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 Give Love a Try

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PostSubject: Give Love a Try   Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:51 pm

Here is my newest fan fiction.
This may have a few grammer errors..and it's also long..and this is just the 1st chapter
anyways, here it is!


Lisa Jervay Lennox: Mother of shayla. Plays Deedee Doodle on the Doodlebops. Best Friends with Chad and jonny and robo moe.

Shayla Renee Lennox: Daughter of lisa , is in love with jonny Wexler but knows he doesn’t fell the same. She’s basically best friends with robo moe (in his eyes) but she’s not sure about him at first but eventually falls in love with him even though he is a robot.

Jonny Wexler: Best friend of Chad and Lisa. Plays Moe Doodle on the Doodlebops But doesn’t play in big role in this story at all.

Chad McNamara: Best-est best friend of Lisa. Best Friends with jonny and Creator of Robo moe. Chad is a kind of a father figure to shayla. He Plays Rooney Doodle on the Doodlebops.

Robo Moe: a Robo Version of Moe Doodle Created to Take the Place of the Yellow doodlebop in order for the real moe to attend a drummers club meeting for the doodlebops episode of Robo Moe. Chad decided to keep him and take him home to live with him, lisa, shayla and jonny. The robo moe has a few glitches after chad decides to give him human emotions and chad soon learns that robo moe has fallen for shayla but isn’t sure how to handle the feeling he is getting when he looks at her. He will learn to control the emotions and feelings though.

