfly. If you decided to climb him, you can shoot him
with Striker or Red9 once, then only close to him and climb, reason to use
these medium damage weapon is to avoid him from waking up faster, because if
you shoot him with the weapon like Broken Butterfly or Killer7, the boss will
wake up after getting a shot, so you couldn't climb him anymore. Another thing
is the explosion, since any explosion can knock him to fell, if you don't have
Hand Grenade, you can just buy the Mine Thrower and upgrade its capacity from
the Merchant before this battle. So shoot the boss with the Mine Thrower, then
the mine would knock him to fell when it's exploded.

- Last Escape -

When everything is over, Ada will throw you the Jet-ski Key. Now the time is
counting down, faster find the Jet-ski for escape. Run to the right side and
take the elevator down to where you come from. After the short scene, forward
the path here, jump down and remember to catch Ashley. Go until the Jet-ski,
then use the key to start it.

Now you have to dodge the block on the waterway. Later on, another short scene
shows, start from now you should keep holding the left analog to front to
speed up. Dodge some more blocking things until you left the cave.

You have beaten the game, congratulation~!


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6. Unlockable Secrets


< Extras >

- New Title Screen
- Beat the main game once to unlock.

- Professional mode
- Beat the main game once to unlock.

- Separate Ways
- Beat the main game once to unlock.
- Play as character Ada from the time when Leon get to the village until the
end, in the separated ways.

- Assignment Ada/Ada The Spy
- Beat the main game once to unlock.
- Play as character Ada in the island, objective is to collect five key items
and reach to the appointed place.

- Mercenaries
- Beat the main game once to unlock.
- Play the eliminating Ganados mini game with different characters.
- Leon, default.
- Ada, get 4 stars rank in Village stage to unlock.
- Krauser, get 4 stars rank in Castle stage to unlock.
- HUNK, get 4 stars rank in Military Base to unlock.
- Wesker, get 4 stars rank in Waterworld stage to unlock.

- Movie browser
- Beat the main game once to unlock.
- Can view all scenes in main game.
- Beat Separate Ways to unlock.
- Can view all scenes in Separate Ways.

- Ada's Report
- Beat Seperate Ways to unlock.

< Weapons >

All secret weapons are only available when you start your second or more round.
Get them from the Merchant in any locations.

- Matilda
- Beat the main game once to unlock.
- Main game only.

- Infinite Rocket Launcher
- Beat the main game once to unlock.
- Main game only.

- Chicago Typewriter
- Beat Separate Ways once to unlock for main game.
- Beat Assignment Ada once to unlock for Separate Ways.

- Handcannon
- Each character in Mercenaries mini game, must get all 5 stars rank in all

- P.R.L. 412
- Beat Professional difficulty to unlock.
- Main game only.
* for more details, read the "P.R.L. 412 Mini Guide"

< Costume >

Can only select the costumes when you start a New Game or load from Clear File.
Cannot change the costume during halfway of the game.

- Special 1
- Beat the main game once to unlock.
- Leon in R.P.D. costume.
- Ashley in Pop Sensation Costume.

- Special 2
- Beat Separate Ways once to unlock.
- Leon in Mafia costume.
- Ashley in Knight Armor.


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7. Seperate Ways

< Chapter 1 >


- Village -

#-Enemy: Ganados
At the start, finish off some villagers that're coming to attack you. You don't
need to fight all villagers here, just run away from the useless fight. Same
time search around the village for some item. Later on, head into the small
room opposite of the double storey house, be sure take the Hand Grenade on the
ground. After the scene that's showing the chainsaw villager appear, continue
running and kill some more villagers around until you see a chicken shown on
the rooftop (you don't need to face the chainsaw). Now move to that house's
front side, when the 'Grappling Gun' action command appear on the screen,
press X to the rooftop. Take the Insignia Key, jump down and head to the right
tower, unlock it with the key.

Inside here, destroy the box in front of the Merchant and kill the snake inside
for a random egg. Talk to the Merchant see how what you need to buy. The
Merchant for Seperate Ways doesn't offer to upgrade your weapon, however he's
still selling the weapon with certain level upgraded.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Afterwards, head to the back door and destroy the barrel for Green Herb, then
jump down the tunnel. Two villager suddendly appear at the back, better kill
them before facing some more from the front. Don't forget take the ammo inside
this tunnel. When reached to the end, some more villagers appear, defeat them
before going on.

- Church -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Bella Sister
Defeat the first villager that's blocking in front here. Shoot down the first
bird nest for a Hand Grenade. Now kill the villagers that you can see from
here. Killing the crows can find some golds. Check the shiny object at the
tombstones area for the Red Gem. After that, run up to the right and take the
right way to the suspension bridge. For the enemies at the bridge, you can try
shooting them while they're near the side, so that you would have a chance to
knock them down to the river. Be sure save your Shotgun for the chainsaw
villager in the end of the bridge, you have to kill her for safety, like other
villager, you could know the chainsaw enemy out of the bridge. After that, pick
up the Green Catseye in the end.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Return to the church and head to the back, if you haven't defeat the enemies
before, you have to face them for now. At the back, solve the 3-4 lock on the
stand with 3,3,3,4,4,4,3 selections, obtain Round Insignia. After that, fill
in the Green Catseye to the lock to open the gate. Defeat some more villager
spawn lately, you can just run a circle to pass all of them to the church
entrance. Unlock the church entrance with Round Insignia and enter.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Shoot the villager with Blacktail from far, Shotgun when they are near. Take
the Handgun ammo on the altar, Purple Gem in the corner and Flash Grenade in
the barrel. Now climb the ladder, encounter two more villagers upstair. Since
there are the last enemies, try shoot on their legs or face to stun them, then
kick them down, repeat until defeated them to save some ammo, be sure you
change to Shotgun when they're close to you.

Now operate the panel and rotate red for three times, green once and blue for
twice to solve the puzzle.


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< Chapter 2 >


- The Chief's House -

If you're low in ammo for now, buy a TMP from the Merchant. Now backtrack to
the path behind, shoot down the crows for some golds, go to the end can find
Brass Pocket Watch treasure, be sure you shoot the rod on the well before
shooting down the treasure, otherwise Ada will not take it. Also take the
Spinel inside the box by the shack. Afterwards, return to the house.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Defeat the villagers downstair, destroy the glass on the cabinet for the
Hand Grenade, and some golds inside the drawer where the male villager by.
There's another villager in the toilet, if she didn't come out, you can just
ignore her. Before leave the house, be sure you open the oven left from the
door for the Gold Chicken Egg.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Dr.Salvador
Outside, shoot as much as possible to the chainsaw villager, when he's near,
faster change to Shotgun and knock him down. Take the Ruby after defeating him.
Follow the path, shoot down the bird nest for TMP ammo, also take the Red Herb
inside the shack. Defeat some more enemies before reach to the next door.

