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 Brenda's Daughter's Visit

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Brenda Blue's #1 Fan
Brenda Blue's #1 Fan

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PostSubject: Brenda's Daughter's Visit   Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:13 am

The Planes
Jay Jay, Tracy, Herky, Snuffy, Savannah, Big Jake, Old Oscar

Brenda Blue’s Family
Brenda’s oldest daughter, Brianna Blue 25 years old: Me
Brenda’s second oldest daughter and Brianna’s younger sister, Brie 24 years old: Ashley Tisdale
Brenda’s third oldest daughter and Brianna’s younger sister, Brooke 23 years old: Olesya Rulin
Brenda’s youngest daughter and Brianna’s younger sister, Briar 16 years old: Alyson Stoner
Brenda’s oldest son and Brianna’s younger brother, Brian 21 years old: Kevin Jonas
Brenda’s second oldest son and Brianna’s younger brother, Bruno 20 years old: Joe Jonas
Brenda’s youngest son and Brianna’s younger brother, Bradley 16 years old: Nick Jonas

The Imagination Movers
Brianna’s boyfriend, Mover Scott: Scott Durbin
Mover Smitty: Scott “Smitty” Smith
Mover Rich: Rich Collins
Mover Dave: Dave Poche

Brianna’s Best Friend’s Family and Friends
Bea Holsey 25 years old: Rolanda
Bea’s boyfriend, Braden 38 years old: Geoff
Bea’s Mother, Belle: Tish Cyrus
Bea’s Father, Blake: Billy Ray Cyrus
Bea’s younger sister, Bette 22 years old: Brandi Cyrus
Bea’s younger sister, Bell 17 years old: Emily Osment
Bea’s younger sister, Bayo 16 years old: Miley Ray Cyrus
Bea’s younger brother, Benjamin 24 years old: Lucas Grabeel
Bea’s younger brother, Bartholomew 20 years old: Trace Dempsey Cyrus
Bea’s younger brother, Benicio 21 years old: Zac Efron
Bea’s younger brother, Baptista 19 years old: Cody Linley
Bea’s younger brother, Barretta 18 years old: Mitchel Musso
Bea’s younger brother, Bela 17 years old: Braison Chance Cyrus
Bea’s younger brother, Bubba 17 years old: Christopher Cody Cyrus
Bea’s younger brother, Blaze 15 years old: Moises Arias
Bea’s younger sister, Becky 9 years old: Noah Lindsay Cyrus
Bea’s younger brother, Boone 8 years old: Frankie Jonas
Bea’s friend, Bo 36 years old: Brian
Bea’s friend, Baily 35 years old: John
Bea’s friend, Barry 34 years old: Shawn
Bea’s friend, Bethany 34 years old: Donna
Bea’s friend, Boutros 27 years old: Cedric
Bea’s other best friend, girlfriend to Barry, Bess 27 years old: Melissa
Bea’s friend, girlfriend to Boutros, Beth 26 years old: Anna
Bea’s friend, Bill 25 years old: Matt
Bea’s friend, Billy 25 years old: Rick
Bea’s friend, Betty 24 years old: Diana

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Brenda's Daughter's Visit
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