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 French Beach House Hauntings

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PostSubject: French Beach House Hauntings   Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:52 pm

French Beach House Hauntings
by ailya

Over the summer, my Husband, my two Kids and I spent our summer at my husband's Grandparent's home on an island off the west coast of France. Their home is a charming little beach house, built in the early 50s. It is located in a tiny fishing village. There have been no deaths in the home, or on the beach near the house. However, we experienced very unusual activity at both sites regularly.

My first experience happened on the second day of our vacation. It was night out, and my children were out in the front yard, when suddenly I heard my name being called excitedly. I rushed out, to find my son looking at something in the bushes. I went over to see what he was looking at, to see a frightened little Hedgehog (which are very common in the area) hidden in the bush. It quickly scampered deeper into the shrub, which we later found out was his home.

I quickly got my camera out, and snapped pictures of the inside of the under wood, to see if I could capture any photos of the Hedgehog. While taking pictures of the yard, I started noticing things in the pictures. Thick, black smudge-like appearances showed in nearly every picture I captured. Keep in mind that I had the flash on, so it could've been just shadows. But the smudges would appear in the middle of the pictures, where nothing could have gotten in the way, so I am a little skeptical of this idea. After the encounter, my kids would spend most of their time near the bushes, hoping to see the little spike ball again.

The next day, my family and I went out to the beach. We went at low tide, because the Ocean pulls back very far out and you can explore the tide pools. We had fun studying the rich ecosystem of the area. The area is inhabited by many crabs, sea snails, hermit crabs, oysters, and many more little sea creatures which I don't know the name of. We spent many hours there, and played until the tide took over the rocks. Exhausted, we walked home and fell asleep quickly.

The next morning, I woke up early and set breakfast. I went outside to have my coffee, and was shocked to smell an awful and very strong odor. It smelled like the sea and rotting seaweed. The house is very close to the beach, but there was no way that was the cause of the smell. And then I saw, outside the gate, a dead crab being infested by ants. In fact, I spotted six dead crabs in the front yard, most of them in and near the bushes. I was positive the kids didn't bring back any crabs from the tide pools, and there was no way seven crabs walked from the beach to our house. I was very disturbed and questioned my family about it afterwards.

But this was just the start to the activity. Doors would slam extremely hard and would open by themselves. While my children were sleeping, they would be awoken by loud scratching on the doors. You could hear a women laughing sometimes, and what sounded like an old man talking gibberish. My 12 year old daughter would also complain of seeing flashes of people walking around the house. She was the most sensitive to the activity. She told me of having many apocalyptic dreams, and was afraid to fall asleep. One day, she was taking pictures with her camera when she captured several orbs in almost every picture she took. This is extremely rare, and when I looked over the pictures I was shocked.

One very interesting encounter happened while I was taking pictures of my kids playing in the tide pools. In four of the photos I took, a foggy figure was seen looming in the rocks. My daughter fussed of having a headache and a ringing sound in her ear when she was around the area where I took the pictures.

The rest of the vacation went on with much similar activity. I am unsure of the reason behind the haunting, if anyone has any ideas please feel free to share. My husband's Grandparent's had never talked about any paranormal experiences in their home. Even with these odd ordeals, we had a wonderful vacation and came home with many great memories. I will try attaching some of the photos later.

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PostSubject: Re: French Beach House Hauntings   Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:34 pm

Thatz awesome Very Happy


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French Beach House Hauntings
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