- Village -

#-Enemy: Ganados
Some more items spawn around, explore this section to find them if you want.
You will face some villagers again, avoid the fight if possible. All you need
to do for now is move to the rightern path and open the door to the farm area.

#-Enemy: Ganados
In the farm, you can save your game in the left shack if you want. Near the
shack, shoot down the rod on the well and then the shiny object above, check
it for the Spinel. Shoot down the enemies who comes to attack you. Now enter
the double storey and search some golds and Handgun ammo at the bottom drawers,
then some Rifle ammo at upstair drawer. Jump out the window and jump down the
to the right, destroy the box for the Gold Bangle. After all, move on to next
area. Beware of the bear traps were near the double storey house.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Run down the path, use the grappling gun before the tunnel, kill both villagers
on the bridge, then destroy both barrels for some Handgun ammo and Beerstein
treasure. Do remember the Beerstein can merge with three cateyes treasure for
highest selling price.

- Dynamite Thrower -

#-Enemy: Ganados
Cross the tunnel will encounter some more enemies. Beware of the villager with
dynamite, be sure you finish off him for first. Explore around for more items
if you want. After all, enter the right house, reach to the broken door for a
scene. Afterwards, head into the left end house, some more villagers are inside
this house, just kill all of them. Be sure you take all two Handgun ammo box
the Incendiary Grenade in the end, then leave. Now head back to the farm. On
the path up to previous area, you can just keep running pass all of them, don't
worry, the dynamite thrower needs some times to light up the dynamite.

Reach to the farm. There are some Shotgun shells, Handgun ammo and Spinel
spawn, collect all of them before moving on.

- Village -

#-Enemy: Ganados
Back to this area, you will face lot of villager, throw a grenade to damage
them together. Equip your Blacktail and shoot them before they wake up. Use
your Shotgun when more enemies're closed. You don't need to fight them all,
just head to the path to Chief's house when you have space to flee.

Reach to the Chief's house will trigger a scene. You will be bought to the
cave in the next scene. Now prepare to press either 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X'
to dodge the attack from a villager.

#-Enemy: Ganados
Once you gain control of the character, you will see those villagers coming
from a distance, but mostly they will throw the axe to you, so beware. Shoot
them with your Blacktail, change to Shotgun when they're close. Since they're
quite easy to be handled, and if you want to save some ammo, use Blacktail and
kick action to attack them.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Now head to the end and take the Green Cateyes in the chest. Run to the other
and shoot the villager before jump down the lower area, or you can just lure
and wait those villagers on the ladder, and keep attack them with your knife
like how I've mentioned in the main walkthrough many times. Be sure there's
nobody will throw you the axe. Outside the cave, kill the remaining enemies
at the stairs.

Now up to the gondola station and find the Iron Key, you can also find some
Shotgun shells and Yelloe Herb around there. Talk to the Merchant if you want
to buy or sell something. After that, down to the bottom through the stairs,
save your game and move to the end, unlock the door.

Next area, enter the house in front for a battle.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas, Bella Sister
When the battle begins, you would face many enemies from front and back. The
chainsaw villager is coming from the front, better leave here before she's
closed. Outside the house, move to the right side and take the Red Cateyes and
Yellow Herb, defend at this place to fight all enemies, reason is you just need
to face them from one direction. Equip Shotgun to knock down the enemies that
were nearm change to Blacktail for the further enemies. After defeating the
chainsaw villager, take the Lift Activation Key from her, then back to the
previous area.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
On the way to gondola station, you will encounter some villagers again, just
defeat them with your combination of Blacktail and Shotgun. If you don't want
to spend time on them, just run pass them to the station. Use the Lift
Activation Key that you got just now to operate the gondola. Faster enter to
the gondola if you didn't kill the villagers just now.

Next station, destroy the barrel for random item. Move on to the left, check
shiny object near the village exit for a Spinel. Continue to the left, there's
a stairs leads to the Merchant and Typewriter, barrels beside hiding some golds
or random item, behind the small house opposite of here can find some TMP ammo.
Once you've done, go to the wooden door that's near, use the grappling gun to
inside there.

- Right Route -

#-Enemy: El-gigante
Like the main game, you will face El-gigante here. Before he shows, you can
explore this area for some items. Some barrels on above the platform up side
where you could get there by using grappling gun. Later on, get into the shack
and search for some ammo. Continue to the end and the giant will jump out, same
as the main game, use back the same tactic to defeat him, but don't recommand
to fight him if you don't have TMP. You can just run pass him and take the door
at the end.

Next area, just go forward to end this chapter.


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< Chapter 3 >


- Garden Hedge Maze -

Take the Bowgun arrows by the fountain, the Merchant now is start selling the
Bowgun, if you decided to use it, don't sell the Bowgun arrows. If you haven't
buy the TMP, now is them time the purchase it.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Move to right path will start encountering enemies. Let Shotgun to handle all
those shield zealots. Move to right path can find some TMP ammo in the chest,
but it's guarding by a red zealot. Normally the plaga will grow after you kill
the red zealot, so if you don't want to fight it, just knock him down and take
the ammo, then run away. Run to the bridge will see some crossbow enemies
shoot form further away, if you have rifle, use it to finish off them. Down
from the bridge notice the gate was locked, now you have to run around until
more zealots come and open the gate. There are lot of item in the garden if
you wish to explore, but of cause you would face more enemies, just make sure
you take the Gold Bangle w/Pearls on the bridge at East area. When the scene
shows the zealots storm inside from the gate, make your way to there while

- Castle External -

Reach to the building, move to right area after saving your game on the
Typewriter. Now you need a key item inside the room with Broken Butterfly in
the main game.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Reach to the fountain in front of the room, check the door knowing it's locked.
Now use you grapple gun to enter through the window. On the way to here you
will face some zealots with crossbow. Inside the room has a red zealot waiting,
so prepare your weapon to kill him.

Now open the chest the middle chest and obtain the Hourglass w/gold. Explore
other chests for more items, be sure you take the Hand Grenade, if you don't
have any, you better save this Hand Grenade for the battle later awhile. If you
have defeat the zealots outside, you can shoot them through the window before
you go out. Once you've done, use grapple gun again to exit the room. Now head
to the door in the end.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Shoot down the zealot on other side, then run down the stairs and use the door
in front. Destroy the vase for some Handgun ammo, then take the left door to
next room

Here you can find the Merchant, talk to him if you need any trading for now.
Destroy the vases here for some random items, be sure take the Green Herb on
the table before leaving for the dinind room, where you fough the Garrador in
cage on Leon's game.

