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 My Time In France

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PostSubject: My Time In France   Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:55 pm

My Time In France
by Leela

I'm a university student and in January I left my home for France , in order to improve my French. I chose a small town in the middle of the country . I stayed with a single parent family which consisted of a father and his two teenage daughters. We lived in a 18th century flat. During my first week I had nightmares , full of weird animals and devil monsters. I also was incredibly unlucky. I did not pay much attention to that because everything was so new for me there. As time went on I used to see a man sitting on a sofa watching me. I also had the feeling of being watched, but I think that it is pretty common. I did not pay much attention to that. It could be my mind and shade and lights what could trick me.

All changed one Wednesday afternoon. I came back home from shopping, I unlocked the heavy old wooden door and I heard some man loudly talking right from the place, where the sofa is. I became very nervous, not being scared because I was just like: Oh, my friend has a guest here and I'm supposed to speak my terrible French. But than I realize that no one should be at home this time. I quietly left the flat and started to look for my mobile phone. Then again I realized that there was total silence. So I opened the door again and really - no one was in. Since then it got worse and worse.

Each and every night I woke up between 2:30 and 4:00, mostly at 3:15 - the time I was born. I heard loud knocking coming from one wall and I felt someone standing in the door space beside my bed. As days passed away the knocking was more frequent and scratching was also heard. I always had to switch on the lights and never fall asleep again. I also found my bedroom door open. First week I blamed the children , that they making a fool of me. But even when I was alone all these strange things happened. I became very nervous and start going to the church everyday. I ask Catholic community for advice, but I was only recommend to leave the place once and for all. But I couldn't do that because I had a contract to stay there and take care of the kids in exchange for being given food and living.

The turning point was one Sunday, when my friend was ill in his bed in the room next to the mine. I was doing some work on my PC, while I found myself being bitten by small but human teeth. This happened three times. I became a nervous wreck. My mind was like in storm. I contacted an invader from my home who told me to say a prayer and not to be scared. So I prayed every time I woke in night and before I went to bed. I also slept with a small sainted figure of an angel that my mother gave me before I flew away. It worked a bit. Maybe for a week I thought all would be okay. I was wrong.

Even when I wasn't alone I started feeling someone behind me, the chime decoration was quickly swinging in the air when I looked at it. I also sometimes felt being almost freeze that I had problem to take a breath. Often during the day lamps in different rooms were switched on. All these things were happening for nine weeks. I decided to leave France about 12 weeks earlier. I have to say that the family father sometimes woke up in the same time like me, but heard nothing. Also the children didn't like me much and didn't talk to me at all. I suffer from panic fear from dark. I'm a Catholic and I have experience with seeing some things that I don't understand, I also have prophetic dreams. But my time in France really changed my life.

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PostSubject: Re: My Time In France   Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:33 pm

Thatz awesome Very Happy


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My Time In France
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