GIVE LOVE A TRY. Chapter 1

|9/16/09 | Entry 30 | Wednesday

“Today I finally found out that jonny will never like me the way I want him to. I’m going to give up on finding love. What’s the use of trying anyways???” |
Shayla Lennox sat in her room at her window seal writing in her diary. She had already been living with her biological mother for a whole 3 months now. Her mother lived in Canada with her two best friends Chad, Jonny, and Chad’s robot version of Moe Doodle. Shayla had been crushing on Jonny for the longest time but knew he didn’t feel the same. She was ready to give up on love completely.
Still writing, she finished her journal entry and put her diary away. She then walked over to her bed and plopped down and let out a sigh. She didn’t notice Chad, who was like a father to her, standing in her door with her arms crossed.
“Are you still upset about jonny?” he asked.
Startled and taken by surprise, shayla looked up to Chad and then down to the floor.
“I can’t help it Chad. I want to crawl into a dark hole and just croak just thinking about it.” She said. Chad walked over to shayla’s bed and sat down beside her and put his arms around her. Shayla Buried her face into his chest and let out a sigh.
“I’m sure things will be fine baby girl, your prince will come someday. I know he will.” Chad said trying to comfort shayla as much as possible.
“yeah but that could be years from now, and that so called Prince could be miles and miles away from here.”
Shayla said. Her face was still buried into Chad’s chest. Her muffled words made Chad laugh. Shaya lifted her head and looked at chad with a look of confusion.
“how is that funny?” she asked him.
“chad sighed and moved the hair out of shayla’s face.
“he may be closer then you think. When that prince shows up, he may be someone you never even expected.”
Shayla looked at chad for a moment and then smirked.
“I’m sure” she said hugging chad.
Some sound of some kind startled both chad and shayla. They both sprang to their feet.
“what as that!?” shayla said looking over to chad, who’s eyes were wide with suspicion.
Chad looked out of the door and looked back to shayla.
“I think I have an idea of not WHAT, but who it is.”
He said running out of shayla’s room and into the living room. Shayla followed not too far behind.
In the living room one of Chad’s best inventions, Robo Moe, stood in the middle of the living room with an angry look on his face. On the floor around him was pots, and pans, and little things that were used for decoration scattered everywhere. Chad stood speechless for a moment looking at the mess on the floor, and then to robo moe. Shayla wasn’t sure what was going on so she hid behind chad.
Chad put his hand over his face and let out a sigh.
“I just don’t understand this! I give you emotions so you could experience the JOY of having emotions and feelings. But what happens?! You end up with mixed emotions! You are almost as bad as a bi-polar person!”
Chad said to robo moe.
Robo moe looked at chad and then frowned.
“I…I’m sorry Chad”
Chad looked at robo moe and then shook his head in disappointment.
“it’s alright moe. I think you just have a glitch in your system. It’s probley nothing I cant fix though.” Chad said.
Robo Moe nodded his head.
“there just has to be something that’s making you act like this though”
Chad said thinking for a moment. His face then lit up.
“I Know what it is now! You told me a week ago! This is bothing you and I know EXACTLY what it is!”
Chad said with a smirk on his face and an eyebrow raised.
Robo moe’s eyes widened for a moment.
Chad smiled wide and steped to the side reveling shayla and her hiding spot.
Shayla looked over to chad and then looked back at robo moe with her brown eyes, which were wide from fright. Shayls didn’t make a move. She knew that robo moe could change his emotions to angry again and shayla was afraid of that but she was also curious to see what robo moe might end up doing. She was nervous but smirked to robo moe with a nervous like smile.
Robo Moe looked at shayla and smiled. His smile made him seem almost harmless and that calmed shayla a little, but she still wasn’t sure what to think about him.
“er…h..hi shayla.” Robo moe said nervously.
Shayla cleared her throat to talk.
“hi..robo moe…”
The two stood there for a moment just looking at each other before shayla realized what chad was trying to prove. Shayla’s face went from nervously friendly to confused and a bit furious. She looked over to chad and gave him the same look her mother gives him when shes upset.
Chad’s eye twitched as he looked at shayla.
“UGH! There is that look! What have I told you about looking at me like that!”
Chad said to shayla.
Shayla was still giving him that look.
“You know exactly why I’m looking at you like this!” she said to him.
Chad grabbed shayla and pulled her into the kitchen to talk to her.
“I know what your thinking BUT you have to listen to me! Remember when I told you your prince could be closer then you think?” Chad asked shayla.
Shayla shook her head yes.
“well, it’s robo moe.”
He said. Shayla’s mouth dropped wide open. “but, what?!, How?!....But he’s!...But…,But…But..HUH!?” shayla said. She couldn’t seem to get a complete sentence out because of the state of shock she was in.
“how can you tell!?! I mean, last time I checked you wasn’t exactly cupid you know!!”
She said all in one quick sentence.
Chad face palmed
“he told me! And plus I can just tell by the way he looks at you. He also talks about you non-stop and he acts all nervous and happy when your around him. Just trust me on this!
I programmed him to be the opposite of jonny. Jonny isn’t in love with you, but robo moe is and he doesn’t know how to handle that feeling yet! That is the reason he is having mixed emotions which is causing him to go crazy!”
Chad explained to shayla.
Shayla’s mouth was once again hanging open and she was once again in a state of shock.
Before shayla could say anything though the sound of a car horn came from outside the house. Chad looked at his wrist watch and then looked at shayla.
“that’s your mother. It’s time for jonny and I to head to the recording studio with her to record the new episode of the bop. I have to leave you here with robo moe. I promise if you act normal around him he will be fine and I PROMISE we’ll be back soon to check up on you” Chad said grabbing his coat as him and jon headed out the door.
Shayla stood in the kitchen for a moment trying to take in everything chad just told her. She then realized what he said and had a feeling of complete WTF-ness.
She peaked around the corner of the kitchen and looked into the living room. Robo moe was still standing in the middle of the living room smiling.
Shayla face-palmed and took in a deep breath.
“ok shayla just go in there and tell Him what’s going on!” she said to herself.
She took in another deep breath and walked into the living room.
Robo moe looked at her and smiled bigger. Shayla tried to smile back.
“Er…Hi moe…um.. Chad just left me here and headed to the studio. He’ll be back later, but he told me I should stay here and keep you company for a while”
Shayla said trying to cover up the real excuse for chad leaving her there with a Robot that is supposably her Prince charming.
Robo moe nodded and walked over to shayla.
“I have no problem with that. It should be fun here with you.”
He said still smiling that warm smile.
Shayla looked up to him and tried to smile again.
“oh..yeah.. Fun!” shayla said walking over to the couch. Robo Moe followed.
Shayla knew he was following her.
“um..can you excuse me for a moment? I think I’m going to go get my laptop.”
Shayla said running to her room. She closed the door behind her and she took in a deep breath.
“ok Shayla, just calm down! And act normal!” she said talking to herself.
She grabbed her laptop off of her desk and headed back into the living room.
She sat down on the couch and robo moe did the same. Shayla opened her laptop and began typing in a quick but gentle way.
Robo moe looked over to the laptop screen to see what she was typing.
Shayla noticed and stoped typing to look at moe for a moment.
“what are you typing?’
He asked. Shayla looked back down to the screen and began typing again.
“I’m writing a song.” She replied.
Moe scooted closer to shayla to get a better look at the screen.
“what kind of song is it?” He asked.
Shayla continued to type.
“it was gonna be a song about a girl who had her heart broken, but I decided to change it. I could never write something like that. So it’s a love song now.” She said typing faster.
Robo moe was still looking at the screen. He was reading the song.
“well it sounds like a lovely song” he said to her.
Shayla looked up from the keybored and smiled a bit.
“thanks” she continued to type a little more. She then stoped.
“there, I just finished. Do you want to read it?”
She asked moe. He nodded his head yes as shayla handed her laptop over to him.
“do you have the music to the song yet?” He asked
Shayla shook her head no.
“Well I guess I’ll just have to make up a beat then” he said as he began to tap his foot
Shayla looked at him puzzled.
“are you going to sing it?!” she asked surprised.
Robo moe smiled and then began to sing.