- Dining Room -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas, Garrador
Kill the masked and crossbow zealots that you can see, then run to the wider
area and shoot down the remaining enemies. Now take the Handgun ammo and the
Green Herb, then cut off the vases in this room for Shotgun shells and some
possible random items. Enter the left room where you can see a chest on the
stand. Like the main game, a cage will drop and locks you inside, like Leon's
main game, a Garrador and zealot will jump into the cage and some enemies
appear around. When you enter to this room, skip the scene faster and throw
the Hand Grenade that you got just now to the front. The explosion should
destroy the lock, kill some zealots and stun the Garrador. Now you goal is put
the Hourglass w/gold into the chest for unlocking the door to next area,
whether kill off all the enemies is up to you, but if you defeat the Garrador,
you can get a Ruby treasure. If you did kill off all the enemies here, don't
forget to take the Flash Grenade inside the glassed cabinet.

- Weapon Storage -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
This area you will see Leon, but nothing can do on him. Break the vases here
for some ammo, shoot the red lamp on the ceiling when the enemies coming from
the front of the bridge. Jump and take the Elegant Chessboard behind the last
pillar of the bridge. Lure all enemies down here and then climb up the ladder.
Since enemies here have a chance to grow plagas, so better kill them on the
ladder with knife, reason is to avoid fight the plagas. After all, cross the
bridge and open the door to next area.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Some more zealots are waiting here. If the crossbow zealot notice you, be sure
you kill him faster whenever you have chance, let Shotgun and Blacktail to
handle the remaining zealot. Since the passage here is quite wide, you can
actually run pass the zealot and enter to the door on the left, the first
zealot can pass easily, as for the crossbow zealot, you should run to left
and right before you reach to the door. This chapter end when you open the


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< Chapter 4 >


- Road To The End -

At the beginning, you can find the Merchant, if you still haven't buy the
Rifle (semi-auto), now is the time to purchase it, also buy the larger Attache
Case for keeping more items.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Follow the road and you will face some enemies come from the left, just finish
off them before move on to facing more enemies. Head to where they came, kill
the remaining soldier there, then use grapple gun to both higher area for
some Handgun, Rifle ammo. Return to the main road, shoot the red barrel to
defeat most of the enemies. Move to next area after all.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
You will face some more enemies here, prepare your Shotgun when the enemies
come in group. There is Golden Lynx around here, you have to use grappling gun
to the tube and down to the other site. Prepare your Shotgun for the hammer
soldier which will suddenly comes to attack you. After that, jump down to the
next area and defeat another soldier at the bottom, then head into the room and
you can see the Golden Lynx. You should clear all enemies in the main road
where you came before finding the way to search the Goldne Lynx.

After all, use the grappling gun to the platform where you see the crossbow
soldier, take the door up there to the next area.

- Battle In The Dock -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
This section looks complicated, don't think too much, just follow the way here,
take the TMP ammo on the box, then continue to the further area and pick up the
Hand Grenade after the gun battery. Down the stairs on left, turn back to kill
the soldiers when they appear. Later on, the gun turrets will be actived, now
faster move up and knock down the soldiers with your Shotgun, or you can throw
a Flash Grenade to stop them moving for awhile, finish off them as soon as
possible, then take the Activation Key (blue) at the back.

Now faster back to the gun battery and operate it with the Activation Key
(blue), use it to destroy all turrets and the soldiers as well. Once you've
left the gun battery, head back down and climb up the ladder at other side.
Take the Red Herb on the left for sure, some more items are around this area as

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Jump to the turing lift and prepare to shoot down more soldiers at the other
side. Is better you shoot them before reach to their area, so just blast them
off when you spot them. Reach to other side, defeat some more soldiers coming
on you, be sure you don't forget the Green Herb end. Afterwards, climb the
ladder on the right, then turn right and kill the enemies faster. Jump over the
gap and defeat some more enemies. Examine the pipe for some Handgun ammo and
Shotgun shells. Climb the next ladder and defeat the shield soldier with the
dynamite thrower up there, when you see the dynamite thrower going to throw
the dynamite, you can just equip your Shotgun and aim up abit to the air, shoot
when the dynamite was left his hand to explode it. After that, destroy the box
on right for Red Herb.

After another scene, faster use the grappling gun in the right area to next
floor. Now take the Activation Key (red) and use the grappling gun in front
abit. Insert the Activation Key (red) to the gun battery that's near, use it
to destroy everything. Afterwards, you should leave here within the time limit.
Now faster jump to downstairs, go use the lift and back to the ship. Open the
gate to leave the ship, just knock down the soldiers that were blocking your
way to save some times.

After all, take the Handgun ammo, Rifle ammo and Shotgun shells from the boxes.
Inside the chest can find 5 Bowgun arrows. Follow the only way to the Merchant
and Typewriter, enter the door when you've done.

- Inside The Base -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Next area, take the Green Herb at the beginning, then move up and collect some
Rifle ammo on left. Shoot down the enemies that you can see around here. Head
to the end and jump down, take the Shotgun shells in the right front. Same time
don't too close to the enemies area, otherwise you will trigger out the
crossbow soldier detects you. After killing all of them, down to bottom from
the right side, shoot the red barrel to kill some soldiers in once, then finish
off the remaining soldiers. Equip rifle and kill some more soldiers from
further away. Now pick the Velvet Blue and then use the grappling gun to the
top, climb the ladder on the left.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Defeat some more soldiers come from the door, toss a grenade for some helps if
you have it. Take the Green Stone of Judgement after the red barrel location.
Explode the red barrel when any soldiers near it. Afterwards, cross the gate,
equip rifle and kill the soldiers on top. Now go down and take the Red Herb
in the middle of the stairs, then leave here through the bottom area. Defeat
two more soldiers with shield.

Move forward, open the door to next area. Continue the way and pick up the
shiny object which is a Velvet Blue, then use the grappling gun at the area
around it. Now you found the fight between Leon and Krauser as the main game,
prepare to press 'L1 + R1' or 'Square + X' to shoot of Krauser's knife during
the scene. After this scene, the chapter's cleared.


