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 Favorite Strangerhood episode

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PostSubject: Favorite Strangerhood episode   Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:36 am

What's ur favorite episode?

Note: For those who don't know, The Strangerhood is made up of bout 17 really short episodes (it lookz more like a movie, tho)

The List of Episodes are (in order)...
"Why Are You Here?"
"The One With The Premise"
"We Have a Floater"
"Sublimination Round"
"Things Misremembered"
"Idol Desperation"
"Star-Crossed Suckers"
"Detective Defective"
"Devil May Care"
"Cell Block Duh"
"Surprise Guest"
"Double Indumbnity"
"Nikki's Alias"
"Lost In Place"
"The Montage Exposition"
"The Final Countdown"

Special Episodes:

"Seasons Greetings from The Strangerhood"
"Halloween Tips, Tricks and Treats from The Strangerhood"


My fave iz "Devil May Care". lol.

thiz iz the summary....
The episode begins with a suggestion that the garden gnome(s) may have framed Griggs, or directed him to murder Nikki and then erased his memory. It is also suggested that the gnome or gnomes have written a letter in his name, though his name on the note that Chalmers receives is misspelled. The note claims that Griggs was "involved", but not that he was actually the murderer. As Griggs realizes that he is a wanted man, he gets into a car that he finds. But, first, he stops to consider his options, unaware that a garden gnome is in the seat next to his. As Griggs struggles to make a decision, a devil version of himself appears on his right shoulder and tempts him to simply punch anyone who threatens him. An angel version of himself appears on his left shoulder and suggests that he "give flowers to everyone". The devil and angel versions of himself are both ill-tempered, and quickly begin to fight. Claiming that Wade is "too busy with his hobbies" to listen to him, Wade's angel appears on Griggs' shoulder, despite Griggs' objections. Chalmers' angel then appears, claiming he was exiled from Chalmers for suggesting that the latter abandon his fetish for stealing refrigerators. The angels of Dutchmiller and Tovar then appear, believing that the whole thing is just a party; Sam's angel appears at first to scold everyone about the neighborhood code, but later agrees to party with the rest of them. Griggs sits still nervously, waiting for the devil and angels to finish so that he can make a logical decision.



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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Strangerhood episode   Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:16 pm

oh wow that is so cool jenz
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Strangerhood episode   Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:57 am

^itz awesome and Funny az hell .lol.

another gooden iz "WSI", itz when wade iz a detective (wit' wade, u know itz gonna be funny) .lol.

here'z the episode summary...

Sam and Dr. Chalmers speculate where Strangerhood Lane is located. For unfounded reasons, Dr. Chalmers believes that they are in Cleveland, Ohio. Wade appears wearing a police officer's uniform, saying that this is a sign that he should solve crimes. Dr. Chalmers believes that this is a good idea, while Sam does not. Wade offers Sam the position of sidekick; Chalmers and Wade discuss why Sam "fits the profile". Sam retorts that, if anyone should be the sidekick, it should be Wade. Wade disagrees, saying "Would a sidekick have his own opening credits montage?!" The opening credits for WSI: Wade Scene Investigation: Cleveland begin, obviously spoofing CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in the process. Wade asks Sam and Chalmers to commit some crimes so that he can solve them. Sam refuses to play the game, claiming that he had been cheated last time because Chalmers had said that jaywalking was not a crime. The group walks away as Chalmers rattles off the different crimes that he is going to commit. Griggs enters behind them and begins to ramble that the group never asks them to play their "felony game" and that he will get a high score at "nerd punching" to make them jealous.


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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Strangerhood episode   

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Favorite Strangerhood episode
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