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 How to Make the Doodlebops Keytar

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PostSubject: How to Make the Doodlebops Keytar   Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:37 pm

How to Make the Doodlebops Keytar


-Get two large appliance box.
-Using the introduction photo, draw out the basic "v". shape.
-Trace out the other shape by using the first one as a template.
-Glue both pieces together using white glue.
-Make the keytar neck you have to make another so trace out two.
-Create the platform that the keys will rest on trace another one as well.
-Glue the neck to the "V" shape the mount the platform on so it overlaps the bottom of the neck.
-Cut out the buttons and keys out of scrap cardboard and glue them onto the platform.
-Paint your keytar based on the colors that you see in the introduction picture when painting the keys paint them white first then and the black keys because the over lap.
-After the paint has dried coat the handle keys and buttons in clear varnish to make it shiny.

-while doing the paper mache cover surface with garbage bag and let the keytar dry on it so it comes off easily.
-paint keys white first than use black to finish them up this is because the black keys overlap the white ones.
-glue and water paper mache paste works better and will dry clear it also makes product last longer.

-cover surface so paper mache does not wreck it.
-get an adult or teenager to help.
-all glue guns should only be used by an adult or teenager.

Things You'll Need

-3 large appliance boxes
-white or tacky glue
-glue gun
-acrylic paints
-paint brushes


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How to Make the Doodlebops Keytar
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