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< Chapter 5 >


- The Field After Battle -

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas, J.J.
Collect the Rifle ammo at the beginning. Forward and shoot the soldiers from
further that you can spot them. Later on, J.J. will appear on top of the tower,
aim him with your Semi-Auto Rifle, shoot until he dies. If not, you can either
lure him to jump down and fight, or use grappling gun to the top and fight him.
Take the items on the tower where J.J. was. Continue the way until the next
group of enemies, knock them down with Shotgun, then lure the dynamite throw
above to throw a dynamite down to kill off other enemies, be sure you run to
a distance when the dynamite left his hand. After that, finish off the
remaining enemies. Move to left and kill another soldier who's guarding the
Red Herb. Take the Yellow Herb near the ladder as well.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Shoot the red barrel to kill the soldier that's near. Reload all your weapon
before enter the tower right after the bridge. Inside there, the soldiers will
jump down in the central, you have to kill certain amount of them only the
door will be unlocked. Just stay in a corner and face to the central, you can
clearly spot the enemies whoever down to here, throw them a Incendiary or the
Hand Grenade when they come more. Pick up the Green Herb and 5 Shotgun shells
around when the sector was clear.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
After unlocking the door in the tower, head out will face some more soldiers
with dynamite, faster shoot the red barrel that's near them to kill all in
once, equip rifle to do this if you can aim properly to the red barrel. After
that, head up to the stairs and use the zipline to opposite area, take the
Hand Grenade on your left hand side, kill the crossbow soldier if you have beat
him yet. Now jump down the ledge and push the switch on the wall, then down to
bottom and head to next area.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas, J.J.
You goal is same as the main game, you have to push all two levers at both side
to open the gate. At the beginning, shoot down one of the crossbow soldier if
possible, then make you way to to the ladder and climb up. J.J. is blocking
your way to the lever, so you must take him down. Rifle works well on J.J.
from far, if you can get closer to him, shoot him with your Shotgun until he
goes down. Same tactic goes to face another J.J. on the opposite platform.
Defeat some more soldiers who may damage you on the way.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
Near area, shoot down the crossbow soldier in the front, then kill also the
soldier with rocket launcher further abit. Head to his area can find a Green
Herb there. Now move on to the next path, shoot down two more soldiers in front
of the door. Open the door after all.

Following area you can get some Handgun ammo and Shotgun shells before down
through the hole. Go through the doorway at the bottom for a scene. After that,
go on to the next passage and enter the door in the end.

#-Enemy: Ganados, Las Plagas
You can find the Merchant and Typewriter once again, inside the small area by
the side can find a Yellow Herb. Once you've done, shoot the soldiers were in
the prison passage, kill the crossbow enemy for the first. Before you leave
here, head into the right cell for some Rifle ammo, be sure you save this for
the last battle. Also take the Green Eye in the second cell on right and the
Red Herd under the broken stairs. Climb the block in the end and enter the

Next area, pick up the Handgun and TMP ammo before entering the battle.

- Boss Krauser -

Same as the main game, you can just use knife for most of the time, and make
sure you press the buttons to dodge his attack when they're shown on the
screen. After Krauser getting enough of damage, he will throw a Flash Grenade
and move to other tower, and Ada will chase him and fight.

On the second tower, you can find the Green Herb, Bowgun Bolts and Shotgun
shells, but youo should pay attention to Krauser every time. When he gets hit
and stun, he will probably jump back, now try to take the items if you want.
After sending him certain amount of damage, he will move to the next tower.

On the third tower, you can find Rifle ammo, First Aid Spray and Handgun ammo.
Try to take the First Aid Spray and Rifle ammo if you have chance. Use the
same tactic to defeat him on here, just rememeber when you aiming at him, he
will dodge and dash to you, so cut him with knife when he's reached to your
knife range.

Once the battle was ended, you will come to platform, the Merchant and
Typewriter are here again. Search the left end for a Butterfly Lamp, which
can be merged with the 'eye' treasure. Before leaving, make sure you buy
of First Aid Spray if you're less of healing items. Of cause, take all ammo
and Green Herb near the Merchant, then use the grappling gun to next place.

- Boss Saddler -

Unlikely the main game, now you would face Saddler in his human form, within
a smaller place with up and downstairs. Although you can dodge most of his
moves with pressing button, sometimes when you're blocking by him in the small
place, the problem begins. So better you should leave the narrow areas before
Saddler come near to you.

Always prepare to dodge the second attack just after his tentacle attacks,
which can be dodge by pressing the appointed buttons on the screen. Shoot him
in a distance so that you can clearly see the spaces that you can use to evade
the boss. If you gone for the Rifle ammo and Red Herb by the end of the slope,
you should prepare your Rifle before you can leave. As you can the the slope
was dead end, the only way to run pass Saddler without facing any of his moves
is stun him, shoot on his face with your rifle, if you have Hand Grenade or
Bowgun, they may be the better choise to stun him.

Recommend save your Shotgun shells for the next area, so just use TMP and
rifle for this battle. Beware when the boss shows to strafe back the bullets
to you, it's pretty hard to dodge, but you can stay around the machine in the
middle, fortunately those bullets shot from the boss could not go through the
machine. Damage him repeatedly until his main eye grow out on his mouth, faster
get close to him, press X when the 'Cut' command appear on the screen. Repeat
few time to damage his eye until he goes down.

- Construction Site -

After some events, now you need to find the Special Rocket Launcher for Leon
within the time limit. First, pick up the First Aid Spray on the ground, use
it when necessory. Equip Shotgun now, run forward the platforms and use the
grappling gun until you reach to the tower further away from here. You don't
need to kill the enemies here, since the time was counting down, so just knock
them down with your Shotgun, even some of them you can just run pass them.

Eventually reach to the Special Rocket Lancher tower, just down and examine the
it to trigger a scene. That's all for Separate Ways, watch the ending scene on


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8. Assignment Ada


First, you should complete the main game to unlock this mini game. This mini
game also called 'Ada The Spy' for Japanese version.

- Objective
- Collect five Plaga Sample in the island and get to the control room at
the end of this mini game.
- The Plaga Sample shows as a star in the map, all are four in the
different locations. The remaining one is drop from the boss of this
mini game, Krauser.

- Inventory
- Weapon
- Punisher (20)
- TMP (100)
- Rifle (semi-auto)
- Stock
- Scope (semi-auto rifle)
- Ammo
- Handgun Ammo (30)
- TMP Ammo (50)
- Rifle Ammo (5)
- Other
- Hand Grenade
- First Aid Spray


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< Walkthrough >

- The Island -

As soon as you reach the control room with five Plaga Sample, you would clear
the game, so you don't need to kill all enemies. Since Ada can't use the knife
to destroy the boxes or barrels, and many box or barrel are emtpy, and enemies
in this mini game drops lesser ammo, don't recommend spend your ammo to kill
all enemies here is not necesarry.

First of all, run down the path. Run pass all the soldiers before some of them
notice you or when they're still pointing at you. If you want to defeat them,
jump back the gap, shoot when anyone of them going to jump, so that you can
knock him into the river with just a shot.

Jump over the gap, run to the right side. Here is the first problem. You will
see the mini boss, J.J. leads out a group of soldiers. Take your time to defeat
them. There's a way you could run pass them without getting hit, when you see
J.J. leading out the soldiers, continue running to forward, run a little bit
out of the stairs where the J.J. by, run up the stairs and be sure tight to the
left. That's mean you will pass J.J. on your right, pass the soldier with the
spiked ball on your right as well, then run between the two soldiers with
crossbow, means you will pass the space between the two crossbow soldiers.
Sometime you could keep tighting to the left while running up the stairs,
depends on the location of crossbow soldiers. If you get hit, just retry from
the check point.

If you did it right, you won't get any damage. Continue running until the end,
climb the ladder there.