You, You like driving on a Sunday
You, you like taking off on Monday
You, you’re like a dream, a dream come true.
I, I’m just a face you’ll never notice
Now I, I’m just trying to be honest
With myself, with you, with the world

You might think that I’m a fool
For falling over you
But tell me what I can do
Give love a try, one more time
Cause you know I’m on your side
Give love a try, one more time.

As moe was singing he would glance over to shayla and look her right into her big brown eyes. She looked him in his eye as he sang and she suddenly found herself completely lost in another world, a world she never thought she could fall into.

In your eyes, when I saw them for the first time,
I knew I was gonna love you for a long time
With a love so real, and so right.

How did it play out like a movie?
Now everytime, it’s beat will move me
And I can’t get your smile off of my mind

Cause you might think that I’m a fool
For falling over you
But tell me what I can do to prove to you
That it’s not so hard to do
Give love a try, one more time
Cause you know that I’m on your side
Give love a try, one more time
One more time..

When robo moe was done with the song her was still looking into shayla’s eyes and shayla was still lost in that little world of hers as she looked into his eyes. For some strange reason, she just couldn’t stop looking at him.
“that was…incredible moe!”
She said still staring and now smiling.
Robo moe smiled a soft smile. He didn’t say anything but he had no idea that he was edging closer and closer to shayla still staring into her eyes.
Still completely lost in that world, shayla to began edging closer to moe.
Closer and closer until they were edged so close that if one of them were to move, their lips would touch.
The Completely unexpected was about to happen when suddenly…..
They were both startled by someone walking into the house screaming at the top of their lungs.
Chad said busting through he front door screaming.
Shayla let of a squeaky scream and fell off the couch from being startled so badly.
Chad ran into the living room to find Shayla twitching on the floor and holding onto her chest like she was having trouble breathing but really she just had the funny feeling she gets in her chest when she gets frightened.
“Ok, either I scared you again, or your rolling on the floor for fun…What In the World???!!” Chad asked
Shayla, still scared out of her wits, sat up and gave chad an evil look for a moment.
“yeah chad, I’m rolling on the floor for MY HEALTH!” She said taking in a deep breath.
“You really have to stop screaming when you walk into the house because one of these day, you may just give me a heart attack..” shayla said still on the floor.
Shayla’s mother lisa then walked into the door. She looked at shayla sitting on floor and got a puzzled look on her face.
“what is going on in here??? I get home finally and the first thing I hear is my best friend announcing to the world that he’s home and my daughter is squeaking at the top of her lungs!” She said looking at both chad and shayla.
Shayla got up off of the floor and dusted herself off.
“sorry mom…er…I’m just going to save you the trouble and send myself to my room”
She said quickly running to her room and slamming the door behind her. She made sure that she locked the door too.
Shayla stood there for a moment trying to understand what just almost happened.
“I cannot believe that I almost kissed Robo Moe!”
She thought to herself.
“ I don’t think I understand this yet, but I think that I’m falling for him just like chad said.” She said aloud to herself as she had her back to her door and began sinking down to the floor.
Little did she know that robo moe was on the other side of her bedroom door smiling. He now knew that he was in love with shayla, and she loved him back. He just didn’t know when she would decide to admit it. And he still didn’t understand how to exactly show his new emotions and feelings her had for her but he would soon learn.

To Be continued..
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PostSubject: Re: Give Love a Try   Tue Dec 22, 2009 4:56 pm

That's awesome! =D Can't wait to read more.


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PostSubject: Re: Give Love a Try   Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:39 am

i've already got ideas for the 2nd ch i just have to start writing and i'll psot when it's done
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PostSubject: Re: Give Love a Try   Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:12 pm

good chapter shayla still can't wait to read the next chapter
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Give Love a Try
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