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 Brenda's Daughters Come To Tarrytown Airport

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Brenda Blue's #1 Fan

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PostSubject: Brenda's Daughters Come To Tarrytown Airport   Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:45 pm

The Planes
Jay Jay, Tracy, Herky, Snuffy, Savannah, Big Jake, Old Oscar

The Ground Vehicles
Revvin' Evan, Tuffy

The Blue Family
Brenda Blue: Eve Whittle
Brenda's twin sister, Brendaleigh Blue: Terri Irwin
Brenda's oldest daughter, Ashlyn Blue: Ashley Tisdale
Brenda's second oldest daughter, Blair Blue: Miley Cyrus
Brenda's third oldest daughter, Courtney Blue: Christy Carlson Romano
Brenda's fourth oldest daugther, Delia Blue, Demi Lovato
Brenda's fifth oldest daughter, Edeline Blue: Emily Osment
Brenda's sixth oldest and middle daughter, Fallon Blue: Selena Gomez
Brenda's seventh oldest and favorite daughter, Genevieve Blue: Me
Brenda's eighth oldest daughter, Hadley Blue: Julianna Rose Mauriello
Brenda's ninth oldest daughter, Hadley's twin sister, Isla Blue: Juilanna Rose Mauriello
Brenda's tenth oldest daughter, Janessa Blue: Bindi Sue Irwin
Brenda's eleventh oldest daughter, Janessa's twin sister, Kathleen Blue: Bindi Sue Irwin
Brenda's youngest daughter, Janessa and Kathleen's twin sister, Lacey Blue: Bindi Sue Irwin
Genevieve's boyfriend, The Mad Hatter, John Robert Hoffman

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Brenda's Daughters Come To Tarrytown Airport
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