Next area, you can still running pass all enemies here. The problem is the
path inside where you will face two crossbow soldiers up and bottom. As for the
valley part, you can just run over it, until the door area, just run tight to
the right side, you can pass those two enemies with shield easily. In the
inner path, take the Green Herb on the left table, then take the Rifle ammo on
the crate. Now you would face two crossbow soldiers. Try running in a curve
line, run to the little space on right side to dodge the arrows, then faster
climb the ladder on the left end, get into the hole there. Since the enemies
from back are not yet catching up to you, you can shoot down the crossbow
enemies with your rifle.

- Corridor -

Go forward and take the Green Herb at the junction, follow the left passage.
Open the red box on the wall can find some Handgun ammo, destroy the box at
the shelf for Rifle ammo. Defeat the only soldier in the corner, then enter to
room in the end.

Pass the first slide door, take the TMP ammo on the left, shoot down two
enemies in the left room, one of them might blow out the plaga. After that,
take the Yellow Herb in the room, then enter to right room, shoot down the
only soldier there, take the Plaga Sample in the end. Now go outside will face
three more enemies with stun rod, shoot on their legs to knock them down,
whether kill them or not is up to you.

Back to the corridor, follow the passage to the other side. After the gate,
face to left and shoot down the crossbow enemy there, then open the white case
behind for TMP ammo. Now enter to freezing room just after the gate.

Be sure you take the Green Herb on the left wall. Now destroy the glass on the
left front for a Hand Grenade, move to the right side small area, turn the
wheel on the cabinet for the second Plaga Sample.

Back to the corridor, a shield enemy will come from right. Now kick open the
gate on left, you will see another shield enemy coming from the other side,
but he's quite far away, just ignore him. Face back to the freezing room, aim
at the red tank on right, shoot it when the shield enemy is close. Now head to
where the shield enemy came, open the red box on the wall for Red Herb. Turn
to right side can see a soldier with hammer and another behind him with stun
rod. Just run abit close with him to lure him attack with the hammer, then
step backward immediately, run pass him when he just does an attack. Same for
the stun rod enemy at the back. Enter the door in the end.

- Dumping Area -

Take the Handgun ammo in the front, enter the right door and finish off two
enemies inside with you Punisher, then take the Rifle ammo on the right front.
Now equip your rifle and aim down to the bottom, decap the crossbow enemies,
then follow with J.J. the soldier with gatling gun, be sure you shoot on his
upper body or face to stun him

Afterwards, jump to the bottom, keep running to the left door, ignore the
dynamite thrower. Make you way until the security room, where you can see a
soldier will lock the switch in that room. First, clear these two soldiers in
the security room, then go to the switch area, face to the middle. When you
press the switch, some more enemies will storm inside. Equip you Punisher and
keep shooting on their legs to make them fall, remember your Punisher could
shoot through one body. If you don't want to fight them, just run to the next

- Confinement Room -

Open the red box for a Hand Grenade. Follow to right side, open the iron door
and shoot down the first enemy. Some more will come from the inner area of this
room, just throw a Hand Grenade to kill them in once. Open the white case in
the end for the Plaga Sample. Also take the Handgun and TMP ammo before leave.

Out from this room, use the door on right side.

- Console Room -

Run to the front, open the door and turn right, shoot down all the enemies.
Go down the stairs, defeat some more enemies. Before check on the next door at
the bottom, search around for the items that you want. When you check on the
bottom door, some enemies will spawn at the top, where you come down before.
Faster run to the below of the stairs, J.J. would strafe with his galting gun
and would kill some of the enemies. Wait J.J. comes down from the stairs, equip
your rifle and shoot him when he just left the stairs. Now the door will be
unlock, defeat some more enemies come from the door. Run through the passage,
ignore the two dynamite throwers that's appear in the front door, open the
left door to next area.

- Laboratory -

Go forward and defeat the first soldier. Move to the lab, shoot down the
enemies inside. Enter to the lab, destroy the cylinder in the middle for
another Plaga Sample. Now the laboratory will be unlocked by the enemies.
Faster jump out the window of the lab, head to left end, face out and aim at
the red tank. When the shield soldiers are closing, shoot the red tank to kill
them faster. Operate the panel right on your left side, which is flashing the
red light to unlock this area. Now jump over the window again. You should see
hammer soldier and the shield soldier coming from the left. When they're close,
run pass them through the right area, pass the slide door and open the
following door in the end. Don't worry for the items now, you can back here
later awhile, and the enemies would gone.

- Bridge To Control Tower -

After an overview, forward the bridge. Near the middle, face back to the door
where you come, then step backward. Once the boss appear, run pass him to the
previous area.

Now take the items that you want in the Laboratory. Be sure you take the
Rifle ammo in the glass. Once you've read, equip your rifle and back to the

- Boss Krauser -

If you do the steps above, the boss will come the elevator side, where is very
far from your current location. Aim him with your rifle, shoot on his right
leg which is the one didn't been covered by his wing. Once he get shot, he will
kneel, now aim on his upper body or face, shoot him once again to stun him,
then shoot back on his leg when he's running. When he's close, back to previous
area and reload. Return to the bridge he will come from the elevator side
again. So you just need to repeat this few steps to defeat this boss.

Afterwards, take the last Plaga Sample drops from the boss, head to the
elevator and take it to the top. Enter to the control room, check the panel
to end the mission.


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Tips & Tactics -------------

#-Memorize all the locations of time extension and the bonus vial chest for
the stage.
You need to get the time extension to kill more enemies for the scores. The
bonus vial period gives you more 1000 point for each enemy kill in 30 seconds.

#-Memorize the important items location exspecially the grenade.
Must collect some ammo before really start killing. With the enough ammo, you
can focus to kill the enemies for a moment. Do remember any grenade could helps
to gain much of points.

#-Memorize the possible enemies spawning points.
Beware of the point where the mini boss spawns. Make sure you know where's
the mini boss if any one of them was came. You must also know if you reached
to certain point, the enemies will spawn even more.

#-Try your best to keep the enemies killing row.
Of cause, if you get the higher row, you would earn the higher points.

#-Don't waste the Hand Grenade.
The explosion of the Hand Grenade can kill all Ganado in once, except the plaga
Ganados. Even for the Ganados with shield, as long as the explosion reach to
them, they will die instantly. So don't waste this to the single enemy. When
almost the time, and no more mini boss appear, make sure you spend all this
grenade to kill the remaining enemies faster for more points.

#-Always kill the Ganado with dynamite for first.
When the enemy with dynamite was dead, the dynamite would explode and kill the
other enemies around. If you're near there, you will damaged by the dynamite

#-Don't stay at the point too long, you should run forward.
The enemies come from everyways, front and back, left and right. Sometimes
you're focus to shoot the enemies in your front, you must remember other
enemies might coming from the back, maybe when you turn back, they're very
close to you, can you've no chance to flee. So when you're fight the enemies
in group, you can run forward a few steps then only turn to back.

