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 The Strangerhood Episodes

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PostSubject: Re: The Strangerhood Episodes   Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:09 am

The Pitch 6

Full title: "Exception Speech"

Length: 2' 21"

Sam finally takes a stand and argues that the focus group is unqualified to judge his movies. Wade says that he usually classifies the summer blockbusters he sees by the intensity of his "Whoa!"; Catherine insists that the focus group is chosen through a lengthy "screening process". Chalmers and Wade (especially Wade) attempt to opt out of the "screening process", but have already consented to it. Sam yells that he cannot be a part of such a travesty of filmmaking; the group insists that if by "travesty" he means sacks of money and worldwide fame, then he is exactly right. Sam pauses for a moment and then demands his own parking space, to which Dutchmiller agrees. The episode then cuts to The 75th Semi-Monthly Golden Cyborg Awards and Celebrity Bakeoff, where a scene from the film is shown. The winner for Best Picture is Punk Cyborg Lazer Dog Spaceship Cat Wagon: The Movie. Sam nervously accepts the award as everyone else cheers him on. The mini-series ends with a newspaper headline about the ceremony and Sam's movie.


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The Strangerhood Episodes
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