- Village -

Mini bosses are the Bella Sisters, all you would encounter are six if you can
kill most of them enemies. The upper left building in the map is a good
starting point. Once you've done collecting the items and the time extensions,
climb the ladder inside this building and face to the entrance. Wait the
enemies come inside, knock down the ladder for your invisible moment when any
enemies throw the axe to you. Or you can just equip the pistol type weapon or
knife to block the flying axe. When many enemies come inside (maximun Cool, take
the bonus on your left and shoot the red barrel at bottom to kill them in once.
Now jump down and go outside, you should see some more enemies are coming from
the side of the opposite shack, shoot or throw the Hand Grenade to kill them.
So you have at least 10000 points on hand now.

- Castle -

The first Garrador will come out from the bottom floor where you begin the
stage after you've kill 25 enemies. He will still chase you if you kill the
25th enemies at the second floor (the circle area where you take the first
bonus of the stage), so if you want to avoid him, just make your way to the
third floor before killing the 25th enemies. If you decided to kill him,
recommended fight him at the first floor where the first red barrel by.
Two more Garrador were hidden in the last hall of the stage, the first one
will run out when you step inside the hall, the second Garrador will only show
up when you've kill lot of enemies. So if you don't want to battle with them,
you can just fight outside the hall until the time limit.

- Military -

The ledge with time extension and bonus which can be found after sliding the
zipline, make sure you take both of them before jump down, otherwise you have
to slide the zipline to that ledge again. When J.J. is around, you can ignore
the soldiers in front of him, because J.J. will shoot all the way to you, even
kill the soldiers for you. Be sure you kill the J.J. for 10000 points.

- Waterworld -

There are two time extentions on the tower, and you need a few seconds to climb
and jump from it. So is better you get the starting on the tower, so you don't
need to spend time on climbing it. Be sure you take the Hand Grenade on the top
of the tower, of cause the two time entensions. Do remember the giant chainsaw,
Dr.Salvador has faster speed and longer chainsaw, however you can run pass
him anytime, just pay attention to his chainsaw, when it's swing to left, run
pass him on thr right and so on. Find a larger space area to fight him,
recommend the rooftop of the second floor, at least you can run away by using
the zipline when you can't defeat him.


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< Leon Scott Kennedy >

Use Blacktail to shoot the enemies from far, Riot Gun for the nearer enemies.
While using Riot Gun always shoot on enemies' head. Shoot with Blacktail when
the enemies come in once or two if you want to save Shotgun shells. When
using Riot Gun, don't drag your target spot while shoot, it would decease the
damage and accurate.

- Village -

Always knock down the Bella Sisters with Riot Gun, don't even let them join
with other villagers. If you can't defeat the Bella Sisters, lure them to
the upper left building in the map, climb the ladder and shoot them on the top.
Of cause, use Riot Gun when they're climbing or raising the ladder, Blacktail
use when they were knocked down. Don't use the bonus vial when more then two
Bella Sisters are existing. Only use the Hand Grenade when the enemies come in
group and the bonus time was running, because you won't get too much of them
from enemies drop.

- Castle -

Use Riot Gun to handle all the shield zealots and the mini boss, Garrador.
Of cause, when the enemies come in group, you should use Riot Gun since many
parts of the stage're narrow. For the Garrador, when he's swinging his claws,
you can spot his plaga on the back. With your Riot Gun, aim straight to his
body, fire when you see the plaga during his swings. You could also get some
Hand Grenade or Incendiary Grenade in certain barrel or enemies drop, use it
to the Garrador for stunning him, then fire him with Riot Gun. Another way is
avoid from fighting those Garradors. As I've mentioned in the General section,
you can rush to the third floor before killing the 25th enemies. Lastly, don't
enter the final hall, keep killing enemies outside the hall until the time.
If you decided to avoid these fight, you should spend all your grenade to the
zealots to earn more points.

- Military -

When the mini boss, J.J. was shown, equip Riot Gun and get closer to him, shoot
on his face to stun him. The problem is you can only stun him when you're
closed to him, because Riot Gun doesn't work well for the further target, so
if you got any grenade, throw one to J.J. before you can close to him. If
possible, explode the red barrels to deal large damage to him. The other
enemies are normal, be sure use the Riot Gun to destroy the shield your
opponent's hand. Blacktail use for crossbow soldiers or single enemy.

- Waterworld -

Ok, this is the hardest stage for Leon, reason is the Riot Gun doesn't work
well for the further targets, so you have to fight the dangerous mini boss,
Dr.Salvador with a short distance. When Dr.Salvador appears, be sure you know
where's the location of him, ignore everthing when he's closed, do remember
he can kill you instantly, and he was faster than other enemies, just run to
a safer place to fight him. You can stun him by shooting on the face, but while
he's swinging the chainsaw, you couldn't stun properly since his face is
moving around too. So one way to do stun him easier is lure him to climb the
ladder, be sure there's a wider area like the rooftop. After that, hold you
Riot Gun and wait Dr.Salvador to jumps up, shoot on his face or upper body to
stun him, continue to shoot more when he face back to you, repeat until he
goes down. If you don't like this way, you should spend the Hand Grenade and
use the red barrels to damage Dr.Salvador. You can find twe Hand Grenades in
the entire stage, if you're lucky, you would get more from enemies drop, so
just throw them to Dr.Salvador. Also lure him to the red barrel and shoot to
explode it, sometimes he looks like never get hurt by the explosion, but he's
already gained lot of damage.


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< Ada Wong >

Semi-Auto Rifle is the best weapon, it can kill normal Ganado with just a shot,
so you don't need to bother with shooting on enemies' head, even if you shot
on their hand, they would die. The rifle use for medium distance and long
distance enemies, sometimes you can use it for short distance too. If the
nearest enemies coming to attack you, better shoot them with TMP. Punisher use
for single or double enemies, but if you have TMP ammo, just replace it on
the Punisher.

- Village -

Bella Sisters' movement was slightly different from other Ganados, sometimes
they will walk to your side, and sometimes will just walk straight to you. So
don't recommend to use rifle against them useless they're far enough. When the
Bella Sisters were closed, equip TMP and strafe on their legs to make them
fall, or you may save the Incendiary Grenade to flame them down, then kill
them with TMP or rifle.

- Castle -

Save the Incendiary Grenade for the Garrador. When the Garrador appear, throw
an Incendiary Grenade to flame him, so he will turn back and kneel, now equip
rifle and zoom to his plaga, shoot once to kill him. For the armored Garrador
inside the final hall, you need two shots with rifle to kill him. Same like
other two Garrador, use an Incendiary Grenade to flame him and shoot his plaga
with rifle. After one shot, he will face bcak to you, but you can still see the
plaga on his back, aim up the plaga and give it another shot to kill him. Use
TMP for most of the battle, Punisher against when lesser enemies, only use
Punisher when you low in ammo for other weapons.

- Military -

You have rifle, it makes J.J. battle become easier. Just spend it to J.J. when
he's shown, always shoot on his upper body or face to keep stunning him. Your
Incendiary Grenade can also use on J.J., but make sure you toss it before J.J.
start shooting. On top of the tower, suggest to use TMP to handle all enemies,
reason is the spaces are not much there.

- Waterworld -

The only problem is Dr.Salvador again, you must save at least one Incendiary
Grenade before you have defeated all two of them. When you saw Dr.Salvador
appear, equip rifle to shoot, either his upper body or legs, you could stun
him easily. Just in case if he successfully close to you, or you have to finish
off the other enemies, faster throw the Incendiary Grenade to flame him. Just
to remind, he can move faster than other enemies, so when you throw the
Incendiary Grenade, be sure it drops in front of Dr.Salvador, whenever he
touch the flame, he will go down, and now you can shoot until he dies. Besides,
many crossbow soldiers will spawn in the stage, you should keep some Rifle ammo
for them, so use TMP to defeat most of the other soldiers.


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< Jack Krauser >

Krauser has a special move which can kill anything in once. Press R2 to
tranform his arm when it's changed to red, then press X to smack everything
that were cloeed. If you don't want to use it yet, press 'cancel' button or
R2 to tranform back to normal. When using the bow, try shoot on Ganado's head,
because sometimes when shooting on their bodies, one arrow is not enough to
kill them. Toss Flash Grenade when surrounding by many enemies. When enemies
stunned by the Flash Grenade, run close to them and perform the kick to them
one by one, each double kick can kill a Ganado.

- Village -

The first arm attack can use after you get the first bonus vial, since Bella
Sisters will not appear so faster. While facing to Bella Sisters, you can
simply eliminate them with your arm attack, they will probably come in pair,
so be sure you lure them group together and finish off them in once. Save your
Flash Grenade even if the Las Plaga grown out, just kill them with your bow.
But when the plagas shown with more enemies together, now is the time to spend
your Flash Grenade, don't waste a chance to kick off the stunned enemies.

- Castle -

First, you should collect the time extension on the right building before start
killing enemies, also take the items in those barrels around. The initiate arm
move can use for the first group of enemies. After killing 25 oncoming enemies,
you should have to second arm move, use it to the first Garrador. For the
shield zealots, you can just spend one arror to destroy their shield. Throw
Flash Grenade when the plaga grow, you could find some more Flash Grenade in
the later of the stage, so don't need to keep them much. If you want to fight
the last two Garrador in the hall, be sure your arm in red when entering to
the hall. If you didn't killed enough enemies when you reached to the hall, the
second Garrador will come out lately, so just spend yout arm to the first
Garrador, and use the Incendiary or Hand Grenade to the second one, shoot his
plaga with your bow when he was stunned.

- Military -

There're only two J.J. you would probably encounter, and you can evade them
easier, so you don't need to worry much of using the arm attack to them, just
always save a Flash Grenade for them. Remember always shoot on enemy face to
explode their head. Also use bow to destroy the shield soldiers. When J.J.
comes out and Krauser's arm was not been changed, you can just shoot him with
your bow, be sure shot on his head to stun him. Just in case J.J. comes with
lot of soldiers, throw a Flash Grenade to stun them, kick as many soldiers as
possible. If any soldiers stunned by flash and he's closed to J.J., your kick
can also knock J.J. down, if you did this, faster add on some more arrow on him
before he wakes.

- Waterworld -

If you start on the tower, be sure you don't use your arm attack until that
Dr.Salvador reach to you. As you can hear the chainsaw sound under the tower,
Dr.Salvador is at the bottom, so just climb to the top and collect the time
extension and Hand Grenade, then shoot down the enemies whoever reached to the
top. When Dr.Salvador jump to the top, faster change your arm and eliminate
him. For other starting point, you don't need to worry much of him. Just in
case if Krauser's arm not in red and Dr.Salvador was shown, just run away until
the arm changes to red. Or you can try shoot him from furhter away, explode the
red barrels to deals some damage to him, be sure run away when he's cloesd. But
better choise is still using the arm attack to kill Dr.Salvador.

< HUNK >

Use the Hand Grenade when the bonus time is running on, of cause use also it to
the group of enemies, but you should save some for certain mini boss. Always
make sure you have enough of TMP ammo, if not, use Neck Breaker move to the
Ganados to save some. Don't bother to shoot on enemies head unless you're going
to perform Neck Breaker or you're facing the Las Plaga.

- Village -

Don't need to worry much of Bella Sisters, your Neck Breack could kill them
instantly. Make sure you always have Hand Grenade, just to prepare for the
danagerous situation. When you see Bella Sister, aim accurately on her head,
shoot the stun her and get closer to her to perform the Neck Breaker. Use
Neck Breaker to all Bella Sisters in the stage. If Bella Sister comes with the
group and you can't probably to perform the Neck Breaker, just throw a grenade.

- Castle -

The Garrador is abit hard to be handling with HUNK, so avoid to fight them. If
you insist of fighting them, start practice on the first Garrador. Recommend
spend your Hand Grenade of Incendiary Grenade that you got in the stage to the
Garrador. Once the Garrador stunned by the grenade, run close and stick to him,
post an aim on his plage and non-stop shooting him. Until he turns face back
to you, you can still damage his plaga, because if you start shooting him by
sticked him very near, when he turns back after his plage getting some shots,
he will also stick to you very near, so your TMP is like aim through his body,
so just continue shooting until he goes down. But for the last armored
Garrador, he has abit more health than other, so you might need to do this
tactic twice to kill him. Again, you can avoid to fight all these Garrador.
If you insist of fighting the two Garrador in the final hall, be sure you have
enough grenades and health to enter the arena. In front of the final hall, when
you run throw the outer path for the first time, you will lure out many enemies
to chase you, if this happen, throw a Hand Grenade to kill them all in once.

- Military -

Some parts of the stage are narrow, so when the shield soldiers block you
in these area, the problem begins. Better make sure the shield soldiers are
always stay a distance from you. For the J.J., you should strafe on his face
only you can stun him. If the distance is too far and you can aim him well,
throw the Hand Grenade to stun him for awhile, then run closer to him. You
might get shot before the Hand Grenade explode, so be sure you catch to right

- Waterworld -

The main problem is Dr.Salvador, the rest are just similar with the other
stages. You should save all your Hand Grenade for Dr.Salvador, when he's shown,
toss them to damage him heavily. Try shoot him from a distance, be sure you run
away when Dr.Salvador closes to you, your Hand Grenade is powerful but sometime
it could stun him, so is better flee from him. Also remember when tossing
Hand Grenade to Dr.Salvador, stay further from him as well, just hold your
Hand Grenade and aim up abit, so that you can throw it to further area. Throw
two or three in once if you have much of it.


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< Albert Wesker >

Wesker's Killer7 and Semi-Auto Rifle are the best weapon in this Mercenaries
game, but the ammo for Killer7 won't be able to find from enemies drop, so
must collect all of them in stage stage. As we know, the speed of drawing out
the Semi-Auto Rifle was slower than Killer7, so if any enemies were closer
to you and going to attack, just change your weapon to Killer7 and shoot them.
Use rifle for most of the times, Handgun for single enemy. Also remember the
Handgun has been exclusived, so you can blow off the Ganado head more easier.

- Village -

When the plaga spawn from any Ganado, you can kill it with a single shot of
the rifle, make you shoot on the plaga, not their body. Spend Flash Grenade to
stun the Bella Sisters when more than one are coming, of cause, perform a
thrust punch to them while they're stunning by the flash. Use Killer7 for the
Bella Sisters if you have not enough of grenades. Try lure them to the red
barrels and shoot it to deals large damage to the enemies, so that you can save
some ammo for both rifle and Killer7 for killing enemies during the bonus time.

- Castle -

For the shield zealots, just shoot in the central of the shield and you will
kill them easily. Recommend use your rifle for most of them times of this
stage, Handgun only use for shooting the barrels. Throw your Flash Grenade when
the plaga appear from any zealots, you don't need much of them, so just spend
it to kill the plagas. For the Garrador, move abit close to him and shoot him
with your Killer7 to stun him, so he will turn back and kneel like damaged by
the grenade, now you can clearly spot on his plaga, give it another shot to
kill him. Another way is throw a Incendiary or Hand Grenade to damage him and
the zealots around, shoot his plaga when he's kneel. Same tactic to the last
two Garrador in the hall, be sure you keep some Magnum ammo for them.

- Military -

Must know to use your Hand Grenade well for this stage, the best chance to use
it is when you facing some enemies in the narrow area. If the soldiers with
shield blocked you at those narrow places, faster kill them with your Killer7,
otherwise you would get more and more damage. For J.J., you can use either
rifle or Killer7 to finish off him, each shot could stun him as long as you
shot on his upper body, so nothing is hard for him. If J.J. is shooting with
his gatling gun, throw a Flash Grenade to stop him before you can aim him

- Waterworld -

Ok, you have Incendiary Grenades, Killer7 and Semi-Auto Rifle, all can use to
stun Dr.Salvador easily, so don't need to worry much of him. When he's shown,
be sure you find out his position for first. Just to remind you, always save
the Incendiary Grenade to prepare for Dr.Salvador, just in case when he's
closer, you still can use it to flame down Dr.Salvador for while, do remember
throw the Incendiary Grenade to abit front of his facing direction. Since your
Flash Grenade doesn't work well for Dr.Salvador, so just spend it to the plaga,
perform thrust punch to the soldiers who stunned by the flash as well.


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10. P.R.L. 412 Mini Guide


| " This custom light-based weapon is tuned to harm only the Plaga, |
| leaving the human host undamaged. Charged shots have a narrow range |
| but are powerful " |

< Details >

- This weapon only available for PS2 version.

- Complete Professional difficulty level on main game to unlock this weapon.

- It can only use on main game start from second of more round.

- Inventory space = 7 x 3

- It's FREE. You could get it anytime from the Merchant.

< How Does It Work >

- Hold R1 to post an aim, press and hold X to charge, release X to shoot.

- When the battery has not been fully charged, the shot would be a flash.

- The flash could stun everything that can be stunned by Flash Grenade.
Same as Flash Grenade, it couldn't affect the further targets and the
enemies with shield.

- The flash can only stun the targets in the front, can say all targets are
inside the screen. It couldn't affect the targets behind your character.

- The flash deals small damage to the Ganado, but it could kill most of the
bosses, mini boss and the enemies like Colmillos, Novistador.
- The bosses and mini bosses can be kill with just a flash:
- Garrador
- Verdugo
- Krauser
- Saddler
- As for Novistador, you might need more than one shot to kill it when
it's landed on the ground.

- The battery charge won't affect the damage of the laser flash.

- When the battery was fully charged, the shot would be a straight laser.

- The laser could kill any enemies in the game in once, except:
- the enemies had more than one form.
- El-gigantic, which you need to damage his weak point to kill him.
- Salazar, which you need to unshell him and deal damage on his body.

- The laser would shoot through almost everything, that's mean it could
shoot through more than one target.

- The laser can get through the shield and armored Ganados.

- After a shot or flash, Leon needs to a few seconds to post back an aim.

- P.R.L. 412 needs a second more to refill the first level of the battery.

- You have to wait until the first level filled up only you can charge for the
next shot.

- So basically this weapon shooting/firing speed is around 3 second. Can't
tell the actual number, because I don't have any information to approve it.


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12. File List


As I didn't mention much of these file in the walkthrough, so this section is
to cover back all the files' details in the game.

--| Village Files |----------------------------------------------------------

< Playing Manual 1 >

- Available at the beginning -

Playing Manual 1

1. Shooting - Hold down the R1 Button then use the
Left Analog Stick to aim the laser sight.

2. Combat Knife - Press and hold the L1 Button
to ready your knife then press the X Button to
swing the weapon.

3. Action Button - You'll be able to perform various
actions by pressing the appropriate buttons
that appear on the screen.

4. Camera - You can change the camera angle
by moving the Right Analog Stick.

< Info on Ashley >

- Available at the beginning -

Info on Ashley

Name: Ashley Graham
Age: 20
Daughter of the United States President

She was kidnapped by an unidentified group
while on her way home from her university.

The kidnapper's motives are still unknown.
Although there's reliable information that
the perpetrator is an insider.

Only a handful of people know about this
kidnapping. It's been kept under wraps mostly
due to the fact that we can't determine who
the traitor is.

The guy in intelligence say they have reliable
information that Ashley's been sighted somewhere
in Europe. But until we find out who the insider is,
I don't know what to believe. It could be a ploy.

We have very few leads as to the whereabouts
of Ashley. But memberes of the Secret Service
and anyone else related to Ashley are being
questioned by an investigative team.

Every active agents are being investigated for
any information. It's jus ta matter of time
before the kidnapper is exposed.

< Playing Manual 2 >

- Chapter 1-1, obtain during scene -

Playing Manual 2

1. Reloading - Press the Square or O button while
holding down th R1 Button to reload your firearm.

2. Kicks - Approaching enemies that are either
stunned or on their knees will allow Leon to
perform kicks as prompted by the action button.

3. Changing Inventory Screens - Use the L1 and R1
Buttons to switch back and forth between the
Weapons/Recovery and the Keys/Treasure screens.


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Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough (Ps2)
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